Bitcoin Binary Options Brokers – Deposit and Withdraw Bitcoins

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Bitcoin Binary Options Brokers

Bitcoin has become very popular in recent years and many binary options brokers accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. This page will show you exactly which are the best bitcoin binary options brokers.

What Is Bitcoin Exactly?

Bitcoin is the latest buzz rocking the financial world. It goes by many descriptions—cryptocurrency, decentralized digital currency, digital payment system, e-currency, et cetera.

In basic terms, it is a digital payment system and a digital asset like the US Dollar. You can buy product and services with Bitcoin, and you could speculate on the future value of Bitcoin on a trading platform.

These properties pit Bitcoin against traditional currencies. The response to this brawl has been volatile. Even as adoption rate of Bitcoin rises, the value of Bitcoin has gone through several booms and busts in its short history—Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Regardless, from all indications, Bitcoin is here to stay and expectedly, is already leaving its mark on the progressive Binary Options industry.

Types of Bitcoin Binary Options Brokers

The term Bitcoin Binary Options Brokers can refer to either of two groups of Binary Options Brokers:

  • Binary Options Brokers that accept the use of Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals; or
  • Binary Options Brokers that have Bitcoin options as one of the numerous assets (like Gold, Oil, Facebook stock) that clients can to trade

Typically, more reputable brokers fall into the second category as support for Bitcoin’s use as a payment system is thin in the Binary Options trading community.

Best Bitcoin Binary Options Brokers

Year Founded: 2020

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Tradable Amount: $1

Payout Rate: Up to 90%

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Number of Assets: 100+

Accepts US Traders: Yes

Finpari is one of the fastest growing Binary Options Brokers currently. Their top appeal is the support of multiple payment methods, some of the fastest withdrawals in the industry; responsive support, and a feature-packed trading platform.

Clients can get their funds out of Finpari within one hour after confirmation for multiple payment methods including Bitcoin. Deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin have no fees.

In addition to supporting Bitcoin as a payment system, Finpari allows its clients to trade Bitcoin options effortlessly. You get expiry times of as low as 60 seconds with a payout rate of up to 90%.

Finpari offers three distinct account types.

  • Bronze Account: $250 to $999
  • Silver Account: $1,000 to $2,999
  • Gold Account: $3,000 to $50,000

Perks that accompany higher account levels include a decent return rate of 10% on losing out-of-the-money trades (Silver and Gold accounts), 100% bonus (Gold account), among others.

Best Binary Options Brokers to Trade Bitcoin Options

Year Founded: 2008

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Tradable Amount: $25

Payout Rate: 65% to 71%

Number of Assets: 200+

Accepts US Traders: No

AnyOption is a veteran binary broker with support for over 200 assets. It only follows that they key into the popularity and high volatility of Bitcoins trading.

According to estimates, as of 2020, the volatility of bitcoin is seven times higher than gold, eight times higher than the S&P 500, and eighteen times higher than the U.S. Dollar.

AnyOption offers an easy-to-use trading platform with decent payout rate and a high return rate of 15% for out-of-the-money trades. Extended expiry times are also available of up to one month.

Perhaps the biggest draw is that AnyOption is registered with regulators in THIRTY-ONE (31) European countries. Furthermore, they offer a robust customer service with support available in up to 7 languages.


Binary Brokers support for Bitcoins option trading is growing at phenomenal rates. If you already have a preferred broker you plan to use, you may want to contact their support to confirm if Bitcoins option trading is available, even if the broker did not list Bitcoin on their assets list.

US traders looking for a reputable broker to trade Bitcoins on should look no further than NADEX. NADEX is based in Chicago, IL, and is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Bitcoin versus Credit Cards

Bitcoin is a semi-anonymous payment system. If anonymity is important to you, Bitcoin would serve as a better alternative to credit cards.

In addition, the fees for Bitcoin transactions are relatively lower than credit card fees.

Credit card fees range from 0.5% to 5%, plus a fixed charge of between 20 and 30 cents. The nature of Bitcoin, direct peer-to-peer exchange, is such that transaction fees, in the traditional sense, are nonexistent.

