A Kumo subtlety

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A Kumo subtlety

This morning the AUD/USD demonstrated an important point about how price interacts with the ichiMoku system.

RHS there is an incentive reversal move, looking for a pullback to enter. The highlighted Blue & Green candles in the center look like a good spot – the chikou is just breaking free, the EMA cloud is still positive, price is at a reasonable level for a continuation and looks to be stalling it’s downward move.

There is a problem though, the valley in the Kumo illustrated by the oval to the right of the entry. Price will often hug the Kumo and test it’s bounds before it moves on & that makes the valley a risk. The next highlighted green candle is the perfect entry – the chikou has cleared tested & rejected the Kumo, the EMA cloud remained positive throughout and the candle itself is a nice green hammer right in the EMA cloud.

A Kumo subtlety

A/N: halo, tis been awhile, ne?

Well, this is a weird one here, i can’t quite call it a chapter, and i can’t quite put it in anywhere else, like with this entire story, it seems to have a mind of its own, and i quite litterally could not continue with this being another part of another chapter, so its something of a standalone interlude.

now why isn’t it a chapter?

1. too short
2. only deals with my OCs
3. only provides development, or really ‘reveal’ of them
4. more then half of it is information.

so yea. have fun anyway!

Dis: suprisingly, i can say i own all of this, yes, this, as in just the information in this chapter that you don’t recognize as general ‘Naruto-ism’, geography and references to ninja WWs belong to Kishi.

The sun crept over the high horizon of the mountains of the land of Rai, spreading its golden rays on the shimmering moisture of the damp high peaks forming an ominous fog that spread and cast a shadow on the buildings of the high-rise village, giving it the ominous title it had always been known by.

Grey eyes scanned this scene passively. Having known the same scene everyday for the past some odd years, its meaning only one thing to the white haired woman of the north; she was alive, by the grace of some higher being she had survived the night to live another day. For whatever purpose, she never quite knew, this concept actually terrified her, because in the daylight, it meant another day one could get caught, another day one could be harmed, and another day where life simply took its own reigns of one’s life and did with it as it willed and not her. Now the darkness, Kemui often speculated on, was a matter of one’s own preferences, it was you who chose to walk in between the lines of dark with a torch, or it was you who decided to pass over the light and allow yourself to be consumed by the darkness, to adapt to it, accept it, and walk with it in an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and comfort, knowing that you would never quite know what it was that would eventually ensnare you and devour you. It was perfectly fine to assume it was just the darkness itself, and you could die content with that, nameless and alone.

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The light provided too much information at times…

A slow exhale was sign enough that the strange white woman was sighing at the ever occurring thought. The light was here again, it was only a matter of time until she continued her ‘work‘.

It has been several days…– she slowly contemplated the events not long ago, wondering when her escort team would make their way back to inform her of the ‘progress’ being made. Then she could get back to her new job, perfectly content with the idea that whatever the two told her, she would have an assignment soon enough. –Either way…

There was barely a squeak of a floorboard as her ear twitched at the familiar sound of almost nothingness. –They are improving…– her placid features turned back to find two forms kneeling only a few feet from her. She turned fully from the ceiling to floor widow that showed the coming of the sun and looked upon her subordinates with solid grey eyes, seriousness and inquiry in them, her request made only in that form.

“The mission was a success, Kemui-sama,” the voice was terse, low and far more subtle then the boisterous voice the typically obvious man used back in Konoha, for it was only here, in the secluded presence of his commander did Jimei let his true features show.

“Show me,” was her soft as steel command.

Without a word or seal, the platinum blonde raised his head, his typically closed eyes raised to meet his commander’s and slowly, ever so slowly he cracked open his left eye.

Seichi’s hand immediately went for one of the knives on his shoulder, his blood crimson eyes focused on his ‘colleague‘. He took a position kneeling between the two, just off the side enough to not be caught between their gaze, one dark hand braced on the ground, his other crossed over his chest and hand firmly, and obviously, on the handle of the opposite knife. In the lingering darkness of the room it seemed almost as if the large man’s blood colored eyes were glowing with the intensity he was giving his far shorter counterpart. If anyone else entered the room, they would probably assume the short oddly colored browed man had committed some kind of offense by merely opening his eye.

And in some ways, he had.

Jimei had waited long enough to let Seichi take his position, preparing for his own death every time he dared open his eyes at the hands of the man that followed him like his own shadow. “Heh,” a disturbing grin came to the deceptively older man as he cracked open his other eye, then opening both to half their fullest and gazed up at the only woman he truly feared.

Shigaigan, the Corpse Eye, as it was loosely bastardized to, was a dying bloodline from the eastern side of Earth. Its abilities and uses served it well, back when the village hidden in the Rocks was somewhat more bloodthirsty and depraved, of course that was before they had their asses handed to them by the ‘pussy tree huggers‘, as Jimei enjoyed calling Konoha-nin in his mind, of course that was something of 20 plus odd years ago. Times had changed, and so had he, and while the second great ninja war had jaded him beyond repair, and the third had cost him what little was left of his sanity, he could comfortably walk into his once most hated enemy’s encampment and not destroy the place was something of a miracle. And maybe flirting with a few of the new, up-and-coming young Konoichi was something of a perk of his good genetics, giving him the appearance of someone far younger then he was. Sure, 35 wasn’t exactly ‘old‘ but it wasn’t really ‘young‘ now was it?

The platinum blonde sighed deeply, he need to control his thoughts or else his mind would wonder, and young brute that played his shadow would perform his dutied task: kill him should his eyes ever cause him to go out of control. But his eyes, –Yes, back to that– was all he could wonder.

The Corpse Eye was something of a jewel, a cracked and broken one, but a beautiful one nonetheless. Well, at least if you liked a dark sense of humor. As the name suggests, it deals with the dead, as one of the few, if only one, remaining of the now nameless clan containing this bloodline, Jimei, the obvious, boisterous, perverted Lech and overall ‘idiot’ apparent, was capable of connecting his own sight to that of the dead. In prior generations this ability went so far as to allow a form of necromancy, but sadly those tiny ‘details‘ about the eyes were lost to history and a conveniently placed fire. Now, they could only ‘see’ in a sense through the eyes of dead eyes, and to those with a weak mind or a receptive one, allowed for the control or transfer of information in the mind, which was one of the reasons it was mistakenly considered a form of Genjutsu.

As of right now, Jimei was using the latter use, since he was not foolish enough to even attempt to take over the mind of the young woman in front of him. He had tried that once, and only once, and swore to never attempt it again, and his loyalty to the woman that could literally scare him to death with a simply look into her mind. ‘Mental Defenses‘ simply did not begin to cover what he saw there, so now he only dared to enter that place when she ordered it, it was a convenient way to pass information directly, and she was even kind enough to partition of a little ‘section’ he deemed a ‘waiting room in her mind’ for his own dwindling sanity.

‘Sanity’, what a funny word to be even considered by the man. Aside from the obvious implications to breaking privacy of individuals and messing with their freewill, the Shigaigan had a nasty habit of having all those who inherited it go completely and irrevocably mad. Back in Iwa, after the second great war, the possession of the eye was considered a plague, which was probably why the aforementioned ‘fire’ had occurred, in Kumo, due to arduous amounts of research, and various ‘bodies‘ later, it was determined that the degradation of the eyes the ability triggered caused a form of apoptosis on the brain, stemming from the ocular nerves and literally ‘eating’ its way to the occipital lobe to the parietal, and further onto all the upper brain, which contained the actual ‘thinking’ part of the brain, and by the time there was only the hippocampus left the ‘patient‘ was nothing more than a drooling, rabid beast that had to be put down. One of the tiny drawbacks.

