FBS Broker Review

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FBS.com Review Visit site

Related websites of this company include F-B-S.com, HotOption.com and https://fbs.ae/.

February 2020: The website appears to be blocked in the USA.

Other websites of this company include FIBExch.com, fbs.ae, fbs.id, fbsforex.com, fbs.cn, jpfbs.com, esfbs.com, ptfbs.com, fbs.ae, vnfbs.com etc.

About FBS.com

FBS are forex brokers. FBS offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex online trading top platforms. FBS.com offers over 30 forex pairs, stocks, gold, silver, other metals, and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 3000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $1
Established: 2009
Address: No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize
Contact: [email protected],
Regional offices:
Regulators: IFSC #IFSC/60/230/TS/18, CySEC #331/17
Prohibited countries:




Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading:
Mobile Trading:
Currencies: (35+)
CFD: (3) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities




News Spike Trading:
Deposit Methods: VISA, bitwallet, Local Exchangers, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Skrill, SticPay
Withdrawal Methods: VISA, bitwallet, Local Exchangers, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Skrill, SticPay


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Live discussion

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FBS.com profile provided by Regina FBS, Sep 5, 2020

FBS is an international broker with more than 190 countries of presence. 13 000 000 traders and 370 000 partners have already chosen FBS as their preferred Forex company. We work since 2009 and provide fast and honest services.

Working with us is easy, convenient and, most of all, profitable. We are happy to offer exclusive terms unprecedented in the Forex market.

To provide the best customer experience we organize seminars and special events, providing our clients with training materials, cutting-edge trading technologies and the latest strategies on the Forex market. Both newbie and professional traders will find these sessions useful.

If you prefer to choose the best for yourself, FBS is just right for you. We even launched a COPYTRADE app which allows you to earn money both by copying a successful trader and by having people invest in your trading.

Once a client of FBS – always a client of FBS.

Unique trading conditions for traders:
• Minimal deposit of $1
• Spread starting from -1 pip
• Leverage up to 1:3000
• 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD
• Split-second execution
• No requotes
• Minimal order volume of 0.01 lot
• Quotes precision of 0.00001
• Trade with any advisors or strategies
• Customer support in 15 languages
• Deposits and withdrawals via Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Fasapay; Local Indonesian banks: Bank Central Asia, Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, OCBC NISP; Thai banks: Krungthai Bank, Krungsri Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank; Vietnamese bank: Vietcombank. Lots of exchangers in different countries

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
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    Top Broker! The Best Choice!

  • NS Broker
    NS Broker

    2nd place in ranking!


    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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    Only For Experienced Traders.

Permanent promotions:
• $100 bonus – work out for more
• 100% bonus on each deposit
• Cashback up to $7 per 1 lot

Loyalty program:
• VPS Service
• Guaranteed lucky T-shirt for a deposit of $500 or more
• Guaranteed iPhone X gift for a deposit of $5000 and 500 traded lots
• Mercedes S-Class for Platinum status
• VIP membership

Partner program:
• $10 commission on EUR/USD
• Monthly partner bonus up to $3000
• 3 levels of payments (15% from 2nd level partners and 5% from 3rd level partners)

• Best FX broker Vietnam 2020
• Most progressive broker Europe 2020
• Best FX broker Europe 2020
• Most Promising Broker 2020
• Best Forex Broker Asia 2020
• Best Investor Education 2020
• Best FX IB Program

Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

Your feedback matters!

Consumer Reviews

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Service use: Live

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Been trading with FBS for nearly 1 year and that is really good experience for me. I specially like Copy Trade service here. When I have no idea to trade, I will follow top traders to open my own trade. Recommended!

Jan 31, 2020 – No Rating Hi
I know Forex since I was 18 and I have been opening accounts in many platforms and brokers before but the speed of fund withdrawal and customer service is holy terrible. So I opened FBS account 5 months ago with 100$ bonus. The rules are strictly hard so I did not win it but really, their platform is something must try. I deposited first 300$ and traded well from then. They have signal telegram channel and good customer service speed. Besides, they have interesting events, newest is event with Barcelona

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I like FBS Deposit and withdrawal method by local bank. It help me to get more easy deposit and withdrawal directly from local transfer or ATM transfer. Deposit process so fastest.

Dec 24, 2020 – 5 Stars I have been joined FBS since 2020 andI am really satisfied with them. Fast deposit and withdrawal as specially accept my country local bank. Fast support respond and available many instrument to trade. Really recommended broker for you.

Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Dec 26, 2020 Thank you, NurFX, for such a warm comment!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

FBS answered me via email (the same answer you will find online here). So I replied them on 11/03/2020 with:

good evening. I thank you for your answer but I have to clearly say I reject in in any part what you wrote and that I am strongly determinate to make you to change your mind and revert my voided trades. That said, I am going to prepare more evidences but I need a couple of days (gathering data needs time). In the while I need a couple of fundamental information:

You wrote me you “received Off-market quotes from our Liquidity providers”: would you be so kind to send me your technical evidences?
You told me that, due to the previous point (received off-market quotes), your liquidity provider refuses to pay my winning trades: please, give evidence of this too;
You also wrote “During such strong volatility in the market, one of our trading servers, namely FBS-Real2 (which is the server that belongs to your account 220321399) experienced the greatest load and, unfortunately, could not cope with it. There were interruptions in the flow of quotes, which were observed at the time I indicated above, 3:45 to 4:00 MT time.”: does it mean only “FBS-Real2” was effected of this problem?

Waiting for these documents from you, it’s my pleasure to send you my
best regards,
(my name hidden for privacy).

But I got no answer from at all.
So I wrote them again on 13/03/2020 this email:

good afternoon. The day before yesterday I sent you the email below, asking for some info about your Liquidity Providers but you still didn’t answer me to this simple email: does it mean you are ignoring me?

I wait for your answer, patiently.

Best regards,
(name hidden for privacy)

And today, 16/03/2020, I still received no news, no email, nothing.

I’ll keep in touch with the next update.

May the pips be with you!

Mar 9, 2020 – 1 Star CLAIM

thanks for your first answer. This is my formal claim to the daily voided trades.
You ask me (as I can read on https://cdn.fbs.com/docs/FBS_agreement_en.pdf) for:
a) Full name;
my name (hidden for privacy)

b) Account number;
99999 (hidden for privacy)

c) Date and time when a dispute situation occurred;
2020/03/09 (today)

d) Ticker of the arguable order;

By the way, for avoiding misunderstandings, the attached statement (named “Statement_220321399_2020-03-09.htm”) contains the exact tickets numbers about those trades you voided, simply check those that has zero “Profit” and zero “Commission”): this attached file prevails on the list written above here;

e) Claim description.
During the night, at 03:49:24 broker time, my news trading system noticed a big movement on AUDJPYe pair (about 70 pips, a rare event) and it decided to open a sell trade (see the image for explanation):

As you can see, the trade was opened and closed inside the M1 candle and it was closed after 20 seconds.

After a while another sell position was open on EURJPYe and closed after some seconds. Take a look at this trade:

Also here the trade was opened and closed inside the M1 candle and it was closed after few seconds.

Let’s go ahead and take one of the most profitable buy trades I got tonight, ticket 1139914591, pair NZDUSDe, 104.7 PIPs, opened 2020/03/09 03:51:03 and closed 2020/03/09 03:51:40, 4.2 lots:

As you can see my strategy bought at the bottom of the candle, trying to catch the rebound, opened and closed on the same M1 candle here too.

The logic of this Trading Strategy is quite always the same, so the other 800 and more trades have been affected of the same big movement as well as the trades have been opened due to these big M1 chart big spikes and I can give you a specific explanation about any trade I made; but it’s impossible to do it “within 2 working days since the moment the grounds for a claim appeared”, as the point 8.1.1 of your Customer’s Agreement states, so I cut here the list of the trades, waiting for you to ask me for more evidences.

Please, also note that the first ticket affected is number 1139909889 and the last is number 1139924207, it means your ECN server had, in this short period of time, 14,318 (fourteen thousand three hundred eighteen) trades and I am sure you didn’t delete any trade of everybody, so why only me? Or why me and few others? Why didn’t you void 14,318 trades? You wrote you “received Off-market quotes from our Liquidity providers” so any ECN traders had this issue, last night, any inside the range from ticket number 1139909889 and ticket number 1139924207. I only want you to bring evidence on the fact you voided any trade inside these few minutes, about 14 minutes to be accurate, otherwise I won’t accept your decision to delete my trades.
What about your Standard account that traded in this specific range of time? Did you void all them too? I have some evidence you didn’t delete other trades done by other traders and I can give you them upon request. More, since some time, I am registering the ticks of my account, now very useful to check any problem, like this one; again, if you want I can you send the files, one per pair. This is an example:
Date and time,Bid,Ask,more data, more data
2020.03.03 17:06:25.001,1.11619,1.11608,1075,1075
2020.03.03 17:06:25.063,1.11617,1.11609,1076,1076

From my very first calculations you have voided negative and positive trades but the P/L was largely positive, so I ask you to reinstate any trade you voided and to give me back the gains: rougly $270,000.00.

