From the Editor,

photo by H. Chapman

My wife and I are enthusiastic San Leandro residents. We’ve lived here for nearly twenty years and we’re really excited to see the downtown growing and all the activity around it. I’ve worked in San Francisco for most of my career developing websites for eBay, Macy’s, Expedia, Intuit, and others. Over the years I’ve always thought that San Leandro needed a website where residents could keep up with everything going on and local businesses could affordably advertise what they have to offer. Less about news and more about community.

San Leandro Online is a website for you. It provides daily updated information and reviews about local events in Nightlife, Culture, Community, and Business. San Leandro Online is also a place where you can tell your story. Contribute by writing an article about your business, your school, your band, your passion via a SUBMIT button in the footer of all our pages. Your article will be reviewed and displayed if it meets our editorial standards. It’s a great way to promote your cause and get the word out in San Leandro. You can also share your pictures and promotions from around San Leandro by tagging them with #sanleandro or #sanleandroonline on Instagram™. Pictures are shared right on our homepage and a great way to get attention. More information about submissions to San Leandro Online is here.

Want to offer good tips, advice or tutorials to people in San Leandro? Our Blog is a good place for that.

If you want to save money, clear out that garage or promote your service, the Free Classifieds and Coupons sections are just what you need. Targeted directly at San Leandro, we get the best deals and you get the most bang for your buck.

Now is the perfect time to bring San Leandro Online to the public and we hope you’ll find it useful and engaging! Send me your feedback. I’d like to hear suggestions that you think would be useful and let me know what you think we could be doing better.

The Editor
Hugh Chapman
San Leandro Online