BTConline Review is a Scam or Should I Invest

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    Only For Experienced Traders. Review is a self proclaimed industry leading Bitcoin mining pool which is backed up by physical miners equipped with latest algorithms to make as much bitcoins as possible. This firm claims to have data centers across Europe, USA and China.

This service is pretty elegant and simple which is one of the main reason why thousands have fallen prey to this scam.

While we were investigating this service, we found a number of disturbing factors and some fake claims which makes us believe that this platform is nothing but a glorified ponzi scheme. This firm is operational for more than 3 months as of writing this review.

Continue reading our comprehensive and unbiased review to find out why you should never give your money to these scammers.

Company and Contact Details

There is no information about the creators behind this platform. Though we went through all the information put up on this website, there isn’t a single factor which helps to trace the identity of the actual creators.

If this platform was really legitimate why would creators maintain anonymity?

Any firm which provides the retail investors with investment opportunities have to be regulated in order to operate lawfully. represents an ICO wherein money is raised from investors to purchase more efficient machines and for periodic maintenance of the mining farms, the investors are entitled to certain amount of money after predetermined time period.

Since this company fails to provide any sort of registration or incorporation details, we believe they are operating illegally and in certain way just looting the clients money.

Here are the contact details provided of this firm.

Address – 2009 Pine Tree Lane

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    Only For Experienced Traders.

The only way to reach the support team is through email, remember their support team is painfully slow to address your needs.

How does Work?

This firm supposedly provides crypto enthusiasts who does not know much about the technicalities and difficulties involved with mining a way to earn bitcoin. They claim to have mining farms set up in Europe, US and China but there isn’t any credible proof to support their ownership.

The mining equipments they use and their current capabilities in terms of hash rate is not stated anywhere on their website. Looking at this whole platform, it is pretty obvious that they target people who does not know much about the bitcoin and encash their gullibility.

If you are an experienced crypto investor then you can easily detect all the lies on this platform.

What kind of returns can you expect to make with

The type of returns you are supposed to get depends upon the type of contract you choose, your initial investment and the time period but nonetheless the returns are over exaggerated.

Here are the details about the mining contracts offered by this platform.


Deposit – 0.01 BTC

Earning – 0.0004 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 12%


Deposit – 0.9 BTC

Earning – 0.08 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 40%

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Deposit – 0.5 BTC

Earning – 0.03 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 20%


Deposit – 0.20 BTC

Earning – 0.016 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 17%


Deposit – 0.05 BTC

Earning – 0.0025 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 15%


Testimonies are a kind of social prove which instills trust and confidence among investors. There are a number of testimonies put up on this website wherein the alleged early users express their views about this firm and how it helped them earn significant returns on their investment.

Do not believe any of them as they are not from real users, they are all from fake profiles with a stock photo.

As you can see from the image above this person claims to have earned 155 BTC in 3 months. It is impossible to achieve these type of returns in such a short while. Ask yourself why would they put up fake testimonies unless they are trying to hide something from us?

Affiliate Program

To lure maximum people on to their platform in the shortest period possible they encourage the existing users to refer more people to this service. The affiliates promoting this scam are paid up to 40% of the deposits made by their referrals which is why many blogs and HYIP monitors are promoting this phony platform.

It is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active investor to collect their commissions.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The only payment method supported by this platform is Bitcoin. Before you buy any plans from this platform remember that Bitcoin transactions are hard to trace which is why scammers love this currency.

They state that the withdrawals are processed instantly but sometimes can take manual approval from their side.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 04/4/2020 and expires exactly after a year.

This website ranks 3,743 in Brazil and has a global rank of 22,980 according to the data on

The majority of the traffic coming to this website are from Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India. Complaints

There have been heaps of complaints against this service on popular forums like Hear what the real users are saying about this platform:

Really? I kind of had a feeling about that like “I bet when you hit that withdraw button, they’re going to require an upgrade”. Also they require a min of 0.006 btc to withdraw. That’s currently $38.00. Something not right there and somehow I don’t believe all these people are buying their upgrades like they claim. I also call bs on their reviews.

Is a Scam?

The returns offered by this service are all fake. Do not be gullible enough to trust any of their outrageous claims which are not backed up by any sort of credible proof.

Looking at this service and considering all the points discussed above, we strongly believe that they are not at all involved in actual mining activities. Review. What is BTC Online? Scam? Scam Alert! What is in real? is a fake cloud mining company. The real business model of BTCOnline is a Ponzi scheme, not any cryptocurrency mining. Actually, it is not mining any cryptocurrency at all. There is not any verifiable source of income coming into the BTCOnline other than the money invested by the affiliates. So, it is clear that its business model is not sustainable and the only way it can pay members is by routing the money between the members, means paying one member using the money invested by another member which won’t last long.

