FREE – African American History Month Celebration - ARCHIVE

Let’s celebrate African American History Month on Thursday, February 15 from 7 pm to 8 pm with the Dance Dimensions Theater (DDT) at the Main Library! Experience African American dance as a dynamic and innovative art form. For more information, please call the Information Desk at (510) 577-3971.

Under the artistic leadership of co-founder Deborah Vaughan, Dance Dimensions Theater (DDT) has become widely recognized for its presentation of both traditional dances and contemporary choreography drawn from African, Jazz, and Modern dance idioms.

The diversity and inclusiveness of DDT’s repertoire is unique to the company, and has contributed greatly to its reputation for innovative dynamism. DDT has garnered national and international acclaim for its performances.

The company has traveled to Nigeria, Jordan, Germany, Zimbabwe, and Cuba, and has danced throughout the United States. DDT has advanced African American dance as an art form through a series of interdisciplinary collaborations with composers, musicians and singers working in a wide variety of African and African American traditions.