“That is enough,” that woman’s soft as steel voice rang into the platinum blonde’s ears. He gave a curt nod before closing his deformed eyes, clouded over white pupils with purplish-red almost black corneas, obvious signs of eyes that had died long ago.

“Seichi,” the bulky red-head’s name an obvious command coming from the white woman’s mouth. The dark-tanned behemoth only gave a curt nod, before removing his hand from his shoulder perched knife, and slipping his other into a back pocket and removing a syringe. Jimei covered his eyes with his hand as panicked deep breaths began to escape his mouth and sweat formed on his brow. In a moment quicker then light, Seichi was standing over pale older man and had the syringe rather violently rammed into the back of his neck, right where the spine and brainstem connected. There was a moment where the smaller man stiffened, then slumped to the floor panting.

“I want you to sever the connection, we have no more need to watch him,” Cloudy grey eyes stared at his prone form with no feeling, before the white-haired woman simply stepped around them deftly and left the room without another word.

“H-hai,” Jimei’s voice came out in steady uneven breaths, “Kemui-sama…”

Seichi stared at his prostrate comrade; to any outsider he would be looking at him uncaringly with his crimson eyes. But in his own mind, Seichi admired Jimei, even if he spoke down to him like he was dirt. After all, he had yet to meet anyone else who could pull themselves back together so fluidly from absolute madness simply because one woman commanded it of him. It was with that respect that the sandy red-head was content with the fact that, one day, he would be the one to end this man’s life. –It’s only a matter of time…

“Come on,” his gravelly voice sounded as he grabbed one of the frail pale man’s arms and slung it over his shoulder, “let’s get you something to eat…”

“Ne?” came the annoyingly higher pitch of Jimei’s more ‘obvious’ side, “Wats wit all the carin’ all’a sudden?”

“Shut up Jimei,” was his silent retort as he dragged the man he was meant to kill out of their commander’s room.

A/N: not quite what you expected? ditto for me too. my characters seem to have a way of ‘creating themselves’ as it were.

now, to state, since i couldn’t quite place it in there obviously without ruining the flow, what Jimei is ‘showing’ Kemui is everything Hizashi ‘saw’, including his own conversation with the hokage, which i’m feeling kinda evil not revealing it, hehe, and everything else Hizashi did in the last chappy, so they ‘know’ so to speak, and being the sneaky-evil-assassin she is, Kemui needs no more information from him. and maybe she doesn’t want to ‘spy’ on him for whatever reason. i’ll get more into her thinking on a later date. she as a character amuses me, since she’s overall just writing herself and i’m just being used as a medium, least that’s how i’m feeling at the moment.

YingYang, as you can see, they are back, i did quite like them in the previous chappy, and sought to expand on them, since i kinda noticed i didn’t, for whatever reason. and i haven’t quite figured out ‘what’ will replace Yori-chan in the rookie 9, although i know the team she’ll be going with, and its not quite who you might guess :3 although she will have some ‘interesting’ rivals in kumo herself, hehehe.

bad Felix, stop thinking such things :P

Memories, dudette is fine.

and TL, i quite agree, as i’ve heard in far too many movies as of late, “How can you fill a cup that’s already full?” i think this is where i’m going with this whole concept, the Hyuuga are rather established, their cups are quite full, but Kumo has no bloody idea what to do with a Hyuuga, so their cups are rather empty, providing room for learning, growth, and hours upon hours of amusement.

Anymore questions? (Reviewz)

well i’ll ask my own, can anyone guess what i’m both ‘obviously’ and ‘subtly’ hinting at in this? and to be fair, its about Kemui :3

A Kumo subtlety

Hello all, welcome to the next chapter and the first chapter of Naruto in the Elemental Countries and the name should give you some form of idea of his first plans. Also this chapter will give a reveal that some of you should have guessed already and will also add a couple of other things as well.

No one gave any recommendations for a sequel last chapter so not sure how to comment on that other than to try and do so this chapter. Just remember the things for it: If yes to the sequel, what world would work as Warcraft is out? Yes, Naruto will be getting more women if it is yes to a sequel. Just give reasons why to choose it, and the women of the world do count as A reason, and keep in mind that Naruto may end up there by accident and will gain more territory solo or, if he can, call allies to him to help.

Also, happy belated birthday to me since I turned 22 on the 25th of July.

NOTE: I tend not to describe people that can be looked up, unless I change their appearance, or if it’s an OC and they will not be hanging around for a while. Case in point, I didn’t describe Sasuke’s grandfather a couple chapters back because he was there for a quick kill and be done.

Now that that’s settled, let’s start the show shall we?

Disclaimer: You know the drill; I don’t own Naruto or anything but a few ideas, attacks, and characters. If I owned Naruto, Naruto would have made Kakashi at his age look like an amateur.

Demon, Undead, Lich King, Dragons, Naruto’s pissed off/Demonic Knight Voice”

Above’s thoughts”

Above’s conversation thoughts’

Chapter 6: Subtlety

Icecrown Citadel: 6 weeks since Naruto announced he was leaving

Naruto stood around a map table with his commanders and his hope to be commanders, “Alright, once we cross over, we’ll be here in my ancestors’ homeland of Whirlpool.” He stated as he pointed to an island that was isolated from the rest of the world via oceans and a few of its namesake, “It has natural defenses of storms and whirlpools in addition to shallow shores and unseen rocks and there should be plenty to rebuild off of from what my Mother’s clan left behind not to mention the vault under the main tower that I’ve confirmed is still there. Now the largest threat to us would be Kumo, then Iwa, Konoha, Suna, and finally Kiri while the other minor countries have some power they aren’t enough to be a significant threat. The hidden threats are the small village of Sound in Rice Country and the Akatsuki Organization that was redone and taken over by a man claiming to be Madara Uchiha and they are made up of S rank, that is that world’s definition of a high class demon or soldier, missing nin, deserters from their leaders and/or homes, and are now hunting the Biju, Kira-chan’s friends/siblings. While it is not widely known, the organization already controls Ame, the Village hidden in the Rain, and their leader controlled Kiri before setting the civil war in motion via the Mizukage Yagura. Their objective is to hunt down the Biju and the people who hold them in order to call forth a demon that reportedly would make Archimonde and Kil’Jaedan look like mid class demons and then seal it into their leader so he can control the world and make it into his image.”

Sir, how have you confirmed this?” Grom asked as this seemed too much to know since he hadn’t been to his world in quite some time.

“I’ve been preparing for this since the time I got my cousin from that world. I brought several dozen Shades with me and loosed them on the world to gather information for me and ensure I knew what I would be getting into when the time came to take on that world. Since then, I’ve sent more shades and a large portion of the Undead Scarlet Crusade members I claimed to begin cleanup of the village of Uzushiogakure. When we head there, we should have a prime location to begin a capitol city and a large amount of supplies nearby to fortify the area and the city to ensure no one can touch us once word gets out.” He stated as the map glowed slightly before several glowing dots appeared on the map with at least one being in each Major village, “Each dot is one of the Shades I currently have stationed throughout the countries and once we are set up I plan to send more out to get even more intelligence on the potential enemies and allies of the world.” He stated while his commanders nodded realizing that their commander would have had everything prepared before he even considered moving in on this world.