Actually, these kinds of companies don’t care about the sustainability of the company and only pay few members in order to show the payment proofs so that they can lure more people into their scheme and run away with a big pile of money. These kinds of companies are illegal companies.

What Is – Scam or Legit Mining Job? The Truth is Here!

Welcome ! I am so glad you have decided to research What Is Those asking:- is BtcOnline io fake? Is BtcOnline genuine? Is BtcOnline a scam? Is BtcOnline Legit? This BtcOnline Review is going to spill the beans on their bad operations and how they are seeking to defraud a great number of people. So, this is why I am happy you have found this article. Your journey for answers really does stop here. Let us ffind out everything below! Those with questions are welcome to ask me in the comments section below.

While I am very passionate and determined to exposed many online scam sites, I also take my role of referring to legit offers, just as serious. I mean, its good to know if something is legit or not but without a recommendation, your journey is halted for your own way to earn online. So HERE is how I earn online. There are many trusted companies as well, and so Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Choice for working from home on your laptop. After extensive research, I found tons of positive and happy people who are currently earning with them, as I am. Why not try them yourself HERE – free account, no cc to start.


Created:- 05/06/2020.

Founder:- Not Listed.

Scam/Legit:- Scam. See ‘ Final Thoughts ‘ bottom of this article for a quick answer as to why.

Farewell Note.

What Is and How they Trick People out of Money.

To know the truth on What Is, let us find out a few things first. Perhaps, who owns BtcOnline? Btc Online has no founder details listed in WHOIS and certainly none listed on their site. While their site looks pretty slick, their operations are conning people, should you invest. Their time online already will suggest a less than favorable chance of earning! They say they are a Bitcoin Mining Pool where they magically give out 30 Satoshi a day to their members. That is equivalent to $0.00192700. So, if that were real, has to come from somewhere. I can assure you now – its not coming from legit procedures as they describe on their site. Besides, they have no proof they even have such things as Data Centers, which they need in order to mine on the scale they are portraying.

Here is what they are offering with their investment plans:-






The Basic Investment Level requires you to invest your own bitcoins at 0.01 BTC with a return of 0.00044444 BTC per day.

The Standard (or Standar’t’ – as they have spelled it) Investment Package will set you back 0.05 BTC with expected earnings of 0.00250000 BTC per day.

Enterprise Package costs 0.20 BTC with promised returns of 0.01666667 BTC per day.

Professional Package is set at 0.5 BTC and earnings are meant to be 0.03333333 BTC per day.

Platinum Package is at 0.9 BTC and they say you can earn 0.08000000 BTC per day.

None of the above is true!! They are not equipped to even mine any crypto currency and statements saying they are is simply not true. They are running a money racket scheme where the creator gets to run off with the cash. So, that is their fake investment levels detailed. Below is all the information you need to KNOW, without any doubt, they are not to be trusted and not really offering you a way to help you earn money online.

The Reality of their FAKE/ILLEGAL Mining Pool Investment.

Btc Online is simply running a Ponzi Scheme! That is all that site is. SO, you join up and make your investment. You wait for the specified time period to cash out them to the payment processors available. In truth, when such schemes start, the owner or owners will make good on some payments to members. Even at the very start, this kind of venture is still a gamble. While it is completely illegal to set up this type of operation, it is not illegal to invest and spend those earnings – if you did not know it was a scam. Furthermore, that is only true if you did not promote their site i.e. did not share your affiliate link to pull in other people.

So, that is all their referral program offers. They want their members to increase their investment pool so the owners may earn more. It is not uncommon for some members to come forward and say they have earned and that such sites are not a scam. I can completely assure readers of my website such payments is just cloak and dagger tactics. Why? To encourage new sign ups to invest then they may just make a few payments so they can conjure up legit proofs that are up to date. Don’t fall for this! There will NEVER be enough proofs relative to the investments made.

The nature of Ponzi Schemes, or HYIP’s (High Yiel Investment Programs – same thing), is it is solely dependent of new sign ups. At the start of these operations many will flood their site, potentially. That is because more and more people know the only time to invest is at the beginning. The older the site becomes, the less investors, until the website owes more money than it can ever pay out. Such schemes are forever running up a debt to their own members that is doomed to collapse over night at any moment.

Eventually, as stated, no new people then no new money and so no more payments to anyone. Their site has been running over 4 months now (see date of this post) and that is long enough for complaints of being scammed to surface. It should also be said that these schemes can collapse even before just 1 month online. There is no way, that I know of, to get your money back as that is the whole point of the founder to hide his/their/her’s identity. Once they shut it down they will simply set up another.