What exists is a token (sort of a fee) to fast track the speed of the payment exchange. Therefore, a fee is not obligatory. However, if you want a speedy transaction, you would have to pay a small percentage, often less than 1% of the amount you are transferring.

In terms of security, both credit cards and bitcoins are secure. As long as you do not share your private key with anyone, your bitcoins are safe. Likewise for credit cards, keep your details private, use only on encrypted sites, and you wouldn’t have a fraudulent transaction.

Where credit cards differ from bitcoins majorly is that while you can reverse credit card transactions, Bitcoin transactions are non-reversible. If you are using a non-reputable broker, it is understandable to choose credit cards, should there be a sudden disappearance. For top-flight brokers however, the extra protection is unnecessary.

Bitcoin versus Bank Wire

Bitcoin transactions are faster and cheaper than bank wire transactions. Bank wire fees can reach $80 and take many days to clear.

Bitcoin transactions cost much less especially for transactions in the hundreds and few thousands, and are completed in minutes.

If you practice safe bitcoin keeping, you should have similar level of security. You just have to ensure you do not keep too many bitcoins in your hot wallet(s).

Alternatives to Bitcoin

Dozens of alternatives to Bitcoin exist (here is a list with Paypal binary options brokers). Although, the cryptocurrency train is still light, multiple e-currencies or wallets provide lightning quick transactions at low rates.

PayPal and Skrill (previously MoneyBookers) are alternatives that allow you to perform chargebacks or disputes, as you would with a credit card.

E-currencies like Bitcoin that do not allow chargebacks also exist. Typically, these digital currencies have very low transaction fees. Popular options are Skrill, Perfect Money and Neteller.

In all, there are tens of alternatives to bitcoin accepted by several binary options brokers

Bitcoin and Binary Options

This article will explain everything you need to know about binary options and Bitcoin.

We have decided to write about this because there are many sites with confusing information on what Bitcoin is and how it applies to binary options.

(We already wrote about this cryptocurrency a year ago, warning potential users about Bitcoin wallet security and online storage.)

Few words about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency based entirely on cryptography. (Read the white paper here) The most interesting part of Bitcoin is that it can be used safely without a central and controlling authority.

Payments can be sent worldwide in a matter of few minutes and all transactions are written onto a ledger called the blockchain.

The entire blockchain and Bitcoin transactions are supported by worldwide mining activity done with computing power.

Miners support the blockchain and the transactions on the network and generate new Bitcoins as a reward.

Anyone with some computing power can become a miner, however it is increasingly more difficult to mine new Bitcoins.

Unlike any fiat currency which can be inflated and multiplied by the government, there is a finite amount of Bitcoins that can be mined. It is only 21 million and the more Bitcoins are mined, the more difficult and energy-consuming mining becomes.

This graph from tracks all the mined Bitcoins in the world. On November 9, 2020 it showed well over 16 million Bitcoins which have already been mined.

Although 21 million seems not too far away, due to the expanding mining difficulty present in the system, and the halving of Bitcoin reward every 210,000 blocks, experts predict that all Bitcoins will be mined by the year 2140. (Wikipedia)

However, estimates can change with the arrival of cheaper quantum computers in the future, more efficient AI systems, and new raw materials discovered on other planets. Simply put, a lot can happen in the next hundred years, especially in the technology sector.

How is Bitcoin relevant in Binary Options

Cryptocurrency, and especially Bitcoin, has exploded in the last few years and also more recently. Bitcoin is now worth over 7400 USD and its popularity is growing worldwide.

However, Bitcoin’s market cap at the time of writing this article is 125 billion which is still a lot smaller than Apple’s 900 billion, for example.

This shows that Bitcoin is still in its early stages and there is a lot of room for growth in the market. Most analysts predict the value of Bitcoin will keep rising as more people and institutions begin to accept and use it.

Some enthusiasts believe it can go as high as 1 million USD per Bitcoin, yet there also those who believe it will crash spectacularly.

Whether Bitcoin will crash or not, remains to be seen, but regardless of what will happen in the future, the fact is that Bitcoin is now accepted in many outlets as a money.

The financial sector is also warming up to this new phenomenon and many online Forex brokers now offer BTCUSD trading and Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

Trading Bitcoin on binary option platforms

We have still to come across a legitimate binary platform which would offer BTC/USD. It is possible that Bitcoin is considered too volatile to be included on binary platforms.