“So the army of undead drones, the increase in collecting Acolytes, using your natural talents to recruit and win the battles for your father while at the same time gaining warriors and workers for yourself, and advancing the different profession areas was to both aid your father and to better prepare any forces you took to that world so you could crush and wipeout anyone in your way. More specifically, to crush Konoha, and the villages who treat the other Jinchuriki like garbage, into nothing but dust that can be cast into the wind and forgotten.” Itachi stated while a few of the other commanders raised their eyebrows in curiosity.

“Close Itachi, but I am not going to simply crush them. They made my life hell for almost five years and a few of them are responsible for the death of my family on both sides and now they get to experience their own hell at my hands.” He stated as his eyes pulsed with rage and power making them all note to be glad they were on his side and that he really did take after his banshee mother, “We’ll be leaving Azeroth tomorrow, so those of you still deciding on if you want to come or not must decide by then since there is no telling when we’ll open a portal to connect the worlds again.” He stated before dismissing them and they all left to begin either preparing or to decide what they were going to do.

Naruto went to his quarters, for probably the last time, and smiled at the sight of his girls all in different stages of undress and cuddling together on his large bed having just had their own fun to not overdo it on wanting his attention while he was still preparing for the exodus of his forces to the Elemental Countries. Since his victory over Deathwing, he had marked Sally and Mikoto as his mates as well with him promising the others that they would get their chance with him soon enough. Shaking his head from those thoughts, he stripped down to his boxers and laid in the middle of his bed, which made the girls stir slightly before they cuddled close to him with Vereesa and Kira being on the outside holding Sally and Mikoto respectfully while Vashj and Natalia were on his chest this time.

Elemental Countries: Uzu: Next Day

The land of Uzu was as deathly quiet as it was deserted after Uzu fell in the Second Ninja War with the death of 99% of the Uzumaki Clan. However, if one were to look closely than they would see some signs of life or, in this case, undead. The place was not covered in rubble and skeletal remains as one would expect it to be and instead it showed all of the rubble moved to an area outside the walls, the remains of the defenders and attackers were all aligned in a line/grid formation, while the two different categories were separated as to not allow an incident with a hostile to occur, and the place looked ready to be rebuilt upon.

The peacefulness was shattered when a large black portal opened before Naruto stepped out and breathed in the air of his homeland and could hear the souls of his ancestors screaming out for blood and vengeance on those who betrayed them and Naruto would grant it and would attempt to bring his clan back to aid in his conquest as they too deserved to bask in the vengeance and the flames of war that would consume their enemies. His only sadness was that his father and mother wouldn’t be able to join in on this, at least for now, due to them having passed on fully with no regrets as they believed he would end any regrets they had thus they were untouchable to him without breaking several laws that would make the Bronze Dragonflight VERY unhappy, even if their rules didn’t apply to this world. However, souls that were still connected to this plain and still alive in their own way were another matter entirely, which was a loophole he hoped to exploit in the future should the need/desire arise.

His musings were broken as his forces began coming through along with his girls and commanders and he was elated that Itachi, Shisui, Nagato, Konan, Yahiko, and Kin all decided to come with him and aid him in his quest, though Konan wouldn’t help until later on due to her still being noticeably pregnant. As he saw his increased forces come through, he idly remembered the cause of the increase as well as why he had a curved handled katana at his waist in addition to his own blade and the Warglaives from Illidan as well as the rifle he had on his back too.

To put it simply, it was a matter of respect and honor. His continued showing of honor, brutality, lethality, and respect had won over many different parts of the races and thus soldiers joined his ranks regularly and then when he announced his intentions to leave, he received additions from the Goblins, Worgen, Dwarves, Gnomes, Tauren, Orcs, and Trolls for a chance to experience a new world and get a fresh start. Then the leaders each gave him something as a sign of respect and gratitude as Thrall presented him with a pack of their wolves along with some Shaman, catapults, and cannons. Vul’jin gave him a pack of raptors, some voodoo mystics, healers, and headhunters to aid in protecting his new lands. Cairne gave him Kodo Beasts as they were strong workers and carriers while also having some Druids, herbalists, and hunters go with him. The Blood Elves, as they had a council now instead of one ruler to keep the incident with Kael from happening again, gave him some magi, dragonhawks, Gem crafters, and inscribers.

The Goblins presented plans, supplies, and some different forms of labor to help in the building and rebuilding process. The Gnomes were the same except they gave engines and materials as well instead of labor. The Dwarves provided the most with pure supplies and construction help by giving them master builders, blacksmiths, hunters, and Battleragers. The Night Elves helped him with a Tree of Eternity, Ancient Protectors, Stone Giants, hunters, different animals, druids, and a few priestesses to both aid them and to help create Moonwells to heal their forces. The Worgen didn’t have much to offer besides their own forces, which ended up being about 50/50 with Azeroth and following Naruto, and thus provided that. The Forsaken were much like the Scourge since they provided warriors, alchemists, Necromancers, apothecaries, and different skeletal mounts.

The Humans didn’t provide much due to the fact they were busy repairing their lands from the previous wars and the destruction brought on them from Deathwing but they did provide some of each class and some horses. The Draenei helped them with providing a good sized portion of their forces to help them try and combine the different races’ technology and to settle on a new world to better their people’s chances of survival. The dragons each provided some of their more primal members and their middle aged members to aid their distant relative. The Dalaranian survivors gave Magi and builders of their magic towers to better fortify his forces. The Pandarians sent some of their best monks and brew masters to both aid and ‘enrich’ his forces.

The Naga and a few of the lesser races had majorities follow Naruto of their own freewill while some remained in Azeroth having made their own home to stay in/at and live peacefully the only exception being the Elder Draenei from Outland as they all went with Naruto.

As for the rifle and blade, they were gifts from the Bronzebeard brothers: the blade was because they expressed their beliefs he shouldn’t use his full power on everything and the blade was of high quality to show his status and the rifle was a gift in case he needed something with more impact than his pistols. He had thanked them for the gifts and used Shadow Clones to train in them before coming here.

Breaking from his musings, he addressed everyone, “Alright, we get this location up and running first before expanding outward and making this island the capital for the future empire that will arise here. We should have a few months’ time before anyone knows we are here, but I want the repairs and construction done in an orderly and quick fashion. Those of the Naga that wish to remain as they are will begin constructing their homes while two of my pets will ensure no one unfriendly comes close to the island. Nordrammil, please plant within the walls of this place while the Protectors should take positions around the walls. Any of you wishing to live within the forests of this place may begin there while we get this area up and running, but I want progress reports daily to be able to adjust for any and all surprises or delays accordingly.” He instructed and his forces nodded before the engineers, builders, and such began inspecting the place while the soldiers began looking over what was still usable.

Naruto then moved to the coast and called forth one of his pets and a summon, “Mobus, Karkanos.” He called out and a large Whale Shark and Kraken appeared in the water, one naturally and the other through a seal. Both gathered in their surroundings before seeing Naruto there and both showed their respect to him, “These waters are now your home to share with my Naga warriors, do not let anyone uninvited come near our new home without making them pay dearly.” He ordered and the two nodded before submerging beneath the tides and Naruto walked back with his other pets coming out. There was Soren, Evalcharr, and Aotona Tame as you would expect, but there was also King Crush, the Tyrannosaurus; Loque’nahack, the Snow Leopard Spirit; Terrorpene, the Ancient Fire Turtle from the Throne of Flame; Smolderos the Carbonizer, the Ancient Core Hound from Hyjal; Alysrazor, the Great Fire Hawk from the Firelands; and Ceraxas, a Great Felbound Wolf from Hellfire Peninsula, “Find an area you wish to make your own home in and we’ll make sure to leave the area for you.” He stated and his pets nodded before all but Soren and Ceraxas left with those two following him as he walked and explored his ancestral home before he would then bring back some relatives of his.

