November 22, 2018


Lefties, however, will not be so keen on their arrangement. But, the screen can be tilted almost completely open. The stable area is more generous horizontally. The Amilo Pi in the configuration we tested is an overall pleasantly quiet machine producing relatively consistent and low-frequency ambient noise. Fujitsu Amilo Pi Stromverbrauch im Klassenvergleich, green? Depending on the angle of light and the picture displayed, the users own reflection as well as those of his surroundings are quite visible, even when indoors.

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The Geforce GT M also promises good gaming results. Of course one shouldn’t expect the integrated loudspeakers to compare to a sound studio.

In terms of the processer, individual models can be equipped entirely different. Still, the battery life is totally acceptable despite the high-performing components.

Fujitsu AMILO Pi 3560 laptop webcam drivers

When it comes to outdoor useespecially under direct sunlight, there are decidedly better notebooks. If the Pi is too small, one might then consider its bigger brother, the Amilo Pi Disk data transfer rate. In allow for communication with smaller mobile devices, Bluetooth v2. That’s far off the manufacturer’s claim of 1: Depending on their demands, multimedia applications and games are no problem.

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Sound emissions The Amilo Pi in the configuration we tested is an overall pleasantly quiet machine producing relatively consistent and low-frequency ambient noise. With around 74 degrees under load, it gets quite hot, though not critically so. In total, the Amilo Pi needed a maximum of All the usual Office applications and video playing devices worked fluidly.


For practical purposes, the battery life would fall somewhere between these two extreme measurements. How a highly reflective screen can be “perfect for use outdoors” manufacturer’s quote. Viewing angle Fujitsu Amilo Pi Review Fujitsu Amilo Pi Notebook.

USB Camera driver free download for windows – FUJITSU – AMILO Pi

Still, it should be no problem for several people to watch a film on the screen The standard keyboard layout with totally comfortable, large keys and a two-row enter key provide for near mistake 3506 touch typing. As notebook loudspeakers go, one can be thoroughly pleased with their balanced sound. Aside from other reasons which will be explained later, one is best not using it in jumpy working environments, for famera while on the train.

Fujitsu has made and interesting, and successful pitch with the Amilo Pi On the contrary; it leaves a stable and strong impression – also in the area above the optical drive, a problem area for many notebooks. Somewhat surprising for a multimedia machine is the li lack of additional keys.


The size and weight alone are not conducive to frequent transport. As an alternative one can also choose a Blu-Ray-driver as a price premium option. Though right-handers may be satisfied with the arrangement of the interfaceslefties will likely have it a bit tougher depending on the configuration.

Because Fujitsu delivers the Pi with a Bit operating system already installed, there is little need to worry about support from the operating system. Beginning with the 3DMark 01the Pi achieved a very good result with points.

Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560

At idle, the GPU stays halfway cool at around 40 degrees. Thus it seems quite odd that the manufacturer tries to sell it as being “perfect for use outdoors”!

Please, switch off ad blockers. Furthermore, one can almost completely open the notebook. The Fujitsu Amilo Pi lines itself in among the desktop replacement devices with a size of Compare this to the related Core 2 Duo Pxxx processors, which only require 25 watts and thus save quite a bit of energy.