The only platform we could find to offer BTCUSD trading on binary options was Satoshioption. Unfortunately, the platform and it’s structure seem a bit dodgy. The fact that their website does not include a basic SSL (https) security protocol is a big warning sign. Security is very important when it comes to cryptocurrencies, basic website protection is only the start.

UPDATE:, a brokerless binary options platform based entirely on a blockchain, offers various crypto pairs with 55% – 75% return options.

You can trade Bitcoin against the Dollar, Pound, and Euro. In addition, you can also trade other, most liquid cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Some CFD, and Forex brokers now also offer Bitcoin trading with a margin and many brokers are beginning to include the BTCUSD pair on their popular trading platforms, such as MetaTrader.

However, there are new, more specialized cryptocurrency exchanges and interesting trading platforms to choose from.

Bitcoin for deposits and/or withdrawals

The most common use of Bitcoin in binary options could be for making deposits and withdrawals. However, this is still very rare and unfortunately at this stage we can not recommend any specific binary broker that accepts Bitcoin.

It is perhaps understandable that binary brokers don’t want to deal with cryptocurrencies as that may require building an additional layer of security and possibly additional permission from the supervising authority.

Binary options brokers sometimes struggle to prove their business is legitimate and to persuade the public that options are real investment instruments. Mixing binary options with cryptocurrencies might raise a few eyebrows by people who never had any exposure to cryptocurrencies and do not trust them.

Not including digital currency on binary platforms could be a strategic move. A temporary, protective attitude that will most likely change in the very near future.

However, as mentioned before, Bitcoin can be traded and used to deposit and withdraw money on Forex and cryptocurrency-dedicated platforms.

Warning! We have come across many websites that feature lists of binary brokers that accept Bitcoin, but none of the brokers listed actually offer cryptocurrency trading or deposits. So before signing up to one of the advertised brokers, make sure to check if they really do offer Bitcoin as a means of payment. The easiest way to check for this specific information is by looking at the FAQ section.


It is entirely possible to trade Bitcoin online using specialised cryptocurrency exchanges or traditional Forex brokers that have expanded their offer to include some of the main cryptos such as Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, trading Bitcoin on binary options with a regulated broker is currently still unavailable. Fortunately, there are much better and safer options for a dedicated Bitcoin trader.

Please share your opinions in the comment box below.

Bitcoin Binary Option Brokers

Broker BTC Funding Minimum Deposit Max Return Total Assets Option Types Demo Account Jurisdiction Support Broker Site
No $10 95%* 500+
  • High/Low
  • One Touch
  • Dynamic
  • American
  • CFDs
Yes Global Email
Live Chat
24/7 Live Chat
Yes 0.025 BTC 90% 60
  • Forex CFD
  • 60 Second
  • One Touch
  • Ladder
Yes Seychelles Skype
24/7 Live Chat

Are you looking to trade Bitcoin Options? Are you interested in finding a Crypto Options broker that will take Bitcoin deposits as well as pay you in Bitcoin?

These are some questions that we at the Trading Club get quite often from prospective members.

They are drawn to the allure of trading the crypto currency and handling their transactions safely and securely.

This is why we have decided to take a look at the current Binary Options landscape and locate the most reliable Crypto Options brokers.

In the below table, we have a number of Bitcoin Options brokers who are able to provide either Bitcoin as a tradable asset or a means to fund your account.

Why Bitcoin Options?

There are numerous reasons why people would want to trade Bitcoin Binary Options. One of the most obvious is the return that a trader can generate when trading the crypto currency.

As most Binary Options traders can tell you, there are a number of factors that impact on the price of a binary option. One of the biggest drivers of this is the volatility in the underlying asset.

Indeed, the more volatile the asset, the price swings in and out of the money and hence the more chance there is that the trader can make an outsized return on a trade.

For those who follow Bitcoin, they know how volatile it can be. From spiking above the price of gold in February 2020, to falling over $300 in the same day, it really is quite unique.

Although there are countless cases for making an investment in Bitcoin, this volatility is most beneficial to the trader. Taking an option with a relatively short time frame and close to the strike could yield tremendous gains.