Konoha: 2 weeks later

It was dark this night in Konoha almost as if the sky knew what was coming to the village in the form of one Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze aka Ammon Menethil the Prince of Death. Said powerhouse was currently walking into the village through the Forest of Death, with Soren and Ceraxas along for the journey and enjoying the forest, and the animals were avoiding him at all costs. His reasons for being here were to A) get something he desired, B) instill some fear, C) begin the process of his revenge, D) give a fair warning shot before he really got down to business.

It had only taken him a few minutes to clear the forest and then enter the village and walk towards the tower and he didn’t want attention just yet, which was why he used a Genjutsu to make it look like he was wearing plain clothes in the form of a reinforced wife beater, black pants, boots, and a hooded cloak with crimson accents. He had his items on him in seals should he need them, but he doubted he would since the fools wouldn’t believe he was capable of defeating anyone.

Shaking his head of those thoughts, he sensed several Anbu watching him from nearby and smirked before directing one of his many Shades to cause a distraction. He had discovered years ago that if he put chakra into his Shades then they could physically interact with things and people thus making them powerful assassins, so long as the Chakra lasted that is. Shaking his head from those thoughts, he smirked as several trashcans suddenly flew out of a nearby alley and the Anbu moved to investigate while Naruto entered the tower.

Hiruzen Sarutobi sat in his office cursing himself for letting Naruto get taken away those years ago and it was even worse afterwards with the Councils throwing fits and demanding he be marked down in the Bingo Book, which was squashed when Hiruzen pointed out that doing so meant they’d have to put why he was ranked so high for a child and that would draw the other villages to him to either recruit him or take his demon for their own. Then his two remaining students returned when he informed them something had happened and to say they were pissed would be like saying the Kyubi was a cute little fox kit. They not only were furious at him, but also at the village for CELEBRATING Naruto being gone and they also believed their sensei was losing his mind when he spoke of a living skeleton, dead immediately coming back to life, and then an armored figure and said living skeleton vanishing through a strange portal.

Afterwards, Jiraiya had scoured the Elemental Countries with his spy network but didn’t even hear a whisper of Naruto, Kyubi, or anything until a few years ago when it was reported that someone looking like Naruto only older interfered with Salamander Hanzo in Ame, and then again later when the Uchiha massacre occurred and Sasuke stated there was a cloaked figure with some blonde hair sticking out with his brother, mother, and cousin amongst the dead bodies. That was another worry because of the corpses of Sasuke’s father and grandfather, which took several weeks even with Tsunade doing the autopsies to identify, were shriveled up husks devoid of anything that would usually mark them as human besides bones and mummified skin. Another point of worry was that Itachi was supposed to get in touch with Jiraiya afterwards, but he never did meaning he was dead, captured, or turned traitor, though which one was worse was anyone’s guess. Though they all had to suppress the urge to bash Sasuke’s head in when he began demanding information on Naruto after it was discussed that he may have been involved and then again when he demanded Tsunade and Jiraiya to train him and Tsunade was about two seconds away from sending him into the next country via one of her punches.

Naturally, when the councils heard these rumors they demanded again that he be marked down in the Bingo Book, which was immediately shot down by Jiraiya and Tsunade under threats that they would leave Konoha and help Naruto wherever he was if they even dared to do such a thing. That threat alone had gotten them to shut up about it, but as time kept dragging on they kept reaching a stalemate instead of victory.

His thoughts were broken as he heard a small ruckus outside his door before it was opened and a cloaked figure walked in and Hiruzen tensed. Naruto gazed at the old man before him while mentally ordering his Shade in the room to take a certain scroll once he got the old man to leave, which he knew wouldn’t be that hard, “Still alive I see, eh old man?” Naruto stated with a smirk while Hiruzen frowned.

“You have a lot of nerve talking to the Hokage of Konoha that way. Who are you?!” He demanded as he took a kunai from his sleeve and got ready to go on the offensive if needed. Naruto chuckled at the old man who was once a beacon of power and respect to him and now was nothing more than an ant under his boot, no offense to the ants of course.

“Awe, I’m hurt old man, I thought for sure you would remember me. Though, in your defense, it has been a few years and you were old then so you’re even older now.” He stated as he pulled back his hood with a demonic Genjutsu over him to make him appear normal and Hiruzen widened his eyes in shock at seeing Naruto.

“Naruto! My boy you’re back!” He stated as he attempted to hug the boy, while internally planning on striking a pressure point to make him go unconscious and then have Inoichi recover and then erase all the memories he had from when he disappeared. However, he was stopped by an invisible wall with Naruto standing there like nothing was wrong as he used his Rinnegan’s powers to manipulate gravity and matter to keep Hiruzen from getting too close.

“You don’t get to welcome me old man, not when you have some sins to confess for more than one reason or did you think I wouldn’t find out about my family?” Naruto stated and asked and Hiruzen stiffened and had a microscopic scowl on his face that Naruto caught before rolling his eyes, “Save your hatred old man, now why was the man that killed my mother never punished? Answer me honestly and maybe I won’t consider leaving this place before I return to burn it to the ground.” He stated with Hiruzen finding himself pushed back and forced into his chair.

What was that power? Was it Kyubi’s doing? Whatever it was, I have to answer carefully or there is no telling what kind of trouble he could cause Konoha.” Hiruzen thought worriedly, “The man had too much influence to be put down, while I don’t doubt it could have been done, the risks were far above what the justice would gain us due to his connections and knowledge of village secrets.” He stated and Naruto scoffed lightly at the reasons even if the old man believed them.

“I’m sure. Next question, why was my family wiped from the History books except my father?” He said sarcastically before he voicing his next question and Hiruzen had that micro scowl again and Naruto could practically taste his hatred coming off of him.

“It was beyond my power to stop as the Councils decided that since they weren’t of Konoha then they had no right to be in Konoha books and your father’s clan was unknown to everyone due to him being the only noteworthy individual.” He stated and felt powerful killing intent from Naruto and was shocked the, believed, boy could do that.

“That’s a lie Hiruzen so now you lose.” Naruto stated before turning to leave before Hiruzen moved to stop him.

“Naruto, you will not leave this village!” He shouted before he found himself in a vice like grip around his throat.

“You have no power to stop me old man, I’ve grown beyond anything you could control and now because you lied to me, you are the one responsible for when my wrath comes down on this village.” Naruto stated before throwing Hiruzen into a wall where he slid and hit the floor as Naruto walked out and he saw that his Anbu guards were dead on the ground with different parts missing from them.

Just outside the Forest of Death: Five minutes later

Naruto was walking while calling his two pets to him via a seal connecting them to him before he was surrounded by Anbu, two of which Naruto recalled from when they protected him and from what his father told him, Hiruzen, and Tsunade and Jiraiya, who Naruto was actually a little happy to see. Hiruzen, of course, was scowling and ready to fight, “You aren’t leaving Naruto; you’re too valuable to just allow wandering the world.” He stated while his students and the two Anbu glared at him slightly for referring to Naruto like he was a possession.

Naruto for his part chuckled lightly, “So that’s how it is, I’m just a tool for you to use for this village and its safety. No doubt you told the two beside you that I’ve been taken over by Kyubi and thus am not myself. I wonder if they would still be on your side if I told them certain secrets pertaining to my family.” He stated and Hiruzen started to sweat since there was quite a bit he could be referring to.

