Binary Options Signals – Top Providers Reviewed

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Binary Options And Forex Signals

Binary options signals are alerts that are used to trade binary options contracts, which have been derived after analysis of the underlying asset to be traded. When compared with its forex counterparts, binary signals are still at an early stage. But as the number of traders increases, and newer software applications and tools are developed, we will begin to see increased usage of signals for binary trading in the market.

SmartTrader offer regular high quality signals and sign up is via a WhatsApp group, no complex form filling. Click the logo for more details.

BDSwiss currently offer ‘trading alerts’. These are delivered via two traders: Alex Douedari and veteran forex trader, Frank Walbaum. The signals are supplied free, updated in realtime and deliver both a stop loss and a take profit level. The signals are not pushed – so if there are no suitable trades, then none will be suggested. Trades are not added purely for the sake of it.

BDSwiss $10 N/A » Visit

New crypto broker Spectre.AI also deliver signals, but are quick to point out that these should not be considered trade advice.

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Robot Signal Services

Some ‘bot’ services will also deliver signals. This extra step in automation may suit some traders – but bear in mind the risk is hugely increased when trades are being made without direct input from you, the trader.

BinBotPro from the below list, deliver signals as well as an automated trading services.

BinBotPro Choose among 20 robots and compare them on past performance. Activate automated trading in only 3 steps. » Visit Regulated broker with a tool for building robots, offering a large range of features. Exclusive $20 Free » Visit OptionRobot Free to join with flexible settings including indicators, expiry and methods. » Visit AutomatedBinary Free demo account and options for money management and algorithms. » Visit

Signal Hive gets’s vote as the current best binary options signal provider

Signal Hive is a first of its kind, high-quality signals market place provides binary option signals delivered both by algorithms (robots) and human traders, both which are heavily vetted over many months. Education can be provided via the more comprehensive Blue Sky Binary service. Signal Hive is all about following the trader and is aimed at traders who just wish to point-click and have a good shot at growing their capital over time. BSB Research & Development (R&D) has worked on ensuring only the highest quality signals (robotic and human) are delivered on Hive, with the aim to keep quality in the 60-70% ITM range on a weekly basis (Regular infographics allow results to be analysed). If any signal or human trader experiences a prolonged period of under 60% ITM, it is deprecated and removed from Hive.

Signal Hive is a signals market place where you decide which human or robotic traders you follow, in order to receive their trade recommendations. Read Lotz’s Signal Hive review here. Having been launched a bit over 3 months ago and having achieved solid performance after 1,700 signals with an ITM% of 64%, the Hive increases your chances of capital growth over time and gives you access to advanced tools such as a Dynamic Asset Risk Engine (DARE) and Analytics which helps you manage your risk.

All Signals Providers

  • SignalHive
  • Blue Sky Binary
  • SignalPush


Signals Providers to Avoid

For a list of signal provider scams, visit our binary options scams page.

Binary Options Signals – Top Providers Reviewed

This review and comparison guide will present everything you need to know about providers of binary options signals.

The fundamental function of binary options signal services is to alert their subscribers of good trading opportunities in the markets.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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    Only For Experienced Traders.

This guide explains how signal providers operate and how they generate and deliver their trading alerts to paying customers. Here, we will look at professional services only.

Let’s look at a comparison and reviews of the most trusted binary signal providers , as well as suitable, winning Forex signals providers.

Top providers of binary options signals

Professional binary options traders use complex technical chart analysis and/or fundamental analysis based on statistics, current news, and economic releases to generate winning buy and sell signals.

Some professional traders also offer live trading sessions. These are designed to help non-professionals improve their trading abilities in addition to receiving the actual winning signals.

Finding professional help is the most logical step towards your future as a successful trader.

The other step is to learn as much as you can and to replicate the success of winning traders.

Here are the best and most reliable signal providers that we could find.

Prices and results vary slightly depending on the provider, but they all have one thing in common – they let you trade the markets with a much higher degree of certainty.

1. Auto Binary Signals – The ABS System

Online and push notification – $97 single payment

The Auto Binary Signals are based on an online platform / software designed by Roger Pierce, an experience trader and fund manager.

What makes this service unique is that is not based on a subscription but a single licence of only $97, which makes his system very cost-effective. It is also very easy to start using the signals.

Users simply purchase access to a password protected website where the software is installed and follow the color-coded alerts displayed on the screen. The web application is fed by live analytical data directly from a trading system run on professional trading platforms.

The ABS trading system is very simple and intuitive and can be accessed 24/7 via any device with a connection to the Internet.