Why are Bitcoins so Volatile?

Taking a look at the image below of the 30 day realised volatility of Bitcoin compared to that of the EUR/USD pair gives you a slight indication of just how volatile the crypto-currency is. In fact, there have been a number of occasions when it has breached the 15% standard deviation level.

Bitcoin is a volatile currency for a number of reasons. The first and most important is its status as a “safe haven” asset. Similar to gold, it swings wildly given any macroeconomic uncertainty. It is also seen as a dollar hedge. It is for this reason that Bitcoin will move excessively in times of macroeconomic instability.

Bitcoin is also a currency that is heavily traded by citizens of countries with strict exchange controls. Chief amoung these is China. China accounts for slightly more than 90% of the Bitcoin trading volume. Hence, Bitcoin is often tied to any movements that impact on the Chinese market such as announcements about Yuan restrictions etc.

Bitcoin is also volatile because of the limited supply of Bitcoin. Currently, the global supply of Bitcoin is approximately $20 billion. Compare this to the global supply of a currency like the US dollar of $3.8 trillion one can see that it is still minute. Moreover, no government or institution can impact on the total supply of Bitcoin on the market. This is because of reasons giving below. Due to this limited supply, Bitcoin is heavily driven by imbalances in supply and demand.

Funding an account with Bitcoin

Another benefit of Bitcoin is that you can choose to fund your Binary Option account with it. In fact, an increasing number of consumers and online retailers have decided to offer Bitcoin as a method of payment. This is due to a few factors.

Firstly, transacting with Bitcoin is relatively cheap compared to traditional payment processors. This is because there is no middle man or financial institution. Money is sent directly to the wallet of the seller. Another reason why Bitcoin is a favourable purchasing method is the relative security of the transaction. All of the transactions are recorded in the Blockchain and are hence public record.

For traders who want to fund their accounts with Bitcoin, it could also allow for a certain degree of anonymity. Given that defrauding a Bitcoin transaction can’t be done, brokers will not require a client to provide their identification documents. The client can therefore feel safe knowing that they will not have to hand over sensitive information.

Of course, this depends on the type of broker. Many brokers prefer to Know their Clients (KYC) as it is usually required for compliance reasons. In a similar fashion, if you were able to fund your account in Bitcoin, some may want to withdraw their funds in Bitcoin.

As is the case with funding, the transaction is usually quite effortless, fast, cheap and is recorded in the public blockchain.

What is a CryptoCurrency?

For those of you who are new to crypto currency, a limited introduction to the fundamentals underpinning a crypto currency such as Bitcoin is required. Quite simply, a crypto currency is a cryptographically signed record of a transaction in a public ledger. In the case of Bitcoin, the public ledger is called the “blockchain” and it contains all the records of Bitcoin transactions going back to the beginning of time.

In essence, this means that Bitcoin is not even a physical asset nor digital asset for that matter. It is a record of a transfer of value or transaction. Technically what is happening when you are sending some Bitcoin, the transaction is being broadcast to the Bitcoin network and being placed on the blockchain. In order for the transaction to be authenticated, it has to be digitally signed by computers on the network called “miners”.

Solving these transaction chains require the miners cracking mathematical functions or “proofs of work”. Once they have solved the mathematical function, they are rewarded with Bitcoin. Once your transaction has been logged onto the blockchain and authenticated, it remains there for eternity.

The real genius of Bitcoin is the security and money supply of the system. Given that all transactions are linked via the blockchain, no one can “fake” a transaction as it would be immediately void. Similarly, the difficulty of solving a Bitcoin transaction or “hash function” increases steadily with time. This implies that it becomes harder and harder to produce Bitcoin and hence limits supply.

It is for this reason that many people see it as a favourable alternative to Fiat currency. There is no central bank issuing authority and there is no bank required as an intermediary. Individuals can transact in a decentralised manner across the globe with relative ease.

What are Altcoins?

When it comes to crypto options and other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is usually the first coin that comes to mind. Yet, there are a range of other cryptocurrencies that either compete with or complement Bitcoin. These are called “Altcoins” or Alternative coins. They have grown in earnest over the past 4 years as more people have seen the success of Bticoin can have attempted to replicate it.