“Naruto we know your family was betrayed and removed from the history books, but we can fix that easily.” Jiraiya stated though he and Tsunade had a nagging feeling that there was something even worse than what they knew. Their fears weren’t alleviated as Naruto laughed.

“Oh, you have no idea how much worse it is. Let’s start with a fun one, did he tell you he let the man that killed my mother go without any punishment?” He asked while the four earlier mentioned people were shocked and glared at Hiruzen, “No? Well how about that no one was ever punished for breaking the law pertaining to my containing the Kyubi and let’s not forget it was the majority of the Clans that demanded such a law as they wanted to respect my father’s wish and see me as a hero?” He asked and the glares increased with Killing Intent coming now too, “Then there are two more secrets, one that has to do with the Second Ninja war and one that pertains to you two specifically that he has been keeping from you for over 30 years.”

He stated and Hiruzen looked ready to have multiple heart attacks and was scowling at Naruto with his two students shaking in rage, “What secrets are those exactly?” Tsunade growled out as she debated whether or not to pound her sensei into the ground. Hiruzen tried to tell them that now was not the time but Naruto just smirked wider.

“Which do you want to hear first? How he betrayed the Uzumaki or how he robbed you two of something even more precious?” He asked and both widened their eyes before trying to make their sensei burst into flames with their glares while Hiruzen was now sweating a river.

How could he possibly know that?! Only myself, Danzo, Himura, and Koharu know about those secrets because we killed off everyone else that knew!” He thought frantically since if Naruto revealed those secrets then his students would be done with everything, “Those secrets are dead and buried Naruto! There is no reason to bring them up!”

He stated and Naruto smiled cruelly, “Oh, that’s where you’re wrong old man. You see I’m living proof that one isn’t and the other is by far from being dead and buried thanks in no small part to things I learned and then acted upon recently.” He stated and Hiruzen widened his eyes and shook in fear as his fears that Naruto knew specifics that shouldn’t be possible.

“What the hell did you do Sensei?!” Jiraiya demanded and Hiruzen didn’t answer while Naruto smirked.

“Well, he and his so called Elder Advisors sold out the Uzumaki Clan in the second war by giving Iwa, Suna, and the minor villages info on how to get in undetected, where the key places to hit were, where the evacuation tunnels led, and the rest of the need to know things.” He stated before Hiruzen lunged at him to shut him up before he was sent flying back via a hand motion from Naruto and two Anbu that tried to attack Naruto found themselves being mauled by a black dragon and a putrid green wolf. Naruto then flexed his hands out and vines came up from the ground and ensnared the other Anbu and Hiruzen, while Dolphin, Cat, Jiraiya, and Tsunade were left alone, “Now for the last secret, do you two recall the second Ninja war when Tsunade’s lover Dan died?”

He asked and they both nodded sadly as Tsunade loved him and Jiraiya had given the man his blessing as he wanted Tsunade happy, “Do you also recall that you, Tsunade, went into a coma about a month later due to an enemy attack and didn’t awaken till over 10 months later?” He asked and they frowned before nodding, “Let me ask you, who did you seek comfort with right after Dan died?” He asked and everyone saw Tsunade blush while looking at Jiraiya and he blushed as well, “Correct, now, when you awakened you were told that any soreness you had was simply from being stuck in the same position for 10 months, but that was a lie.” He stated surprising them, “You see, what they failed to mention was that you were pregnant with Jiraiya’s son and that they literally cut him out of you as you were incapable of giving birth in your unconscious state and that Hiruzen signed off on it believing the child would become a powerful shinobi that he could present himself to as the kindly older man that would take the child under his wing and teach some things after giving the child a fake last name.” He stated and the two widened their eyes in shock and horror before glaring at their sensei who was still struggling to get free.

“And who was this child?” He asked making the two look back at him with fear and hope in their eyes, “He was a man that grew to become powerful and surpassed his sensei and those that reached his position before him easily before finding the love of his life in the one place Hiruzen hoped he wouldn’t. His name; was Minato Namikaze, my father and the Fourth Hokage.” He stated making everyone widen their eyes while both Jiraiya and Tsunade had tears going down their eyes at the thought of having a child and then meeting said child without even knowing about him, “So you see, you’re not my godparents, you’re my grandparents and what makes it worse is that my father found out about these secrets and planned to bring the perpetrators to justice before telling you two when he showed you me, his son and your grandson after I was born. Oh how convenient it is that they happened to be killed and the Kyubi just happened to escape before he could do such things the day I was born.”

Naruto stated as he stood there before Soren and Ceraxas came next to him. He nodded and turned to Hiruzen, who finally got free and came up again, “I’ll be seeing you old man and thank you for the Forbidden Scroll.” He stated getting the old man to widen his eyes before he launched at Naruto and got caught again before Naruto smirked and released the Genjutsu showing him in his armored clothes and his three scars down his face, but his natural looks nearly gave them all a heart attack as he had Minato’s eyes, his slitted silver pupil notwithstanding, both of his parents’ hair styles with his hair being spiky and wild like Minato’s but long in the back like Kushina’s, his mother’s red hair but it had blonde, white, and silver tips. Naruto then broke Hiruzen’s right arm when he attempted to hit Naruto causing the man to scream out in pain, “You can’t beat me old man, I’ve had over 30 years in another world to train, fight, kill, and prepare for this and I have plenty of supporters of my own to help me. Next time I come to this village, it will be to start tearing it apart one piece at a time.” He stated before throwing the old man away and took out a hearthstone, “Oh, and before I forget, my name isn’t Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze anymore, my name is Ammon Menethil, the Prince of Death.”

He stated shocking them before he crushed the Hearthstone in his hand and the green glow surrounded him and his pets before they disappeared shocking the witnesses as they left no trace.

Whirlpool: at that moment

Naruto appeared in his new throne room within the tower of Uzu as his forces had accomplished much in the last two weeks. Let it never be said that a project is impossible when you have Dwarves, Goblins, Gnomes, Draenei, and lots of heavy labor to make the work go quickly. It also didn’t hurt that all those demons Naruto sent his power into, minus the Pit Lord, were now his clansmen under demon terms and thus were aiding in his projects and there were plenty of demons needing a master once Kil’Jaeden was destroyed and Naruto claimed the ones still in Outland and cured them of the Legion’s influence, or at least the ones that weren’t driven into total madness already. To top it all off, Naruto had begun reviving some Uzumaki clansmen and they in turn were bolstering the defenses and structures and he even called someone rather impressive and powerful even without her body; his great great grandmother Mito Uzumaki. Already the walls were rebuilt, defenses were being added to them, outposts, docks, and other such things were being built across the island to help protect and prepare Naruto’s already battle hardened army for when he was ready to begin waging war.

He broke from his musings when he felt his first lover come up to him, “How was your fun?” Kira asked as she came up to him and kissed his cheek and he nodded.

“Enjoyable, a Shade will return here in the next week or so with the Forbidden scroll which will increase our power base even further. I’ll be heading out to find some possible allies/recruits the Shades kept tabs on for me while we were in Azeroth and will be back in a week at least.” He stated and she nodded, “How’s Mito doing? I know she is still trying to adjust to everything and the fact that we’ll eventually go to war with her husband’s creation doesn’t help much.” He asked as his other kinsman had been enthusiastic about getting some revenge on Konoha for what happened and were very accepting of the forces he had from Azeroth and began building a comradery with them, but Mito had been withdrawn slightly and quiet.

