February 11, 2019


Page 7 Preface Key Parts Lithium-Ion battery – A type of battery which is ideal for notebook computers because of its light weight and high energy density. By pressing one of the function keys you can execute certain commands depending on the computer and operating system you are using. Troubleshooting Keyboard and Mouse Unwelcome numbers appear when typing. After the computer changes the system settings allow some time for the computer to do this click Yes to restart the computer again. With the Extended Desktop Mode enabled, drag any icons or windows across to the other display desktop. All the drivers provided will have already received certification for Windows.

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The chassis can be oriented horizontally or vertically, vvga the front Origin PC logo can be turned whichever way your prefer. When the Setup window appears press Next. Securely attach any peripherals you want to use with the computer e.

Clevo Lp was fully scanned at: Figure 2 – 3 5. Do not turn off any peripheral devices when the vvga is on. New computer viruses are discovered daily, and some of them may seriously harm your computer and cause you to lose data. You will get a message identifying the problem make a note of this message!

The floppy disk is not formatted.

Click the Hardware tabthen click Device Manager button. However, considering its weight, we strongly recommend you use both hands to move the machine with one hand gripping the handle and the other gripping the base of the machine to avoid accidentally dropping it, which might cause damage to the machine or yourself. When power resumes the computer can either stay off, power on, or return to the same power state it was in when the power loss occurred e.

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They assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this publication nor are they in anyway responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of this publication. If you are in a power saving mode set to save power through individual components e.

As a general rule the order below is recommended: Warranty Warning Please check with your service representative before undertaking any upgrade procedures to find out if this will VOID your warranty. Keep the computer and power supply away from any l285l of heating element. Scroll through the features listed on each screen to make changes to Setup.


The driver is now installed. As the POST proceeds, the computer will tell you if there is anything wrong. Using The Computer 2 Overview To learn more about your computer, please read this chapter. The novelty is made in the case of SFF small form factorwhich means fairly compact dimensions – You may check the Sounds and Multimedia control panel Start Menu and point to Settings and click Control Panel then double-click the Sounds and Multimedia icon and select one of the sounds marked with a speaker to preview.

Power Safety Before attempting to access any of the internal components of your computer please insure that the machineFigure is turned 2 off – 1and not connected to the Hard Dir. You may check the Sounds control panel Start Menu and point to Settings and 4 – 6 Windows 98 Second Edition click Control Panel then double-click the Sounds icon and select one of the sounds marked with a speaker to preview.


The NumLock is turned ON. The Manual 1 – 3 1 1 Introduction Warning Boxes No matter what your level please pay careful attention to the warning and safety information indicated by the symbol.

Clevo LP Operating instructions |

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Refer to your operating system manual for more information on the software, and make sure you have the proper software installed for using compact discs.

The screen saver is activated. Clicking through these tabs allows you to make any video adjustments you require.

Clevo L285P Service Manual

If there is anything you are not sure about, then please refer to the appropriate chapter before continuing. System Software Your computer may already come with system software pre-installed. Disassembly Overview This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for disassembling parts and subsystems. Codenamed ROC-2GD3, it is predestined to be employed in corporate and multimedia systems, which are bound to support graphics interface of various applications, play back video, edit photos, and to start unexacting games.

Disassembly Maintenance Precautions The following precautions are a reminder. Overheating To prevent your computer from overheating make sure nothing blocks the vent while the computer is in use.