Binary Master Bot Scam Review

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FX Master Bot Review, Legit Or Is Forex Master Bot Scam?

Welcome to our FX Master Bot review and SCAM investigation.
Right when we were about the Blacklist the FX Master Bot software, app, and automated trading system as a result of a complaint we received it suddenly appeared to us that we really need to check if the so called “FX Master Bot SCAM” is indeed a fraudulent robotic trading app or a worthy Forex and Cryptocurrency auto-trader. It seems every online promoter is peddling fake crypto robots these days in order to collect affiliate commissions, in many cases these fake FX and crypto bots take the shape of a get-rich-quick scheme selling you a secret to make millions online. In reality, the secret is that you are getting ripped off by crafty con artists looking to cash in on your financial distress and inability to generate enough money for yourself and your family. Still, every system deserves a fair chance, so in our detailed and factual FX Master Bot review, our staff will attempt to answer some critical questions such as what is the ITM or success ratio, what brokers are integrated with the app, is the FX Master Bot user friendly and compatible with smartphones and mobile devices, and of course are there any complaints.

Seemingly legit and genuine FX and crypto trading bots present themselves with an array of colorful testimonials and promises which are meant to be broken. However, once in a blue moon a truly genuine system is launched and that is when our staff takes the time to evaluate it. It’s worth noting that we rarely endorse new systems, but FX Master Bot is rare since it integrates with regulated brokers which is not something we see every day. Keep reading our detailed FX Master Bot review and see if it can help you generate money as well.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: FX Master Bot

What is FX Master Bot?
The FX Master Bot is an automated Forex and Cryptocurrency trading software which executes trades without any form of human intervention. The signals app also alternates from automatic to manual signals at the click of a mouse. It trades Forex currency pairs as well as crypto pairs such as BTCUSD and BTCEUR.

Unique and Differentiating Features
The trading dashboard and user interface (UI) are proprietary and don’t exist anywhere else. The signals are presented to you as the image below illustrates and it is plain to see how intuitive the trading environment is.

The charts indicate a BTC/EUR pattern, and these settings can be adjusted in a scroll or toggle feature. This can also be adjusted according to Ethereum, Litecoin, and other crypto currencies.

Additional Unique Features Include:
Demo Mode: This allows you to simulate trades and get a feel for the trading environment.
Adjustable Settings: These allow you to control the risk levels associated with your account.
Mobile Trading: FX Master Bot is totally responsive and mobile-friendly. Trade on your iPhone, Tablet, iPad, IOS or Android smartphones
Leader Board: Follow the leader and copy his trades or just trade on autopilot.
Reverse Trading: This is a kind of stop loss mechanism which spots a negative trend and executes a trade in the opposite direction.

FX Master Bot Review
The FX Master Bot platform and automated trading software is powered by advanced trading algorithms and integrated with regulated Forex and cryptocurrency brokers. If you are a novice who is just starting out or a professional looking for a tested trading tool, FX Master Bot provides a solid solution for investing in Forex as well as virtual currencies.

The FX Master Bot system has been operating since 2020 and is widely considered to be on of the most promising automated trading apps.

How Does FX Master Bot Work?
What goes on in the back end has to do with algorithmic trading which is not something that can be easily explained. However, on the user side its easily accessible and very simple to operate. You can easily transition from automated to manual trading at the click of a mouse, and in this way control the expiry times on your selected trades (aka contracts). So if you are a control freak or just want to trade on auto-pilot, FX Master bots does the job either way.

Is FX Master Bot SCAM or Not?
If you are asking your self well I Got Scammed Before, how is FX Master Bot Different? here is your answer. FX Master Bot does not answer to criteria of SCAM as it is a proprietary software which executes trades automatically and integrates with regulated brokers (see image below as proof). Does partnering with a regulated broker mean you are safe? Well, opinions differ on this matter but since most customers prefer regulated brokers then FX Master Bot will provide them with this solution. Its plain to see that Europe FX, 24Option, iTrader, OT Capital, Trade Financial are all ASIC or CySec licensed brokers.

Accuracy and Performance Levels
After testing the FX Master Bot we have seen consistent gains in the 85-86% ITM region. Again, this is after a period of 1 week, and we are watching the performance levels like a hawk so if they change we will revise our FX Master Bot review and blacklist this Forex Trading robot.

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Pricing – Is It Free?
Well no one said it will be! Getting started with the FX Master Bot software will cost you at least $250 and that money will be charged to your credit card or E-Wallet.

