30 Day Millionaire

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The 30 for 30 Rule: Become a Millionaire with Just $30 a Day

One of my favorite shows, in the worst way possible, was that Ancient Aliens show on the History Channel. Not because it’s a good show, but because it’s so laughably bad that it makes for some of the best mindless entertainment on TV.

(To be clear: TV is all mindless entertainment. So if you’re going to veg out, you might as well go big.)

For those more sophisticated readers who may have never been exposed to such trash TV, the show features conspiracy theory nutjobs who dabble as pseudo-scientists. They deploy all sorts of questionable logic, and the show tends to follow a predictable pattern:

A talking head presents an innocent and thought provoking question about the limitations of a previous civilization, then highlights an impressive accomplishment about said civilization. When an explanation for their accomplishment isn’t immediately available, the presenter’s inevitably conclusions?

The show’s favorite example is the Egyptian pyramids. The construction of the pyramids have perplexed experts for years, so the Ancient Aliens show concludes that the pyramids were obviously built by aliens.

It’s all silly good fun, if we all didn’t do the exact same thing every day.

The final product is a lot more confusing than the steps to get there

Now imagine the year is 3500, and the Millennial American is ancient history. In fact, our very own society is featured prominently on the History Channel’s 1,483 rd season of Ancient Aliens.

“How did they ever build 1,000 foot tall skyscraper? Their cranes were only 100 feet tall!”

See the issue with this logic?

  • Fame isn’t found from one lucky break. It’s found from having talent (unless you’re the Kardashians…) and gutting through rejection after rejection until somebody finally takes notice.
  • Good careers aren’t made with one big promotion. They’re made by showing up on time, day in and day out, and turning out quality work again and again.
  • Successful businesses aren’t made with one brilliant idea. They’re made from slowly grinding away at the details, and executing the small stuff over and over.

The big results always come from the baby steps. That “overnight sensation” is the result of years and years of hard work.

The skyscraper isn’t erected overnight, and the pyramids weren’t built by the magic touch of an alien. First you build a foundation, then you slowly add one floor at a time.

After years of hard work, day in and day out, you’re left with an awe-inspiring accomplishment.

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The 30 for 30 Rule: How to Become a Millionaire with $30 a Day

So, if pyramids and skyscrapers start with small steps, what’s the foundation to a lifetime of wealth? What’s the “unattainable” goal that we’re incorrectly placing on a pedestal?

Millionaires aren’t made with one lucky investment or lottery winnings. They’re made with a little bit of savings, again and again.

Here’s the truth, and the boring secret nobody wants to talk about:

To become a millionaire, you only have to invest $30 a day for 30 years.

For some reason, nobody wants to hear this. But they should!

Because I don’t know about you, but when success is broken down into such an attainable baby step, I find it pretty freaking inspiring.

I’d be intimidated if the only path to wealth was to trade stocks like a brilliant trader, start a company like a daring entrepenuer, or battle my way through a hard MBA program to an even harder corporate ladder.

But $30 a day? Anyone can find $30 a day!

That’s cutting back on a few brews, investing a little side hustle money, or even just working a couple of hours at a minimum wage job.

If that’s all it takes to get rich, count me in!

The Shocking Attainability of Becoming Elite

And here lies the secret to becoming elite: a little tiny bit of effort, again and again.

Ramit Sethi calls it the craigslist penis effect. He brilliantly explains that in the early days of online dating, the only thing a guy had to do to rise above the crowd was simply not send a girl a picture of his dick.

Paul from Asset Based Life explains that apparently these days, all you need to do to become an amazing parent is just teach your kids to say please and thank you.

It’s the small actions that separate mediocrity from greatness. And surprisingly, it doesn’t take a ton of effort to be great.

Simply watching what you eat will leapfrog your diet ahead of the millions of Americans sustaining themselves on fast food every day. If you’re really ambitious and make it to the gym three times a week? Congrats! You’re a health one percenter.