Due to all these reasons, I formally ask you to reinstate all my trades as said below to get back my roughly $300,000.00 balance.

Last, but not the least, would you prefer I close my account?

Best regards,
my name (hidden for privacy)

On 09/03/2020 15:26, Johana (FBS Support) wrote:
> ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
> Dear friend!
> Your request (958245) has been updated. To add a comment, respond to this letter.
> Your friends at FBS.
> Johana (FBS)
> Mar 9, 17:26 +03
> Dear my name (hidden for privacy),
> Welcome to FBS once again!
> As you know, the value of a country’s currency is affected and influenced by different economic indicators that reflect how a country is performing.
> The macroeconomic events that take place internally and internationally are factors that will have a huge effect on the value of a currency.
> Following this logic, at the moment, the market is considerably volatile due to the news related to the downward of the Oil price caused by the global Coronavirus fears, which you can find more information about in the Forex news section of our website:
> https://fbs.com/analytics/news/how-does-the-american-cpi-reflect-the-virus-impact-8237
> https://fbs.com/analytics/news/oil-the-worst-drop-since-gulf-war-8238
> (As a forex trader, you need to be constantly on top of these data in order to be aware of the current situation of the market.)
> As a result of these major news, we received Off-market quotes from our Liquidity providers, following our Customer’s Agreement rules for such a situation:
> 9.5.5. The Company reserves the right to reconsider the provided quotes for any time period if, according to the Company, such quotes fall within the definition of an “Off-market quote”, and/or “Irregular market conditions”, and/or an “Obvious error” defined in the present Agreement and/or in the “Terms and definitions” section, and revise the financial results of the trading operations executed at such quotes.
> 10.3. The Client agrees that in the event of force majeure circumstances the Company is entitled (without limiting other Company rights according to the present Agreement) without prior written notification and any time to take any of the following actions:
> e) Reconsider the financial result of all Client trading operations, falling within force majeure circumstances, by changing quotes, opening/closing orders, or total deletion of orders.
> It’s in this sense that the results (Profit/Loss) of the orders of your trading account 220321399 which were affected by the off-market quotes have been annulled.
> We would like to remind you that, unfortunately, no broker is impervious to an off-market quote matter though it is a rather rare situation. When such a case takes place, our specialists eliminate the consequences of it as fast as it is possible and by elimination, we surely mean not only the removal of profitable orders but lossmaking too.
> We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you and hope for your understanding of the situation.
> Thank you for contacting our FBS Support Team, if you have any other questions please contact us again here or in our LIVE chat.
> Have a very nice day!
> Sincerely,
> FBS Support Team
> Lia (FBS)
> Mar 9, 13:16 +03
> Dear my name (hidden for privacy),
> Thank you for contacting us.
> In case you have any doubts about some of your orders being executed accurately, please, send us an official claim with all the necessary information about your issues. Claims are sent to our e-mail address [email protected] only within two working days after the problem has occurred.
> The Client’s claim should contain the following data:
> – Your full name
> – Your account number
> – Date and time of the dispute situation
> – Ticker (number) of Dispute Order
> – Claim Description
> To get more information about the procedure of reviewing the claims, please, read Section 8.1. of the Company’s Customer Agreement: https://fbs.com/docs/FBS_agreement_en.pdf
> If you have any other questions please contact us again here on in our LIVE chat.
> Have a very nice day!
> Sincerely,
> Lia​
> FBS Support Team
> my name (hidden for privacy)
> Mar 9, 13:13 +03
> Dear Sirs,
> good morning. I noticed you have voided many trades: why?
> Best regards,
> my name (hidden for privacy).
> This email is a service from FBS. Delivered by Zendesk | Privacy Policy

Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Mar 13, 2020 Regarding your situation, I will provide you the explanation, below.

On 09.03.2020 all markets experienced severe shocks due to oil-related news which greatly affected almost all trading instruments and influenced all markets.

(As a reference, you can check the news related, here.)

At the time you indicated, namely, from 3:45 to 4:00 MT time, the market was still very turbulent especially in pairs that involved the JPY currency.

Our company serves a large number of customers (more than 14 million), due to the fact that the MetaTrader 4 version uses a software developed more than 30 years ago, it cannot cope with such a number of clients. Because of this, we use more than one MT4 server so that our clients do not experience any problems while performing their trading, currently, we have 10 MT4 servers on which clients are actively trading.

