December 26, 2018


Recommend buying from a network manufacture so you can get support. I too make drive inages. After searching numerous forums, I see this is a widespread issue. Tuesday, June 25, 5: Wednesday, November 14, 3: I wonder whether ANYONE in our Microsoft Community has their Bluetooth devices up and running in Windows 8 and, if so, how did they manage to get their devices on line which seems to be the crux of the problem?

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I have two laptops with Bluetooth, one built-it and the other with bcm92046dg-c1lrom USB dongle, and they both work fine. SC Tom Great thanks When I try to download the Bluetooth drivers from Broadcom, I get as far as the screen which tries to detect the BT device and the message “Please plug in or turn on your Bluetooth device”.

One thing I’m wondering is why my system is missing many of the options you all are saying should be there. Wednesday, November 21, 6: Needle in a haystack I think?

Is that strictly for the headset, or does the same device control your speakers assuming you use them also? We are all supposed to have a unified experience, right? Is it just time to jump ship and swim over to Apple. I’ve had trouble with my Bluetooth ever since I bought my copy of Windows 8.

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Hi, Backup your system and do a clean install of Win 8 it will work fine I did it and works fine.

Friday, November 02, 9: Although the Mini Boombox is recognised in Devices, it will not go online. I didn’t even have to press the connect button; Windows just found it, and it was ready to go. I cannot use them. I tried updating the drivers from the generic ones to those provided by ASUS motherboardbut they kept bringing up the error that I had to uninstall the previous Bluetooth installation.

In addition, users can pick up and dial out through computer systems equipped with microphones and speakers. I know you’re glad it’s fixed!

I have a built-in adapter on my bcm92046dg-cl1rpm, so there is no connection issue as far as activating Bluetooth. I wish you luck with it, and please post back if you ever get it working, along with the solution.

One had an internal card and one an external USB device”. I installed the dell card bcm9246dg-cl1rom and it installs the entire stack. Tuesday, August 20, 3: Yes, it requires urgent attention as millions of devices now use Bluetooth.


I did save my W8 image and roll back to my W7 image, because I do not want to live without my bluetooth devices. Friday, November 16, 3: It is critical in my mind, seeing that the tablets and phones all support bluetooth accessories. It claims that there is a driver error, but when I try to install the driver it says that a more modern version of the driver is installed. Good luck with Logitech.

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I have two laptops bcmdg-cl1rom bluetooth Bluetooth, one built-it and the other with a USB dongle, and they both bcmdg-cl1rom bluetooth fine. From the beginning the bluetooth doesn’t work. It shows several people giving mixed reviews but there is nothing to show any solution on that page anymore. I have the same problem with my bluetooth.

Thursday, July 18, Friday, November 09, 2: What is the dongle you are using?