And if you save $30 a day again and again? You’re sure to end up one of the wealthiest 1% of Americans in the country.

“Yeah, but uhh… 30 years is a long time man…”

That’s the best part! It doesn’t have to take you 30 years, because this stuff builds on itself.

I was first introduced to this “baby steps” concepts through David Bach’s Latte Factor. He famously explained how something as simple as cutting back on a $5 daily latte could leave you hundreds of thousands of dollars richer.

So I went for it. I started cutting costs wherever I could, looking to trim fat in my budget wherever it was.

Before I knew it, my $5 of daily savings grew to $10, then $20. At some point, I hit $30 of daily savings, which seems to be enough to make me a millionaire.

And last year? I saved around $35,000; that’s nearly $100 a day!

Keep that up for a while? That’s enough to fast track your freedom by decades. And enough to allow you to retire in your 30s.

Before you know it, Ancient Aliens will be wondering how the extraterrestrials gifted you so many millions of dollars.

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Great post,
The easy big wins are the ones to go for. I think a lot of the time the Personal finance community focuses in to much on the minutia of being thrifty or investing, Granted those do make a difference but they are a lot of effort! Some find pleasure in looking for deals on small purchases, starting minimum wage side hustles and saving 0.01% on a ETF MER. I don’t.
Max your retirement account from day one, don’t touch your bonuses and save more of every raise than you spend and grow your career.
It took me 3.5 years of work to get my first 100k and 1.5 years to get the next 100k, you can only benefit from compounding if you are partient.

The Money Wizard says

True, but being thrift CAN actually make you a millionaire. Anyone can save $30 a day… Packing your lunch and cooking dinner will pretty much have you there already. The “big wins” definitely make hitting that saving easier though, and I agree completely that most of the PF community stresses too much over minutia.

Bravo Mr. P, I myself like doing both small and large, but never considered investing the bonuses from my work. On a side note I would like to add what a former colleague of mine did when he was working. Everytime he received a pay raise (we all started at $22.00/hour) he had that exact amount of said raise go into his 401K so before he left (he was still at $22.00/hour on his paycheck) he had amassed around $400,000-450,000 in his 401K. All this in less than 8 year’s time. This guy was my hero and inspiration.

The Money Wizard says

Pocketing the raises! That’s awesome.

If i invest 30 a day into my brokerage account how are you getting around the $6 per trade?

The Money Wizard says

If you invest directly into a mutual fund, like anything Vanguard offers, you don’t have to pay the expense per trade. I wrote about this when I compared the pros and cons of ETFs vs. Mutual Funds.

Damn right — it was the aliens that gave me millions!

Haha! I like this post a lot MoneyWiz because this is one of the *real* secrets of building wealth — doing something small and money positive and then repeating it every day for *years*.

Most people get bored long before the 30 years is up though. That’s a very different problem.

The Money Wizard says

Staying consistent is the key. The problem is it’s so easy to get distracted and get away from your goals. $300k+ in 40 years for just giving up 1 starbucks latte is a lot of coin to retire with and enjoy because you stuck to your plan. I used to think the Latte Factor was stupid but there is power in small actions performed every day.

The Money Wizard says

Definitely. I like to look at the latte factor from a bigger scale though. If 1 latte a day can leave you hundreds of thousands of dollars richer, imagine how much of an impact a cheaper car or smaller mortgage could have?

Enjoyed the post! I am going to have my 15 year old son read this to hopefully inspire him to start working on savings/investing his $30 a day.

The Money Wizard says

Awesome. Tell him I say to keep at it. Or better yet… have him stop in the comments so we can cheer him on ourselves!

Excellent post and many thanks for the mention!

Consistency is the key – we’re attuned to instant gratification and little baby steps of progress are hard for our brains to grasp & measure, but they’re the key to success in all things.

The Money Wizard says

So true about our brains struggling to grasp the baby steps. It all seems to get lost in the details until you zoom out a bit.

