3 Week Millionaire System – Clever SCAM or Honest

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3 Week Millionaire System – Clever SCAM or Honest?

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Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review – Unbelievable!

Never give in to the Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam! My Review will prove it.

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website: http://www.coffeeshopmillionaire.com/

Founder: Anthony Trister

Price Range Advertised: $37/month


Six Figure Success Club: $297

Who Is It For: Meant for those who have no prior experience with internet marketing.

What Kind of Job do you do with this Program? Building an online business website through the “Training” they provide.

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    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Verdict: Not Recommended! Borderline Scam!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:


Please Note: I will earn a commission if you buy through any of the links on my website, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I have personally used myself or products/services that I believe are beneficial after doing extensive research.

Seeing is believing, so let’s watch this Video on what is the story behind Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Scam Artist Signs To Be Aware Of


The Video on the Home Page seems bizarre. I was expecting to see upfront what I would have to get myself into before joining this if I was really interested. All I heard was his background story and remember him mentioning that this is pretty much an automated like system.


Be careful of Clickbank, especially since some of the programs they promote are actual scams .

So, make sure you do tons of research into any online program you are interested in through their network directory of products and services.

Plus, the good thing about Clickbank is they would gladly refund your money if the actual Founder of the Program does not return the favor. That is whether they like it or not, Clickbank has the final word and upper hand in this.


Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh Heather?

I don’t know about you, but I pretty skeptical on the part where she says: Our site is secure. All it takes is a desire to make money.

Right, right, I hear ya on that, it is basically, in order to make money, you got to spend it first!

Hmm, you say you provide everything else, what is that supposed to mean?

Like, yeah, right, I ain’t going to click on some Blue Link thingy next to where it says: “See How Simple It Is.”

Oh my! A limited time offer, wow! Nope, nope, nope. I am sure in couple months time when I come back here, the same limited offer would be there. Hence, it is therefore an unlimited offer. ��

Well, well, well, what have we here? A most common clever sales pitch phrase: “No programming or Internet experience required.”

I rarely watch TV, but when I do, I have a pretty good memory on commercials and services or even products advertised, but I never have recalled even once that Coffee Shop Millionare was ever seen on TV.

I hope I not the only one with that same notion though as I am an observant person.


I like countdowns just as much as the next person. But, mostly for when the New Year hits, NOT when I am rushed to get a product or service at a discounted price because I was not told beforehand what I am truly in for.

I do not think there is any human being on the face of the Earth that enjoys being pressured for time to make a rushed final decision on anything.


Alright, so I waited out my 30 minutes from previous picture in BORDERLINE SCAM SIGN #4 to see what would happen next when the Timer counted down to 0.

This is what I saw. The Price went to $47.

Don’t know about you, but I am one for price consistency always. I hate having to think I have to pay varying prices to get what I want. I mean come on, the actual Product is supposed to be what $37, then Heather comes in for $10 off Discount to $27, and Countdown Timer appears, I wait it out to see the price spike up to $47.

What is with Downloading something like this for that price of $47 now? Come on, really?

I would much rather take an online course over this any day to be honest with you.


Total of 12 Training Modules – Basics needed for getting started and running.

There are additional videos that go over extra information, discussion forums, and ask questions within the community.

You might be surprised to find that some of the videos may not load well, however they do provide Powerpoint Slides, which would be someone reading something word for word to you much like in the Tutorial Videos.

Most of the Training revolves around “Tell and NOT Show.”

We all know of Show and Tell Programs, but sorry to burst your bubble, unfortunately Coffee Shop Millionaire does NOT follow through with that aspect.

They are literally more of telling you something rather than showing you how it is done.

They should be more of “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk,” am I right?

In other words, you would probably have to spend countless hours of your precious time reading stuff off of Google or watching YouTube videos to get the answers you seek on how to do something properly since Coffee Shop Millionaire failed to deliver.

At the start, you are to be granted a “Cheat Sheet” which outlines a system which can earn you a revenue of $21,000 in a few short weeks WITHOUT having a product or an e-mail list.

Okay, strange, how can I make money without a product? That’s Strike 1.

E-mail lists is like a backup plan to get more subscribers, so why leave that out? That’s Strike 2.

Too good to be true, earn $21,000 in few short weeks due to automated system or something? That’s Strike 3 and you are out of the ball game.

Clearly Rome was not build in a day and neither do all online businesses obtain true wealth and riches overnight either. This is common sense people, we CANNOT let our minds be so swayed with these sly tricky “get rich” schemes.

Another part of the Training is dedicated to something called “Cash Machines.”

This covers what the following are:

  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Article Publishing
  • Local Economy

These are great valid marketing strategies, but the Training does not go into detail thoroughly on “all you need to know” because most of the stuff you need to be aware of is completely “left out.”

So, in others this makes it all the more challenging to figure out how to make this a successful campaign.

I mean come on, what is the role of the teacher these days? To teach you, right? Not say something and then you have to self-teach yourself, correct?


Anthony Trister only has 27 YouTube Subscribers . Wow!

They claim to have a very active, supportive and informative online community, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have searched various reviews all over the place but have found that the lack of support is pretty bad here. Ex-members complained that they were not given responses back from other Coffee Shop Millionaire members in the community at all. Plus, if that isn’t bad, they also reported that they did not receive any support from Coffee Shop Millionaire owner Anthony Trister either.