The way the system works is that signals are being generated by a complex software that constantly monitors various assets in real time. When certain conditions are met the signals are generated and instantly sent to the website in a form of a percentage, i.e. 75%, 85%, 90% which is also color-coded.

The logic behind is that the higher the number the more accurate the signal.

In addition to being one of the cheapest providers, Auto Binary Signals Software company offers an unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on its web-based platform.

2. Binary Options Trading Signals – BOTS

Live stream session with pro trader – $97 biweekly

This is the longest running binary options signalling service in the world. The signals and trading sessions are streamed live online via a password protected website. The live trading sessions are run by Franco, a professional binary options trader who has been trading Forex and options for over 10 years.

The live trading sessions include Franco’s commentary, signals, and open chat window where subscribers can communicate with each other and main trader.

Their whole system consists of proprietary indicators with signals and accompanying trading strategies. These strategies have been honed and optimized for many years and reach above 80% win rate.

Their trading room is immensely popular among subscribers. Many of them trade with Franco for months, which testifies to the quality and success of the trading room.

Related information:

Top providers of Forex signals for binary options traders

Forex trading is much older and a lot more popular among investors than binary options. As a result, there is a lot more information specifically about Forex. Trading Forex is quite different from trading binary options because of additional aspects such as: stop losses, margins, take profit levels, order management, etc.

The technical analysis for the entry times of positions is exactly the same.

Just like any binary options trader, a Forex trader must analyse the markets to find the best trading opportunities and the most efficient trade entry times. The main difference the binary options trader must consider before signing up to a forex signalling service is the expiry time of trades. Forex trades have the benefit of letting a losing or winning trade run longer, if they want to. Binary option traders don’t have that luxury. Their trades are bound by the expiry time they choose on trade entry.

So how can you work out the best expiry time of Forex signals?

This can be done by following the trader’s technical analysis, comments and/or trading suggestions. You can also base your binary option expiry times by looking at what charts or time frames are used to generate the signals.

Forex day-traders, for example, will make a few trades each day. They usually trade 1 Hour charts, but can also use 15 minute charts to generate trading signals. If you get a signal from their 15 minute chart, your expiry will most likely by 30 minutes to an hour.

Intra-day traders or swing traders will usually look at 4 hour or Daily charts and hold their positions for a few days. For signals from a Daily chart, your binary options expiry time will be anywhere between 2-5 days.

Here are a few Forex signal providers that could be used in binary options trading. In addition to the signals you will receive technical analysis education that will undoubtedly also improve your binary options trading.

1. 1000 Pip Builder

Email and SMS Text – $97 per month (or cheaper)

The 1000pipbuilder has fully verified trading results and a 5-star rating on This signal service is quite different than the first or second one because the trade alerts are sent to a mobile or email with complete instructions on what asset to trade, how, and when.

This system is perfect if you intend to trade Forex or binary options but don’t really have the time to learn about the markets, set up charts and watch the price action like a hawk, looking for the next trading opportunity.

Here the opportunity is sent to your mobile or email, as soon as, it is recognized by professional traders reading the charts for you. After receiving a signal from a professional trader, you can place a trade with any broker.

If you’re using your phone to receive the signals it makes sense to use a broker that will also allow you to place trades on your mobile.

There is no learning curve and it’s very easy to follow the provided signals.

1000 Pip Builder can be accessed and traded anywhere in the world using only your mobile phone. This is a perfect service for people on the move.

2. Trading Signals in Live stream

Live trading sessions with a pro – $97 per month

These are live signals with video/audio feed and a supporting chat window. These trading sessions are run by Vladimir, an expert trader who has been trading options since the start of the industry.

He has optimized his trading system to achieve high returns. These trading signals are designed for Forex and options traders, but they can still be used in binary options.

They are especially recommended for novice and intermediate traders who want to quickly improve in trading Forex or Options alongside a professional trader.

It is a good solution for those who want to learn to use a charting software and trade the markets independently at some stage in the near future. Learning from a professional and seeing his screen in real time will also give you a glimpse of what it’s like to trade at a professional level.

Vladimir’s excellent signals coupled with his valuable live commentary make this system one of the best. The fact that it has been around for so long is a proof that it is a well tested and trusted source.

In addition to the winning signals, Vladimir also shares his expert knowledge about trading the markets. This service comes very highly recommended.

* Wins claimed by provider

Advantages of using professional trading signals

  • A huge short cut to better trading
  • Guidance and advise of more experienced binary trader/s
  • A lot of free time by not having to learn and analyze the markets yourself
  • A working and successful trading strategy
  • A less stressful and more fulfilling trading experience
  • More winning and less losing trades

Most signal providers understand the need for their services and they do their best to provide high quality signals that help people win. They design their services mainly to help beginner traders but more advanced traders also like the convenience of receiving trading signals.