“She’s been seen just looking around like she is lost in thought, but she doesn’t seem all there at times.” She stated as she had seen the woman that had contained her for years wandering around with a spaced out look in her eyes.

“I’ll talk to her, if she doesn’t snap out of this soon, then we may have to quarantine her until she snaps out of it as she may prove a liability. Though with some things I may be able to try later, she may snap out of her funk.” He stated and she nodded before giving him another kiss to the cheek before he jumped down the tower and brought his wings out to glide down before he walked to the house Mito had been set up in, “Mito-O-bāchan.”

He stated softly and Mito looked up to him before smiling slightly, which from what everyone reported, it was the only time she did so though it wasn’t surprising as Naruto was one of the only two links to her direct family left, “Naruto-kun, I hope your trip to Konoha wasn’t too taxing.” She stated and he shook his head.

“No, I got to confront the bastard of a student your husband had, see my grandparents, let them in on some information that Hiruzen tried to keep hidden, and made sure the Forbidden Scroll would make its way here.” He stated as he saw her perk up at her granddaughter, “Not yet Mito, at the moment the thing keeping you and our kinsmen alive is the mass seal array I set up that feeds off my chakra, mana, and other energies and when I am not around it is stabilizing you with the amount I feed it before leaving and Kira-chan and the others provide a bit of energy to fuel it if the need arises. Then there is Nordrammil also feeding the seal by calling on the world’s layline energies to better connect you to this plain of existence and thus allow you to be fully alive again. You’ll be back to full strength soon enough, but if you leave now you’ll be withered away before you even reach Fire Country.” He stated and she frowned slightly before nodding.

“I understand.” She stated while being respectful as he was clearly more powerful than any of them and he was bringing back her people from death and betrayal. She was a little surprised when he shook his head at her statement.

“No, you don’t. I can see that Uzumaki spirit we all possess that makes us so damn impatient. I can see the urge to go and see her right now, but I promise you’ll see her soon enough and, if you behave and stop acting like a damn zombie around our kin and allies, you may be able to get two others back as well.” He stated getting her to chuckle before she perked up and widened her eyes at what he was suggesting, “I don’t know when I’ll be able to as it was hard trying to pry your soul out as it was close to ascending with no regrets, but he and his brother may have passed on already and it will take time to investigate and pull them here as they have had more time to pass on. For now, just relax and help our kin here while I tend to some business outside of Whirlpool. I can also make it so you can talk to your great grandson, but before you ask I can’t bring him back. At least, not without someone else interfering first as it breaks certain tenants and laws set down both by the gods and others. My mother on the other hand may be able to be brought forth, but it is hard to say and I’ll have to commune with some allies of mine and the Death god since there may be a loophole or two that can be exploited both for my father and my mother.” He stated and she nodded in understanding, basically he was telling her to trust him and not disobey him as he was doing the best for them all.

“I understand, Naruto-sama.” She stated as his clan mates would address him as Naruto when in private since they were family, but to anyone else or in public he was Ammon Menethil, death incarnate. Naruto nodded to her before he left to conduct some business before he went to another country that not only contained two potential soldiers but also another builder that could help his current ones. Mito sat there with a small hope in her eyes, “Hashirama-kun, I hope Naruto-kun can bring you back to me. While we always desired peace, from what I’ve learned from Naruto and his new people, he has gotten peace beyond our wildest dreams in that other world. I hope you will see the light as I have and will not be against what is to come.” She thought before rising and going to help her kin and allies ensure nothing like the Second Shinobi War happened here again.

Three days later: Wave Country

Naruto walked through the trees enjoying the peace that seemed to emanate from the forests that defied the current state of the country. He had already gathered a decent sized band of Samurai, Missing Nin, and other professionals to meet him in a week’s time at a small fishing village at the coast leading to the nation of Whirlpool and the village was a Whirlpool loyal village that were aligned with the Uzumaki thus they would accommodate his soon to be soldiers and helpers till he returned there.

Breaking from his thoughts, he found himself in a small field of flowers and smiled at hearing their chatter about him as his continued druid training and dragon blood had been connecting him to nature more and more. Breaking from his musings again, he noticed a young woman picking herbs and chuckled at the flowers calling out to her to pick different ones as those were still young, “You know those flowers are a bit young right?” He asked the woman causing her to jump and face him, though she gained a blush because of it.

Straightening herself, she cleared her throat before speaking, “I’m sorry?” She asked as she only vaguely heard what he said and was a little distracted at the moment and Naruto chuckled lightly.

“Hehe, I said those flowers are young meaning their healing properties aren’t as potent as their adults. If you were to use these then whoever used them would need more time than they normally would.” He stated and she widened her eyes slightly at possibly making a mistake like that and Naruto motioned to another part of the field where the flowers were noticeably taller than the others and didn’t mind being picked since they would wither away in a few weeks’ time anyway, “These should do nicely for you.” He stated and she nodded her thanks before he began helping her.

As he did they made idle chatter with her introducing herself as Haku and Naruto introducing himself as Ammon before telling her he did have a village but it wasn’t a major one or at least not yet and that he wouldn’t be surprised if people began noticing it more within a short time and that he was currently on a mission that needed to be completed, “Tell me Naruto-san, do you have anyone you hold precious?” She asked and Naruto chuckled lightly.

“Yes, and I have crushed countless enemies that have come after them for one reason or another and I plan to keep them safe. I, and they, have certainly earned that much with the lives we’ve lived, something I can tell you can sympathize with.” He stated and she nodded before he noticed someone was watching them and knew they weren’t there for Haku, “Tell me Haku-chan, would you and Zabuza take a different offer if it was better than the one Gatō gave?” He asked and Haku froze before shifting slightly, “Don’t bother hitting me with your Senbon, it won’t do you any good as I have unique genetics that block it. I am no threat to you or Zabuza, I’m actually someone who wishes to help you two.” He stated causing her hand to freeze, no pun intended, as she basically had no weapons against him at the moment.

“And why should I trust you?” She asked as it was a fair question and a valid one. Naruto merely chuckled causing her to look at him in confusion.

“When you were 9, Zabuza and you were ambushed by a Hunter Nin scouting unit and he took a bad injury. However, despite the injury, you were able to get away and even got information from an unknown source about which way the Hunter Nin were coming from and how many were tracking you. That gave Zabuza the chance to hire a few Ronin to distract/eliminate them while you two escaped. Then when you made it to another town, you found some money left for you and him that happened to be enough for an under the table kind of doctor and then get away again.” He stated making her stiffen and widen her eyes, “Both of those incidents were due to an agent of mine interfering on my orders and that wasn’t the last time they helped you.” He stated as he took some more of the flowers and placed them in her basket before standing again.

“Why did you and are you trying to help us?” She asked finding her voice again and Naruto smirked slightly.

“Because you both could serve a purpose that I find could be benefited from my intervention and the fact you are hunted for simply disagreeing with the Mizukage is not something I can overlook. The reason I am here is because my agents have found that Gatō plans to betray you two as a way to not have to pay you after the battle with the Konoha team that is here. If you specifically should survive, he was planning on using you in ways that would make Zabuza want to carve the man into one million pieces at out of sheer principal.” He stated and she widened her eyes in shock and horror.

“Please, can you come and talk with Zabuza and help us? We can give you whatever you want in exchange.” She asked knowing that that statement may have sealed her into a terrible fate but she and, more importantly to her, Zabuza would live. Naruto chuckled sensing her fears.