E-mail support is not all that it is cracked up to be, nor is there much phone support available at all.

Check out their FB Page below. It has not had any new posts since February 16, 2020.

Therefore, that raises doubts whether members can even get support at all here they posted their questions here.

Key Factors to Consider if you want to be part of an Affiliate Program.

  1. Online Supportive Community of people available 24/7.
  2. Are you able to Contact the Founders/Owners?
  3. Get proper guidance whenever you feel stuck?
  4. Training made simple and easy to follow through.
  5. Can you see yourself investing in this for the rest of your life?
  6. Price Range for services provided. Is it affordable and reasonable?
  7. No Hidden Costs or Upsells.

Want to find out the Affiliate Program that has all these Key Factors? CLICK HERE


Upsell 1 Six Figure Success Club $297

As Anthony Trister is referred to as an internet marketing “guru,” he is also a successful salesman. Right when you thought you would have to just pay the price of $37 or if you went the discounted $10 off approach of purchasing this for $27, you are hit with another Upsell immediately. The 1st Upsell being Six Figure Success Club for $297.

This is a sneaky tactic used whenever one pays a small fee upfront, they try to get additional money from you once you step in the door of their program, in turn they are making more money “behind the scenes” in the background.

But, wait, let’s do a math calculation here.

1st you pay $37 then an additional $297 which would bring your total to what? A Total of $334 hard earned cash spent on this Program that seems to want nothing more than to rip you off, that’s all it is. A numbers game.

Whoa, hold it, hold it I say, they aren’t done with you just yet, this price you pay doesn’t even grant you access into the Membership Area as you would have expected thanks to Heather the TeamSales Agent saying so at the beginning on the Coffee Shop Millionaire Home Page.

This Total Price of $334 does NOT include:

1) Cost of Website Created

2) Domain Acquisition

3) Hosting of Domain

which are the Top 3 Ingredients to successfully get your money’s worth for using this Program.

Not A Happy Feet Penguin


Right away, it seems like you are pressured to buy hosting right away.

This adds another $100 or more out of your pocket for this Program.

(However, this depends on your Term of Hosting you bought.)

Alright, you still keeping score here on our math calculations?

Grand Total is: $434

Wow, you got to really ask yourself, is it worth it to you that much to spend that money for this way before you gain access to the Members Area at all?

If you are not a huge fan of these “sly upsell tactics from get rich programs” like Coffee Shop Millionaire, clearly this is not meant for you as they care about making themselves profitable versus helping you succeed.


Lies and false premises already stated by Heather aka TeamSales Agent for Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Did you have to write the word INCREDIBLE in Capital letters to create more emphasis?

Seeing the word incredible made me want to re-watch the Disney Movie The Incredibles for some odd reason.

Really? Instant access to the secret to making millions of $$$ on the Internet?

What is the secret of something if it is being exposed and not kept private like it should be?

Wow, my my my, you are certain I would be 100% satisfied with this product when clearly you are not upfront first on what is expected of me to succeed with your program/product should I feel the desire to purchase it?

I don’t think I will take my chances on spending a penny on this at all even if there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Again with the Capital letters to add more emphasis, RISK FREE 1-time charge.

Uh hello, you say 1 time fee, but re-check again, you are really charging me $37/month instead as mentioned at Top of this Blog Post.

If you got into Coffee Shop Millionaire Program and want your Refund Back.

“This outraged me and made me angry. Plus, we all know that a person who is mad is never a pleasant sight to see. Not even for an online scam that lies and cheats its own way to being a complete pathetic success story.”

Rawr! In Your Face Online Scams! Bam!


I would never want to be part of anything that wouldn’t benefit me in the long run. Especially with Coffee Shop Millionaire we are led to believe in false hopes and promises. In essence we were mislead and should therefore always caution and alert ourselves to first conduct constant research into online programs like this to know the truth beforehand so as not to waste loads of valuable time which could very well wisely be used with something more important and crucial. This obviously sounds like a complete waste of risking so much money if you are not provided with the essential training and help you desire to be successful in the program they offer.

I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND trying them out for any reason, in fact I would warn people I knew of who were thinking of seeing what they were about before they fall in too deep with their disgraceful deception money making schemes. Clearly Coffee Shop Millionaire follows through with accomplishing the #1, #2, #4, #5,#6, #8, and #9 components I mentioned in my Scam Artist List dictating it is indeed partially a Scam, not exactly 100% of it is a Scam, but the majority of it is.

Are you sick and tired of running into Scam after Scam and never coming across a legitimate online opportunity to learn to make money the right way provided with Training to help accomplish it and an online community of people to support you through think and thin towards your path to online success and financial freedom?

But, be not dismayed as there is light at the end of the tunnel even as you read this Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review , because I know of a place where you can learn/be trained to earning money the best and most legitimate way possible through Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing.

Here’s my own Personal Unique Take on Wealthy Affiliate.

So, you got to really ask yourself, which is the program you would much rather join based on evidence shown?

As you read below, WA offers you access to loads of Training Courses that are frequently updated by the WA Members here in this great online community.

Unlike Coffee Shop Millionaire where Anthony Trister said you had to pay over $100 just for Hosting alone, here at WA they offer you 2 FREE Websites that have FREE Hosting at the WA Servers.

No Credit Card Needed. Sign Up Today!

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