Before we can choose the right binary option signals service, it is important to fully understand the nature of the signals service being chosen. This involves knowing all the types of signal services out there.

How to choose a binary option signals provider

Every trader will try using a signals service in one form or another. Effective and professional signals will always cost money but should be looked at as an investment into your financial success, as well as education. When you set about choosing the best binary options signals service you must consider the following:

Profitability of the signals – Is it worth looking at the numbers?

Obviously profitability is the main reason why most people will subscribe to a professional signals service. But how can you be sure that the numbers of wins being advertised will remain the same when you join a particular service.

The truth is, you can never be 100% sure. Past results do not indicate, nor do they guarantee any future results. Test all signals on a demo first.

If a signal service has historically performed very well (looking at annual history of the service) it is very likely that it will continue to do so in the near future.

However, it might be surprising to find out that some signal providers make fake claims of profitability performances and testimonials from “satisfied” customers. The best thing to do is to test the profitability of the signals yourself on a demo account.

In addition to looking at the profitability of the signals you should also look at other aspects of the service. Find out who the signals are from, where is the company based and how long have they been in the business. This will be one of the best indicator of how good their signals really are. You’d be also wise to look at any trial period and money-back guarantees being offered.

Trial period for signal subscribers

When it comes to binary options signals, one of the most important and unfortunately often unused offers is the trial period.

There are only a handful of providers that offer a trial period. It’s not the industry standard, so don’t be very surprised if it’s not offered. In our experience best signal providers don’t offer any trials but if they do they’re only for 7-14 days.

A trial period allows the potential subscriber to evaluate the signals service and check their overall performance.

If a trial period is available, and you’re interested in the signal service than you should use the trial to the full effect. Test everything that can be tested. This is the only way to get some idea of what you will be getting once you commit to the service and start paying for it.

When you sign up for a trial in most situations you will be asked for your credit card details and as soon as your trial period is finished you will be charged the first service fee. Often times you won’t be warned of your trial expiry and following payments will be taken automatically from your debit or credit card.

Method of signals delivery

The method by which signals are delivered is quite important as it dictates how and when you will be trading.

If the signals are sent via emails and mobile twenty four hours and seven days per week you can expect to receive signals at any time. All providers recommend to trade as soon as the signal is sent. Needless to say, with email and mobile delivery you might miss many signals and good trading opportunities due to not being able to follow them 24/7. However, thanks to today’s technology where you can trade using an average mobile phone with a 3G connection, signals sent to email and mobile are very popular.

Understanding signal delivery is quite important as it will dictate HOW and WHEN you will be trading.

Of course you don’t have to worry about not being able to trade on all signals when you subscribe to a fully automated robot. However, these signals providers usually work with selected brokers and offer their services only via their affiliated brokers, which may be quite limiting. Remember that it is always best to trade with a regulated broker.

Then there are services that deliver the signals online via a live broadcast. This is most likely the most exciting type of signal delivery. You can really submerge yourself into the world of trading and experience financial technical analysis first hand.

You get to see the charts and hear the trader explain his strategy and comment the markets. It can be quite an intense trading session but it will only last up to 2 hours and you’re done with signals and trading for the day. This type of signal delivery is very professional but it requires commitment at very specific times of day which some users may find inconvenient.

Signal service guarantees

Everyone likes offers that include guarantees. After all we all like to have assurances before we start using a service, any service, but especially a subscription based service.

Contrary to what some people may think, a guarantee offered by a signalling service does not offer any returns on your losses incurred during trading on the subscribed signals. It is only a guarantee on the signals, meaning that you can only claim your money back for the costs of the signal service, not your trading losses.

With signal guarantees you can only claim your money back for the costs of the signal service, not your trading losses.

Not many signal providers offer a full money-back guarantee but those who do are worth checking out on a demo first. That way even if you incur losses in your trading they won’t be real losses and, in addition, you will be able to claim your money back from the signals’ provider.

The best binary options signals provider of 2020

It’s very difficult to say which signal providers is the best because what works for some may not necessarily work for others. There are many variables that one needs to consider as mentioned above.

Some trading signals, for example from live traders might be outside of the comfort zone for many people. It really all depends on one’s individual needs, focus capability, risk appetite, and time availability.

Looking at the positive reviews of other users and the signals quality there are two providers that stand out.