Viral Scams to Avoid:
The most dangerous scams to avoid now are Bitcoin Code by Steve McKay and Crypto Robot 365.

I Already Have An Account With FX Master Bot and Want To Diversify
If you are already up and running with a funded FX Master Bot trading account and wish to diversify your trading portfolio or try out new and profitable systems then we invite you to check out our recommended section.

FX Master Bot Review and Conclusions
If you have read somewhere that the FX Master Bot SCAM steals money or that it is a malicious app, then you need to take a closer look at at your sources. There is a fraud affiliate network promoting the Bit Bubble Tech SCAM and they are trying to gain your attraction by BLACKLISTING the FX Master Bot software and automated trading system. A closer look will reveal that these dishonest review sites are promoting fake apps which integrate with unlicensed BINARY OPTIONS brokers. A word of caution, Binary Scam Alerts will NEVER endorse any binary options broker (regulated or not) and that is because there is an inherent conflict of interest in binary options. This means if you lose the broker wins, and with the exceptions of a few regulated exchanges this is always the case and that is why we endorse Forex brokers only. Let there be no room for misunderstanding, this is always the case with fake apps and you need to be aware of this fact before signing up for a fraudulent software with greedy scammers conspiring behind your back to steal your money. Getting closer to the truth now, the so-called “FX Master Bot SCAM” as it is referred to is not a scam at all. It is a genuine and legit trading app which produces consistent results and the facts speak for themselves. If you have additional questions or have comments in regards to our detailed FX Master Bot Review, make sure to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

Binary Bot Master Review – Is BinaryBotMaster Scam? Let’ See!

November 22, 2020 By Shane

My research for trading with the Binary Bot Master is successful. You also know precisely that in the binary trading market new traders come to invest their money to get more cash in return. And with the help of this online trading, many fraudsters try to steal back the entire money you have in your account. And in the binary trading platform, there are many scammers and scam systems prevailing. A lot of false scammers are destroying the name of binary trading. The owners and creators of this app are here only to rob your valuable money. If you are looking for some genuine software then first you should know which software is legit and which is a scam.

Binary Bot Master trading app is automated online trading software, one of the newest trading software in the binary options industry. If you are thinking to trade with this software, then be very careful before you trade. Below I will add some of the scam factors so be patient and keep reading.

What is Binary Bot Master all About?

You are now aware that Binary Bot Master is automated online trading software. And I can say yes, this is 100% scam software. The creator of the software who is hiding behind the scenes promises to give full trading without interacting with you. And they also claim that you start trading on their website without even having any experiences as the software is free to use. Like other scam software, this also ensures you to earn huge dollars within a short period. Well, the owner itself is invisible as the video is animated. Don’t you think this software is a big fat no to trading?

Well, all the promises are not real. They only try to trap you showing attractive income but do not be the one to lose your money. Just visit the official website of Binary Bot Master, here you will find a short video and see the video you will be shocked. I felt it is the shortest video for explaining about online trading. The video was computer automated which made me laugh, a very good joke indeed.

Binary Bot Master is Scam Software – Here is Everything you need to know:

I have found out some of the scam factors of Binary Bot Master. The computer automated video looks very funny. Can you ever trust such a software? I don’t think so. All their efforts are found to be false as this trading software is bogus. Yes, you have heard right, this is a scam software. So, I suggest you stay away from such cheap fraudsters as they will just try to trick you with unnecessary proofs.

It is just to lure the innocent traders. If you still think why this is called a scam software then here down below is everything that I have gathered to call it a scam software.

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Who is the Narrator or Creator of Binary Bot Master? Does he ever Exist??

To be honest, the creator or what you called the head of the Binary Bot Master is a fraud. If you see the official video, you will see the real truth. When I investigated this software, I have found out that the creator is invisible he doesn’t even exist in real world. The presenter of the video was the automated computer which made me laugh. There is no sign of any owner, anywhere. In fact, how can I even find out about the automated computerized software? It is not possible to call it a genuine software. How can you trust such automated computerized owner?

Binary Bot Master – Fake Trade Results:

The trading results are false. These false results are visible in the official web page, and they seem to be the real one, but that is just a false image which is being displayed. And that trade is just to get your attention so that the unscrupulous traders can attack you. This is clear that they are only trying to trap you by hiding their faces and moreover, there are no testimonials relating to this software. Be very active as their primary aim is to snatch your money and fly away.