You may be surprised to hear that it takes only around $200 to set up a Ponzi Scheme like Btc Online, and between $4 and $16 to register a site online. With such little investment these programs can take people up to $100,000! I have seen such figures else where and so tells me such HYIP’s are not to be messed around with. If you must invest then the first two weeks is ideal. However, I don’t endorse or recommend you do this, as someone else will lose – well, actually many will lose their money, so you can earn from their loss. Its just not an ethical way to make money online.

As said previously, I highly recommend you check out my #1 Choice HERE for your free account. Here is an in depth investigation into WA as well for further info. Those that are interested in earning a full time income from you laptop from home will have all the help and advice you need to make a living, and yes, even much more then a full time income. Any questions on this then you can ask me below and also you can contact me by this websites support email [email protected]



Final Thoughts .

Btc Online is just a scam! These Ponzi Schemes always make the creator a ton of free cash. The money is never split fairly in most instances. Those that get paid are just lucky as not all members at the start even earn anything. Getting back your initial investment is nearly impossible. Contacting their email may get it back for you, which I read as a comment on my website, but the older the site the more unlikely you will hear anything back. Those that knowingly promote such a scam can have their earnings confiscated off of them by the law.

Feel free to share this article with your networks as this Btc Online is an active scam that has gone viral! Any questions on how to earn online are being taken and can be placed below. Thank you for checking out my site on What Is and I truly hope it has helped you. Looking forward to all of your comments to come – good luck guys!

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28 thoughts on “ What Is – Scam or Legit Mining Job? The Truth is Here! ”

Thanks for this post Philip, it has opened my eyes, I shall not fall for this scam! You are doing a great job helping others and raising awareness for such scams out there. I enyoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work.

  1. Scam Witness Post author September 11, 2020

Thank you for your comment and I am very happy this review was of use to you.

To be honest, I have never dealt with bitcoin up until now, but I’ve been thinking about it lately.
So many people are saying that bitcoins are a great earning opportunity.
So glad that I found your article just in time. Have I not read it, probably I was going to be one of the many who falls into this trap.
I’ll make sure to always check your site before I try any earning promises in the future.
You are doing an awesome job exposing all those scams. I really hope you keep it up!

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 29, 2020

Yes, there are plenty of good bitcoin opportunities online. I don’t invest myself because I am just too cautious – a side effect of exposing online scams, I guess.

One report on my site recently, actually a comment on this article here, reported a loss of $20,000 in one year to bitcoin scams! Its terrible. That is a so much money to lose to complete strangers online and all I can do is just keep on warning people and hope many will read it before they invest in potential scam sites.

Thanks Boryana, and yes, I will definitely be keeping up the good fight!

Philip (Scam Witness).

I lost $2k on this site.and thank god i have other investment my $2k turn $10k.

  1. Scam Witness Post author October 21, 2020

I am glad everything worked out for you James, but geezzeee, these are serious games you are playing. I am impressed you even have 2K to play around with HAHA LOL!

OK, so, I recommend you don’t do this again – of course, that is up to you. Only invest what you can afford to lose … if you must.

Well, by the sounds of things your day has been more interesting than mine �� .

Stay Lucky James �� .

Philip (Scam Witness).

How please teach me how

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 5, 2020

Teach how to earn online? Is this what you mean Gabriel. I deleted your email so you won’t get targeted with spam. Not a good idea to leave your personal email address all over the internet.

It’s fantastic having someone like you working hard to expose these crypto Ponzi style schemes. I’m really sick of the scammers that constantly get away with taking innocent peoples money. Keep up the great work Philip. All the best. Jim

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 29, 2020

Yes, they are really getting away with breaking the law and living off of others money. Its incredible, but the net is still young, and I have to wonder will it always be like this.
Until people wake up to the idea that you have to work to get good money online, there is no way they will make any real money. SURE! Some might make thousands on 1 Ponzi Scheme, just to lose more over a time period. In essence, its a form of gambling, in my opinion.

Thanks again Jim.

I was a victim of online HYIP programs. I lost almost $20,000 from last year. Your analysis will help many people like me to recognize the online scamers and will run away from them.

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 28, 2020

This is the worst report of Financial Loss my website has ever received! I gasped at this Mong Phan and I am very story this happened to you sir.
Please let me know their URL’s and I will expose their treachery.

I really appreciate your recognition and support of this work and I believe it is worthwhile work to help people in real world make a decision that is right for themselves.

You are very welcome as well and I am very much looking forward to seeing if those sites that stole your money are still online.