1. Auto Binary Signals

Price: $97 single payment
Rating: 4.5 / 5
Signals delivery: Online via web app
Signals availability: Everyday of the week, 24/7
Win rate: 75% – 90%
Years in operation: 6
Guarantee: 60 Days
Read full review

2. BOTS Live Sessions

Price: $97 / bi-monthly
Rating: 4.0 / 5
Signals delivery: Live trading session
Signals availability: 2 hours a day, Mon-Fri
Win rate: 75% – 85%
Years in operation: 6
Guarantee: 60 Days
Read full review

The Autobinary signal service is better for traders who need continuos access to signals.

This online-based signalling service has been tested thoroughly by many users and it is one of the longest-running binary options signal services out there.

The signals are produced by a set of professional market indicators and the results are calculated into percentage and points that can be very easily understood by users. In addition, everything is uniquely color-coded for further simplification.

Advanced users also have the ability to view the technical charts and the indicators producing the signals. Their online platform is also equipped with advanced charts and analytical indicators.

The signals’ accuracy is very high, but only when all indicators embedded in the analysing system show above 85%. Read full review of the ABS system here to learn what it is and how to optimize its performance.

Tip! Test all binary signals on a demo account first, trade only with a regulated broker, and learn as much as possible. Education is the key to success!

Free binary options signals – Are they really free? Free binary options signals – Are they really free?

Forex analysis and money management (K Maciejczyk, X Hu, adv. H. Hakim – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2020)

Binary options Signals

Binary option signals are an alert or message that provides information on a particular trade. The specifics will depend on the type of signal and the service being provided. Often these services to provide binary signals will incur a cost, either as a one off purchase of a system for example, or an on-going subscription for regular signals over the long term.

At, we would advocate education over signals. Deferring investment decisions to a third party removes some of the ‘safety’ of risk management and control. We are aware however, that some traders will want to use them regardless. So we have highlighted some of the better providers.

We have also found a service, specific to Forex Signals, that has delivered long term performance.
(See the services we recommend below)

Types Of Binary Signal

There is a broad range of binary signal services on offer and it is worth understanding them if considering their use.

  • Firstly there are free signal services. While these services provide a very cheap option, the provider will need to meet their costs from somewhere. How they do this may not be immediately obvious, but some will require users to sign up with a particular broker. These brokers are generally not the best choice for the trader – this method of user sign up puts the trader at considerable financial risk. Free signals are often offered alongside “get rick quick” marketing which is grossly misleading.
  • The next level of signals will be the paid variety, where the information comes from a single source. That might be an individual advisor or a single system.
  • There are then signals that are collated from multiple sources. These are normally only advised once a certain number of these sources highlight the same trade, or where a human trader confirms a trading signal highlighted by an automated algorithm.

How to find the best binary options signal service

To compare binary option signal providers, it first needs to be established what is being offered. So a good service might offer entry, exit and stop loss figures. Either exact figures or guidelines. There should also be some supporting information. This might be in the form of technical analysis, graphs or other data. A service might also provide some performance history. This could demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy. The way a service is sold is also important – avoid any scheme promising instant riches.

So when looking to identify the best binary signal service, the following needs to be considered;

  1. Success rate. Normally expressed as a percentage, how often is this signal service correct. Or in other words, how many trades win?
  2. Number of signals, and frequency. This criteria links closely to cost. How many alerts are given, relative to any fee paid?
  3. Supporting evidence. How much detail is provided with each signal. This can also help to filter out any trades that the user might be uncomfortable with. If no detail is provided, each signal is difficult to judge.
  4. Price. The obvious one, how much does the service cost. The range of fees varies wildly, from free to very expensive. The costs however, always need to be compared relative to the other factors. Some services will be expensive for good reason.
  5. Free Trial. A service offering a free trial obviously has faith in the information they are giving out. If a provider does not offer a free trial, that might be because the results do not backup the promises.
  6. Additional Services. Some providers will offer services beyond the signals themselves – education or broker integration for example.
  7. No forced sign up. If a signal provider forces traders to open accounts with a particular brokers, that is a clear concern. Stay away.

There are a whole of different signals that might be offered, these might include;

  • Forex signals
  • One touch binary options signals
  • End of day signals

This variety can make generalising about a service difficult. If a trader wanted to concentrate on a particular trade type – such as ‘end of day’ trades for example, then a provider specialising in that form of signal would be most appropriate. So a trader must assess their own requirements in addition to comparing signal services.

Binary Option Signals Providers

There are a huge range of binary signal providers. Some specialise in just providing signals, while others offer them alongside other related services. For example, some brokers will offer alert services or signals. With some providers, it is possible to try a trial service. This might be a good way to see exactly how the service operates, and what is provided.

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