Does the Binary System Work or Not??

The three steps of accessing to Binary Bot Master are not true. If the owner is invisible, then do you think this software is going to work? When I went to a thorough investigation of the software, I have found out that they did not mention anything about how does the software works that makes it a complete scam work. This software is useless as the scammers only try to earn money illegally.

Winning Trades 77% – Not at all Possible:

They claim to provide 77% winning trades so that they can make profits within a short period. Just imagine they have forgotten to mention how the software works, and even the owner is invisible and they are saying that this software has such high winning trades. Don’t believe these fraudsters as there aren’t any such winning rates. Those claims are a lie. It is just a trap to cut off your money.

Customer Support Service – Just Bogus!

This Binary Bot Master claims to have a 24 x 7 customer support service to provide better service to the customers, like you and me. If you have any problems regarding the online trading, with this software, then this Customer care will look after all the problems. But what I have found out is that they are not at all available 24 x 7 as I have tried contacting them and got no replies in return. All these claims are just a trick playing on your mind. Their primary goal is to take back your money and run away.

Final Words – Binary Bot Master is Scam Software!

So if you take all the points into consideration, then you will understand that this is a scam software. And all the information that the scammers have fed you are just lying. So I would recommend you that you stay away from this software as all it will do is eat up your money and give no profits in return. Try investing your money in a software that will provide you the profits you deserve.

# FX Master Bot Review : Is FXMasterBot A Scam ? Results Updated !!

Are you looking for a legitimate FXMasterBot Review? The FX Master Bot Automated Trading Robot is a free trading software that can turn beginners to master traders in no time. Having been in existence for quite some time now, FXMasterBot software allows traders to trade both forex and binary options. Since it’s among the first web-based platforms to allow traders to trade the two financial instruments at the same time especially binary options and forex, it has taken the game of trading to a whole new level.

FXMasterBot Review – Is It a Legit Automated Trading App or a Scam?

Compared to available trading solutions in the market, FXMasterBot App is at the top of the game. All this can be attributed to its user-friendly approach, the ease of applying multiple trading strategies and its money management methods. According to FXMasterBot website, traders start at the novice level where they have the opportunity of selecting different FX trading options. As one gains experience, they get to move up to Expert Level and finally Master Level.

Features of FXMasterBot Trading Robot

  • Multiple deposit methods

To get started in trading, you must have capital. FXMasterBot review website provides multiple deposit options such as MasterCard and Visa among others. The payment system is secure thanks to the addition of SSL certificate. This means that your money will be safe at all times.

  • Expert trading algorithm

To provide you with real-time market data, FXMasterBot software is developed with the expert trading algorithm. The algorithm is designed to follow the market 24/7 eliminating the need for you to do so. Thanks to its design, it delivers real-time trading signals and not end of day FXMasterBot trading signals. From the trading signals provided, you can create a robust portfolio and start trading financial instruments manually or automatically.

  • Mobile trading

Today, trading is no longer a preserve of traders only. People from all walks of life can engage in day trading and profit from the comfort of their homes or offices. To ensure that you have access to your account when on the move, FXMasterBot offers mobile trading. You can now trade on your phone when traveling for business or leisure.

  • Responsiveness

As I mentioned in my FXMasterBot review, FXMasterBot website is responsive. As a result, it can adapt to multiple devices from tablets, smartphones and even laptops. This means traders regardless of their experience level will have access to a user-friendly trading platform.

  • Live trading access

Since money never sleeps and time & tides wait for no man, FXMasterBot website offers live trading. Different markets around the world are in operation 24/7. Not only are you able to trade a wide range of financial instruments but by implementing sound trading strategies, you can profit at all times.

  • Three levels of investment plans

To ensure traders with different trading backgrounds are able to use FXMasterBot review system, the company provides three trading levels:

FX MasterBot Novice – suitable for beginners. Traders have access to multiple brokers, can trade up to 3 currency pairs, have access to free signals and 3 open trades

FX MasterBot Expert – suitable for novice users who want to upgrade or expert traders who have traded with other platforms. Offers access to all features available at novice level plus partly advanced settings, 9 currency pairs and auto trading.

FX MasterBot Master – Suitable for experienced Expert level traders looking to upgrade to a better option. At this level, traders have access to VIP customer support, multiple brokers, 17 currency pairs, unlimited open trades and advanced settings among others.