“Yes, I will. However, there is someone I must speak with first so if you would go on ahead I will be along shortly.” He stated and she nodded before standing and leaving with her basket of herbs and when she was out of sight, Naruto turned around, “You can come out, Setsura Hisame.” He stated before the figure he sensed came out and stood before him.

The figure before him was a man with long dark blue hair that was tied into a ponytail, azure blue eyes, and wearing black/dark blue kimono with azure wave like patterns, sandals on his feet, and a dark blue scarf with colored patterns in the form of waves, had multiple tassels, and was around 2 meters long that he kept around his neck and mouth. The man also had an aura of coldness around that reminded Naruto of the ice/frost Death Knights of Azeroth, but his power was only high Jonin meaning he wouldn’t give Naruto anything more than a workout at most, “So it is true, you’ve been keeping tabs on different people wandering the Elemental Countries. I and others I’ve met that didn’t want my head have felt someone or something watching us and then the random warnings and help we receive from unknown sources.” The now named Setsura stated with his voice sounding just as icy and cold as his aura was.

“Yes, though you were a special case for me since you are unique compared to everyone else.” Naruto stated honestly while Setsura raised an eyebrow at him.

“Really? And what made me so special?” He asked genuinely curious as what made him so unique and Naruto smiled.

“The fact that your great grandfather was my grandmother’s granduncle, cousin.” Naruto stated shocking the man before him, “Your affinity for all things water comes from your Great Grandfather, Tobirama Senju, who had an affinity for water never before seen and hasn’t been seen since. Though how his descendant slipped through the cracks is curious and I can only assume that someone attempted to eliminate any descendants he had and failed to get one.” Naruto stated and Setsura was in a state of shock and Naruto smiled kindly, “Come with me cousin, there is someone that can tell you of your family better than I and there is a chance for peace and eventual happiness in my territory and it will only grow with your help.”

Naruto stated and offered to his cousin and Setsura was silent for a moment before he nodded, “I will come with you, cousin.” He stated before he and Naruto walked to catch up with Haku while Naruto told him about himself and Setsura did in turn do the same while Naruto also told him what he knew of their family.

A week later: Bridge Builder Tazuna’s house

Kakashi Hatake was prepping for the confrontation that was to come at the unfinished bridge with Zabuza and his helper and had used the week to help his team prepare, though he wished that a certain blonde was on his team instead of any of them. Currently, his team was trying to kill each other with the pale boy Sai insulting both his teammates, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha, both taking offense, and then both trying to beat him to a pulp for his words.

However, they all stopped as they felt a presence coming towards the house and they all bolted outside with Tazuna since they needed to stop the threat, though Tazuna came out because his daughter and grandson were outside tending to a small garden. They all stiffened as they saw an armored figure approaching and standing before them with the ninja taking defensive stances in front of their client and his family, “I’m afraid you can’t go to the bridge just yet Tazuna-san.” Naruto stated as he stood there with his hands in front of him.

“Identify yourself! Are you with Zabuza or Gatō?!” Kakashi shouted as he held a kunai at the ready and Naruto chuckled at him.

“No I am not with them, and I suppose I am not a threat to you, at least at the moment. I simply do not wish for you to go to the bridge right away as my allies are disposing of Gatō and if I must identify myself, my name is Ammon Menethil, the Prince of Death.” He stated making them stiffen slightly at the name and title before he turned to Tazuna, “You have nothing to fear from me Tazuna-san, quite the opposite really since I was hoping to hire your expertise with a large construction project of mine that my forces would welcome the aid in getting done.”

He stated confusing the old man before he widened his eyes slightly in realization, “He’s not after me, he’s after these Konoha Nin.” He thought as he saw the figure roll his neck and stood ready.

“I’m afraid if you want to go to the bridge quickly, then you’ll have to go through me.” He stated before Sasuke launched at him with a kick only for Naruto to grab the leg and throw him into a tree before he dodged and broke an ink tiger with his bare hands surprising Sai before Kakashi jumped in and Naruto dodged effortlessly around his attacks before he released a Death Coil that Kakashi narrowly dodged and everyone watched in shock as the tree it hit withered away and died, “Careful Jonin-san, being too careless will lead to your death even if you are one of the few Konoha nin that I can actually stand to be around.” Naruto stated before slamming his boot into Kakashi’s torso sending him sailing into the wall of the house before Naruto ducked Sasuke’s follow up attack and then proceeded to block every subsequent attack from him with ease, “Come on Uchiha, show me the power of your clan or that you can at least match your brother when I fought him once.” Naruto stated as he had faced Itachi over the years both for sparring and for both to test new techniques and attacks and Naruto was still thankful that he was able to cure Itachi of his disease years ago.

Naturally, Naruto mentioning Itachi made Sasuke growl and renew his attack but he was still kept down before Naruto kicked him back while dodging a kunai from Sakura causing his hood to fall back and everyone to see him, “Naruto!” Kakashi shouted in shock and surprise as he saw his old sensei and his wife in the form of the boy/man before him.

The Kyubi Vessel?!” Sai thought in shock while Sakura was surprised and Sasuke was pissed as he heard how it was Naruto that helped in the massacre of his clan and he leapt at Naruto to attack again but Naruto merely punched him in the gut getting him hunched over in pain before he grabbed him by the neck, lifted him off the ground, and held him there.

“You’re pathetic Uchiha, I don’t understand why you hate me so much since you thought your father was a bastard anyway and his father was even worse so you’re not angry about that.” Naruto stated as Sasuke struggled and Naruto frowned, “You’re so blinded by your rage and everything the village has fed you that you can’t even see the truth the village doesn’t want you to see. How is it that no Anbu tried to interfere when the massacre occurred? How is it that not one of your clansmen ended up in the morgue? How is it that no one reported hearing the screams of your clansmen dying? How is it that Hunter Nin were conveniently not sent from the village until two days after the incident?” Naruto asked making all people present widen their eyes in shock as they didn’t know that had happened and Naruto scoffed, “Maybe you should be getting answers to those questions before you seek your revenge.” Naruto stated before tossing Sasuke away and his Shade in the area informed him that Zabuza and the others were done and proceeded to walk away, “I’ll look you up once your bridge is done Tazuna-san or at least one of my trusted soldiers will.”

Naruto stated before the boy, Inari, called out, “You attack the Konoha Shinobi after saying you’re no threat?! What the hell kind of hypocrite are you?!” He shouted and Naruto paused before turning to the boy, while the boy’s mother was telling him to be quiet and not insult someone that could kill or harm them.

“I said I was no threat to you, your mother, or your grandfather, do these four shinobi fall under any of those specifications?” He asked and everyone but Tazuna widened their eyes, “Exactly, an attack on your shinobi guards is not the same as an attack on you. Now that Gatō is dead, there will be no issues with your grandfather’s bridge and thus no need for the shinobi present to remain as your family’s guards.” He stated before he disappeared away from them without a trace.

Just outside of Wave Country

Zabuza, Haku, and Setsura were waiting on one of the few ships Gatō had in his possession awaiting the arrival of their ally. Zabuza had been skeptical at first, but as Naruto revealed certain specific and private events that they had received help in, he became a believer and took Naruto’s word on the matter and did away with Gatō with the help of Setsura and was waiting for the boy/man to come discuss the next move. Although, he did notice Haku being… fidgety and he internally was sweating at the concept of having to give her the talk in regards to how she felt about the young man.

Haku was standing there hoping the mysterious boy/man that had been their silent guardian would be coming soon so she could see him again and the thought of it made her blush. Setsura was just patiently waiting for his cousin to return as he knew fully well his cousin was beyond anyone that would have been sent on the mission to Wave from Konoha as his cousin was Kage level easily.