I love this, I try to tell this to my friends all the time but they don’t believe me. Imagine if you even doubled that. Right off the bat personally, I save $5.50 a day by walking instead of taking the subway 10 blocks. And on top of that, I save $10 by not buying lunch every day and another $5 or so by drinking coffee at work in the morning and afternoon. I’m with you, it’s a lot easier than people think.

Could you plz let me know where do you invest to get 7%? I want to start soon.

30 Day Millionaire

30 day millionaire is a new binary options software that is promising traders with $1 million in trading profits in just 30 days. The people who put together this software package also tell us that their members have generated over $55 million with their software.

I’ve seen many products like this in the past so my review today will be brief but very informative.

30 Day Millionaire Review

The concept of the 30 day millionaire is very common in the binary options market. Vendors in this trading space often try to push products that will provide large profits in a short amount of time. Some people call this a get rich quick scheme and I see how that certainly can be applied in situations like these. I am not saying that this software is a scheme or scam for that matter but it is certainly selling us a bill of goods. On the bottom right-hand side of the page you will see a counter that is constantly growing every single second that you’re on the site, showing increased profits. If you refresh the webpage these profits start back at the beginning and then go up at the exact same rate so it’s hard for me to believe that these are real.

The 30 day millionaire video currently has 104 views which is a very small number and also make it hard for me to believe that with such a small amount of traffic they have been able to accrue over $50 million in profits. The video also just happens to use all the consistent marketing methods by all the free binary options trading systems in the market. The content is filled with testimonials, bank account statements and trading statements but no discussion about strategy and how the software actually trades.

Sadly, the 30 day millionaire is another system that I can’t give my recommendation at this point. I’m not sure if this system is good or bad because I haven’t tested it myself yet but I don’t plan on testing it in the in it’s first week. Considering this product was conceived today I don’t have any reason to be the first person to try it. Like usual, our best bet is to sit back and let other people test out this software and await their feedback. I hope that this review has helped you get a clearer picture of the binary options market and what specific trading systems have to offer.

How to Become a millionaire in 30 days?- Surprising Answer

This thread was inspired by a warrior’s thread about MLM. Some members responded by saying how on paper things works out easy, but in real life its not going to go like that, which is true especially when it comes to MLM.

This may not have direct connection with the MLM post, but it just poped in my head (I saw it somewhere a while back) while I was reading the post, and I was thinking how most of us couldn’t care less if we lose a penny or see one on the ground. But when you play with it as a number on the paper, it really seems a lot more valuable than a penny.

Hopefully it will lift some spirits and get you thinking about numbers and I hope you enjoy it as well.

You can become millionaire in just 30 days if you start with 1 penny and double it every day!

Day 1: $.01
Day 2: $.02
Day 3: $.04
Day 4: $.08
Day 5: $.16
Day 6: $.32
Day 7: $.64
Day 8: $1.28
Day 9: $2.56
Day 10: $5.12
Day 11: $10.24
Day 12: $20.48
Day 13: $40.96
Day 14: $81.92
Day 15: $163.84
Day 16: $327.68
Day 17: $655.36
Day 18: $1,310.72
Day 19: $2,621.44
Day 20: $5,242.88
Day 21: $10,485.76
Day 22: $20,971.52
Day 23: $41,943.04
Day 24: $83,386.08
Day 25: $167,772.16
Day 26: $335,544.32
Day 27: $671,088.64
Day 28: $1,342,177.28
Day 29: $2,684,354.56
Day 30: $5,368,709.12

Day 1= Look in your washer
Day2 = Look in the washer again
until day 10 you dont even have to leave the house!

Day 11= check that jar of change you have in the basement

The jar will keep some going at least until day 15 and you still didn’t have to leave the house! (Now imagine what would happen if you leave the house for the next 15 days!)

You are half way there. Only 15 more days to go! You can do it!

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