  • 24/7 customer support

All FXMasterBot membership have access to 24/7 customer support. You can have your questions through live chat and email. FXMasterBot support and review staff is always ready to answer any questions you have regarding its platform and trading. Don’t forget to checkout FXMasterBot YouTube

FX MasterBot Software – How it Really Works?

As a web-based trading platform, there are no FXMasterBot downloads available. All you have to do to get started is create an account and select one of the available trading levels – Novice, Expert or Master. Since FXMasterBot software is not a broker and serves as a link between traders and brokers, this means that no deposit will be required.

The FXMasterBot deposit can only be made to your respective broker. At the moment, brokers support a wide array of payment systems from bank wires, bank transfers, credit card and other payment systems.

Does FXMasterBot work? Yes, it does. Once you have created your account and deposited the required minimum amount in your broker’s account, you can start selecting forex and binary options assets to trade in.

Remember, FXMasterBot system offers live trading and leaderboard system. With FXMasterBot review trading, you can trade with multiple markets around the globe 24/7 while leaderboard tracks your progress and allows you to be rewarded by the FXMasterBot app with cash prizes in addition to the profits earned.

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A Brief about the FXMasterBot App Creator

According to research on FXMasterBot website, no information about the founder(s) and developers was available on it is About Us page. We checked the Terms and Conditions page only to find the repeated mention of and not FXMasterBot Ltd or FXMasterBot LLC or the actual names of the founders.

This does not mean that FXMasterBot scam is real. FXMasterBot system remains a trusted and premier provider of web-based trading technology making it possible for traders to trade forex and binary options.

FXMasterBot System – Is it a Scam?

FXMasterBot software has made the trading of binary options and forex very easy. No longer do you need to have a Degree in Finance or undertake long internships at trading firms. All you need is FXMasterBot app. At the moment, FXMasterBot review website offers three investment plans namely Novice, Expert, and Master. Depending with your trading experience, you can select the right investment plan and get started.

Is FXMasterBot a scam? No, it’s not. Even though it lacks information about its founders and developers, its underlying trading technology allows traders to access multiple markets around the world. As a robot, it is programmed to help traders generate profits through trading with multiple financial instruments.

How To Join FXMasterBot Website & Pricing

To get started with FXMasterBot app, simply click on “Register”, fill in the details and submit the form. At the moment, FXMasterBot software offers access to a demo account. With the demo account, you can learn more about FXMasterBot features and settings. By getting familiar with the settings and how it works, you will be much more confident to use the website. The FXMasterBot demo account is available for 5 days only. Remember, you cannot make any profits while using FXMasterBot demo account. Once you are familiar with FXMasterBot app, select one of the following investment plans depending with your trading experience. The plans are explained below in this FXMasterBot review.


  • Provides access to multiple brokers
  • Access to 3 currency pairs
  • Access to 3 open trades
  • Free FXMasterBot signals
  • Leaderboard multiplier X1
  • Minimum deposit of $250


  • Provides access to multiple brokers too
  • Access to 9 currency pairs
  • Unlimited open trades
  • Auto trading
  • Part access to advanced settings
  • Minimum FXMasterBot deposit of $500


  • Access to multiple brokers
  • Trade with 17 currency pairs
  • Unlimited open trades
  • Access to all advanced settings such as compound wins, max concurrent trades, daily stop loss, daily take profit and reverse trading among others
  • VIP customer support
  • Minimum deposit of $1,000

Once you have selected your desired FXMasterBot investment plan, deposit the required amount, select your financial instruments – two choices are available: binary options and forex. Create your robust portfolio and start trading.

FXMasterBot Review verdict – A Legitimate Trading Experience!

As a trading robot designed to help you make profits, FXMasterBot app has more than 10,000 happy traders, over 10 brokers to connect with and more than 5.500 winning trades. The intuitive trading robot allows you to start at Novice level and choose between available forex trading options.

You have the option of selecting FXMasterBot auto trading mode, set limits on profits and losses. Furthermore, you can decide on the number – maximum and minimum trades – you would like to execute within a 24 period. As you accumulate more trading knowledge, you have the opportunity of advancing from Novice to Expert and Master Levels.

The higher up you climb, the more features and settings are made available to you. This also means that your trading strategies will become complex thus testing your trading experience. When you add the thrill and excitement offered by LiveTrading plus a dedicated customer service, you will be on your way to making more money than you ever imagined. Our recommendation? Sign up with FXMasterBot review website today and change your life!

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