Philip (Scam Witness).

Hi Philip, I don’t remember what I was saying in my first response but I found your site to be excellent. A lot of great pieces of information, many links with very useful info. Thank you for denouncing those scammers. They are getting only what they deserve. I wish you all the success you deserve.

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 28, 2020

Your comment went through that time and thank you for trying again for trying again, as per your comment, you seemed to have trouble first time.

Thank you also for your support and really anyone can learn to do this for a full time income HERE!

Good Luck Claude!

Philip (Scam Witness).

Hi there Philip, great article. Yeah scams are everywhere; it’s SO annoying isn’t it?! Glad to see you clearing up the air for a lot of people.

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 27, 2020

Thanks man! Its hard blooming work some days but so worth it when, in time, it does indeed help others to stay away from such sites.

I am actually surprised at BtcOnline io because they have EXPLODED for traffic in the short, short time they have been online.

This tells me there are VERY determined scam owners wanting to make big money in 1 year, or less, and run for the hills.

I checked out your site – pretty cool. Whats about?

This article is an eye opener for all who do not know how Ponzi Schemes function online and particularly, the Bitcoins phobia –

Innocent people with less knowledge can easily get trapped with their convincing roles like doling a few negligible Satoshis and tall promising words to make people believe that such games truly works.

With our collaborative efforts, we can help wiping out such good for nothing schemes.
Hope that you will continue to add more reviews on various Ponzi Schemes.

All the best.

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 25, 2020

H Phomrong Maring,

Thank you very much for your insightful comment here today and I will definitely will beating the drum against Ponzi Schemes. There are many other fine sites exposing many other scams as well. Unfortunately, they are spreading at a such a rate it is impossible to expose them all.

Philip (Scam Witness).

Hi Phillip,
I keep seeing ads this for this or something very similar to this – I’m guessing there might be a few different schemes like this one? I see these ads in Facebook groups for making money online. It’s so frustrating because they are everywhere, and they are so obviously a scam. They always seem to get lots of attention, but the opportunities that are legitimate (and require effort) are ignored. Go figure.
Anyway I’m glad I’ve seen this – thank you. I hope others who are considering investing their time and money find this review before they waste their energy.

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 25, 2020

Oh Melissa, that does annoy me as well. I saw an ad on in my own Facebook group I made saying there was a free $10 for everyone. It had over 200 comments asking for more info! Unreal. And yet, when so many people are presented with an offer that requires them to – THIS MAY BE A SWEAR WORD FOR SOME – ‘WORK’, then peeps are all like “Is it a scam” – “is it fake” and yet would not ask this of a real fake and scam offer.

LOL!! I really do hear you on this point and an excellent point as well Melissa.

Thanks again and I will certainly work my socks off to expose many more online scams going forward.

Philip (Scam Witness).

Right from the start with a domain name like .IO makes it seem non-legit and a big fat scam, and after reading your review I’m happy to see you’re not just another person trying to promote it to make a quick buck but are actually finding the real legitimacy so I thank you for that. I’m very surprised that it only takes around $200 to make a ponzi scheme like this one, no wonder so many people are doing it! Thanks for the great review my friend.

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 24, 2020

I agree with you. The .IO seems even menacing as well LOL! So I read that on a site that was selling HYIP Templates and they close to that figure, but, its not under. So its easy now for people, with a little more extra no how, to scam others online. I recommend all do their research on Google and then decide for yourself.

Thanks Brandon for your comment here.

Great article on Bitcoin and the SCAMS. It reminds me of the Bitconnect SCAM last year. I tried the faucets last year and they are a pretty cool concept but I only stuck with LTC and BTC faucets. The problem is with faucets though is that if you end up selling when prices are high, taxes at the end of the year become a pain in the butt regarding price of the satoshi when you received it versus the price when you sold it. The profit margin is pain to track therefore I stick with buy and hold of the actual coins or swing trading on GDAX. Much easier process to make profits in Cryptos.

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 24, 2020

Thank you so much for your extensive knowledge on all things Bitcoin! I know many of the more experienced investors are going to take heed of your tips there, so that is a great service.

Wow another one- Thank you for sharing this info as people need to be safe
There are so many bad scams online we all have to vigilent

  1. Scam Witness Post author August 24, 2020

Yes Vicki, these sites are coming out of the wood works now for sure. Thousands of scam sites are being manufactured daily and so there are many that probably will never be reported on getting away with scamming untold numbers of people.

This is a great article, there are so many scams online and so many people get caught in their trap.
Thanks for sharing this information, keep the posts coming as we need to be more aware of online scams.

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