Their thoughts were broken as Naruto appeared on the ship scaring them slightly, “Well, now that that is done, we can begin discussing a few things.” He stated and they nodded, “I’ll get right to the point Zabuza, I am willing to help you achieve your goal of claiming Kiri and rebuilding it as it should be and in return I want you to become a part of my soon to be empire as I’m going to bring war on Konoha, Suna, and Iwa at least and anyone else that gets in my way. I will not rule you in complete sense, it will be more along the lines of we are mutual and equal partners in this as you will be ruling and leading Kiri but will be helping me in return while also being counted as part of the empire I will build.” He stated surprising them all, “And before you ask; yes, I have plenty of muscle to back up my claims and power besides my own. Agreeing to this also grants other benefits as well, which will be discussed when we meet in Water Country in a few days to prepare to take on Kiri.” Naruto stated and Zabuza frowned in thought as he weighed the pros and cons before sighing as he didn’t like the idea of it in the complete sense but the kid had been looking out for him and his surrogate daughter for years now and even he could feel the power coming off the guy and knew he could be crushed easily by him.

“Alright, you help me with my coup of Mist and you got yourself a deal. We’ll become a part of your growing empire, sire.” He stated surprising Haku and Naruto nodded.

“Very well, I’ll meet you a couple of miles outside of Kiri in five days’ time.” He stated before he called for a Death Gate and motioned for Setsura to go through, which he did a few seconds later before Naruto bid Zabuza and Haku farewell and went through the gate himself right before it closed.

Village on the outskirts of Whirlpool’s territory

Naruto and Setsura appeared and immediately went to the tavern area before gathering the collected Ronin, Samurai, civilians, craftsmen, and missing Nin before they went to the coast and Naruto stepped forward, “Mobus.” He called before said Whale Shark came before his master surprising the onlookers at his appearance, “Everyone on board.” He stated as he stepped onto his aquatic pet and stroked his head as everyone got on board before Mobus turned and went towards Whirlpool. As they went, Naruto stood and addressed those he gathered, “I am going to inform you all now, the people of my village at the moment are not what you have normally seen, but I warn you now to respect them all as they have more than earned it and my territory will be a place without any bigotry or hatred amongst its citizens. The penalty for any discrimination will not be pleasant and I will personally carry it out.” Naruto warned and they all nodded with a little fear from him before Mobus arrived at the shore and Naruto led them to his budding Capital.

As they walked, they passed Ancients, Elves, Trolls, Tauren, and more of his forces as they went about patrolling, gathering supplies, and/or building new posts along the way and, to their credit, the new arrivals did not stare in disgust or hatred only wonder and awe at the impressive and foreign beings. Before long they were at the gates before they opened to show a bustling capital with different races of different sizes and looks moving about doing work or greeting each other. Naruto smiled at his growing home before he felt something against his leg and smiled at seeing Ceraxas there though the new arrivals were a little cautious.

Within moments, Itachi and Shisui were before him bowing in respect, “Good, you’re both here. I have some business to attend to so please show these people where they can begin setting up their different matters and become outfitted properly.” He ordered and they nodded before leading the group off while Naruto and Setsura went to see Mito, “Mito-O-bāchan.”

He greeted and the woman smiled before giving him a hug and then saw their guest, “Hello Naruto-kun, who is this?” She asked genuinely interested and Naruto smiled slightly.

“This is Setsura Hisame, Tobirama’s Great Grandson.” He stated surprising her, “I know; I was surprised as well when I found out. I’m having my Shades begin to investigate and hope to hear something soon, but for now I thought you could tell him of Tobirama to give him a better sense of family and connection to us as I have business to attend to.” He stated and she nodded with a smile which Naruto returned before leaving as Setsura sat with Mito and chatted.

Naruto entered his tower to find his commanders, both friends and loves, all there and he addressed them, “Alright, we have a few things to discuss. First off; Nagato, I want you to go to Wave Country in a week’s time to meet with Tazuna the Bridge Builder and discuss him coming to aid us and before anyone comments on him not being needed, he got a colossal bridge built in under 3 months’ time so we could use some expertise like that.” He stated and the others all nodded knowing that they could see it from a Shade in the area, “Good, now next I will be sending Kira-chan along with some of my demonic clansmen on a snatch and grab mission from Konoha while I and a few others go to Kiri to help our new ally Zabuza take over it and remove the Mizukage while another will go to the Water Daimyo. Once Kiri is done, I will be heading to Kumo and Itachi will go to the Lightning Daimyo to begin discussions of an alliance or perhaps more, while Shisui and Mikoto go and speak to certain individuals that I hope to be on our side. Once this is done, we’ll be secure in every matter needed before the Chunin Exams occur in Konoha where we’ll gain more allies and begin the termination of Konoha.”

He stated and his commanders all nodded knowing their leader’s plan for vengeance was beginning just as he wanted, “On another note, I need a small strike and retrieval team prepared should the need arise as we potentially have four Uzumakis still alive in the countries and I wish to recover them and bring them into the fold as quickly as possible as well as another individual that could be invaluable to us if the rumors of his prowess are true.” He ordered and they nodded knowing who to pick for the strike and retrieval team as they had certain soldiers that more than excelled at that kind of work being only surpassed by Itachi, Shisui, Kira, and Naruto himself.

“My Lord, why not send Lady Mito to Konoha?” Marco asked his leader as it would make sense as they could all guess just what was being taken from Konoha and Naruto had wanted her to get her own view of Konoha. However, his thoughts were broken when Naruto sighed.

“Because her connection to this plain is still shaky at best. If she leaves these lands too soon, she could either wither away into nothing or the work I did to ensure she was herself and not a servant to my will shall be undone and it could take countless days and attempts to return her to normal again. Besides, she is the best seal master here, besides myself, and is needed to help with the defenses as well as helping any of our rune crafters to learn seals and with what I want taken from Konoha, it will give her something to look forward to once it is complete.” Naruto informed and reasoned and Marco nodded in understanding, “Good, now onto the other business. How are the repairs and projects?” He asked as they all began discussing and reporting to their leader about the happenings of his budding nation.

Done! Ok, Naruto is set up and preparing for his campaigns while Konoha just took a hit and potentially lost two Sanin as soldiers if the need arises.

Now, since I know it will come up, Naruto’s necromancy is a little problematic in the Elemental Countries as it isn’t soaked in magic like Azeroth was and Chakra IS VASTLY DIFFERENT than magic and there is the fact Naruto is interfering with the Shinigami, Yami, and Kami so he has to be careful that he doesn’t enrage the deities by pulling too many people back from death that it upsets the natural order of things and is exploiting loopholes that exist to better allow him to bring back different dead beings that could/would help him in his goals. In Azeroth, there is plenty of magic to support the necromantic arts while the Elemental countries do not so Naruto must use seal work and his own power to tie them to this plain of existence until they are fully connected to the living plain and can move about without worry, which is why Naruto wanted the Forbidden Scroll since it has a certain jutsu that he could incorporate with his necromancy to better tie them to the living world.

Now then, as stated above please keep giving me recommendations for a second world for Naruto to visit/get sent to and the reasons for choosing that world as it gets annoying when people give a world, but not WHY it should be chosen over the others.

Anyway, next time will be Kiri, the smash and grab, Kumo, and some other things as well that should be plenty of fun for you guys to read.

I have a poll up that I think a few of you would be interested in so check it out if you want.

Well, that’s it for this one, later everyone. Don’t forget to review.

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