Some of these Altcoins are even decedents of Bitcoin that came via something called a hardfork. This is a technical term for a split the blockchain of a particular cryptocurrency. Currently, there are at least 5 different forks from Bitcoin that are Altcoins. Yet, these are a mere fraction of all the Altcoins that are available to trade.

There are hundreds of different crytpocurrencies that the option trader can trade and many more that are available only as a physical purchase. Below we will go over a list of some of the most well-known and traded Altcoins on the market.


One of the most notable and well known Altcoins is Ethereuem (Ether). This was a completely new cryptocurrency that was created in via an initial coin raise back in 2020 by the Ethereum foundation. Although Ethereuem was a cryptocurrency, it was fundamentally different from Bitcoin in a number of ways. It was developed not just to be a decentralised crytpocurrency but was developed in order to facilitate the creation of decentralised applications. These “Dapps” are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are run on this amorphous ethereum “virtual machine”. This is also the manner in which most of the new blockchain start-ups are raising funding these days through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Ethereuem is a really volatile altcoin and has climbed by over 700% this year already. Most crypto option brokers will offer Ethereum as an asset to trade.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash was one of those crypto assets that came about because of a split in the Bitcoin blockchain. The Bitcoin cash developers decided to split from the main chain because of disagreement among the participants about the best way to scale the Bitcoin network. The “core” developer team behind Bitcoin thought that the size of the Blockchain “blocks” were not to be increased. This was creating issues with really low transaction speeds. Therefore, another group of developers decided to “hardfork” from the current Bitcoin chain and create a cryptocurrency that had a blocksize limit that was 8 times greater than Bitcoin. The result of that was the creation of Bitcoin cash.


Ripple is an interesting crypto token as it is not fully decentralised. Yet, it is one of the only cryptocurrencies that has a full use case and is currently being used by a number of banks all over the world. Ripple wants to change the way we send money overseas thanks to the help of its Ripple protocol and ledger. Banks will use the Ripple tokens as a means to send money from one corner of the world to another in a relatively short period of time. The goal of Ripple is to usurp the Swift banking confirmation system. Ripple trades under XRP and has had a great deal of press lately.


Litecoin has often been called the “silver” to Bitcoin’s gold. This is because it is similar to Bitcoin in many respects but differs in the way it implements transactions. Also, the hashing algorithms that are used by Litecoin are that much less resistant to conglomerate mining operations from using their specialised equipment to out mine normal users. Litecoin can still be mined by those people who have home mining operations.


Monero is an interesting cryptocurrency asset as it uses revolutionary cryptographic technology to keep transactions on the network completely private. Many people are under the impression that Bitcoin transctions are private which is not entirely true. Important information of the transaction can be seen on the Blockchain (which is stored forever). Monero uses technology that is able to obfuscate information about the transaction including address and amount. Monero has also had an amazing run over the past two years since it was forked. It has increased by up to 100x.

Another Crypto option that has garnered impressive growth and is currently in the top 5 of all cryptocurrencies is Dash. It also has in built mixing characteristics which means that the transactions are semi hidden. This means it is hence also quite private. Dash also has a payment protocol that was built into it called “InstantX” which is able to facilitate payments in under 4 seconds. This compares to the sometimes 10 minutes or more that it currently takes on the Bitcoin network. The Dash coin is also used by many merchants around the world for these purposes.

Irrespective of the crypto option that you decide to trade, you should make certain that you have understand the fundamentals and technicals of said cryptocurrency. Crypto options can be traded with many of the technical indicators that are used in the Forex and Equity markets. Hence, charting strategies such as the MACD Strategy or candlestick indicators can be used with great effect in these markets.

You also have to be aware of the fundamental factors which will impact the crypto options in a particular market. For example, news around partnership announcements or potential adoption by an established company will impact on the price of the coin. Moreover, you have the constant sagas that arise when the crytocurrency goes through a hardfork. There is always constant volatility around these events.

Whatever strategy you choose to trade cryptocurrency options, be sure to use effective money management strategies. Remember, these are lucrative yet risky markets and you should never get carried away when things are not going your way.

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