Half Way to 5,000


It’s exciting to think that in less than two months San Leandro Online has gone from nothing, not even a domain name, to an online daily blog with more than 500 views in a week. We are definitely on the right track. If you like San Leandro Online, please refer to your friends and keep giving us those thumbs up, hearts and stars wherever you can – everything helps. Keep sending us your feedback too… that is invaluable because we want to make San Leandro Online a platform to serve you as well as possible.

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Win two tickets to an A's game.


Producing this website is a labor of love. It takes countless hours of effort to produce something like this blog. If you appreciate it, San Leandro Online has a Patreon Page where you can show a little gratitude and help us out with keeping the lights on and the wi-fi burning. It seems like nothing, but $1 a month from enough people really helps us out a lot! Patreon pledgers get access to extra content and bonuses also.

Lastly, just a huge thank you for supporting this venture and helping get it off the ground. I sincerely hope that it continues to be useful to you and helps you get a little more joy out of this beautiful town we live in.

The Editor



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