During such strong volatility in the market, one of our trading servers, namely FBS-Real2 (which is the server that belongs to your account 220321399) experienced the greatest load and, unfortunately, could not cope with it. There were interruptions in the flow of quotes, which were observed at the time I indicated above, 3:45 to 4:00 MT time.

You are correct when mentioning that during these 15 minutes, all clients trading on this server experienced problems. Most of the orders executed at that time were executed at better prices for our customers than they actually were on the market.

We understand that it is in part our fault and the losses incurred from such orders were compensated by ourselves, however, in your case your robot completed 854 transactions in the amount of 5,286.30 lots within these 15 minutes. Each of these transactions was aimed at making a profit due to the fact that the server experienced problems in the flow of quotes. We want to emphasize that in normal times, the activity of your robot is hundreds of times less. Based on this, we decided to cancel your trading operations since they are considered ill-intended, as it appears you have taken advantage of this unusual situation.

We did not subject this procedure to all transactions completed at that time, because, as I wrote above, we decided to compensate for the difference in the price of execution of transactions with us and the price of execution of these transactions in the market at our own expense. In your case, we cannot do this, we are forced to use the established regulations and cancel your orders:

9.5.5. The Company reserves the right to reconsider the provided quotes for any time period if, according to the Company, such quotes fall within the definition of an “Off-market quote”, and/or “Irregular market conditions”, and/or an “Obvious error” defined in the present Agreement and/or in the “Terms and definitions” section, and revise the financial results of the trading operations executed at such quotes.

10.3. The Client agrees that in the event of force majeure circumstances the Company is entitled (without limiting other Company rights according to the present Agreement) without prior written notification and any time to take any of the following actions:

e) Reconsider the financial result of all Client trading operations, falling within force majeure circumstances, by changing quotes, opening/closing orders, or total deletion of orders.

As for the number of affected orders, we are talking only about transactions on ECN accounts such as your account 220321399, and not about all trading operations on this server.

This means that the number of orders is reduced to 4,103 and also the number of clients to 12 accounts.

We could review each of them, and each of these 12 cases would not be in favor of our clients, so the decision for each client was made separately.

Be kindly reminded that it is a world market practice to annul orders handled within off-market quotes time, such practice is widespread due to the fact that order opened or closed with an off-market quote cannot be considered correct.

The loss or profit a client gets for trading on off-market quotes is considered as inaccurate as well. Consequently, the balance of a client is recovered to the level that was before the off-market quotes.

We always try to do our best and take our client’s side, we apologize for any inconvenience this situation could cause you.

Nevertheless, our actions are justified in full accordance with the Customer Agreement – in the current situation no orders (profit or loss) can be restored from the time of delayed market prices.

Thank you for your patience. As you have requested more technical details in your email it took us some time to properly collect them for you. However, we are grateful for your patience. Kindly note, that our support team has already replied to you.

We have sent to you the confirmations that your orders were executed by off-market quotes, and as FBS is an NDD Non Market Maker broker, all the orders executed by off-market quotes (the quotes which did not in fact exist) get cancelled both in case of profit and loss, as we only process orders by quotes offered on the market. Please note, that NO broker is impervious to an off-market quote matter and dealing with such cases, even though they rarely appear, is thoroughly described in the Customer Agreement.

In your case, your Robot due to it’s settings also took advantage of the said situation and made an excessive amount of order requests (compared to it’s usual activity), which is why its actions were considered ill-intended.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team again!

Which broker is the best forex broker?

BRKV – FBS is rising as one of the best forex brokers for the Asian regions in 2020, especially in Thailand and Indonesia. So, today I will give an FBS review for new traders who are still struggling to find themselves a suitable forex broker. FBS was founded in 2009. They allow traders to trade up to 35 currency pairs, 4 precious metals, 2 CFD, and cryptocurrencies.

When finding the best brokers, we need to have standards to rate them. These standards are the fundamentals that any brokers who want to become the best should meet. Those are:

Trustworthy Trading costs Trading conditions Local services
Regulations Low spread Good quotes Payment system
Historical activities Low commission Trading platforms Local offices
Low slippages Availability
Good rebate / bonus
Low swap

Now, let’s have an FBS review based on the standards mentioned above. Also, I will compare some aspects of this broker to the top brokers such as Exness or XM.

Credibility of FBS review

When it comes to credibility, of course I’m talking about regulations. The first and foremost factor used to judge a broker is their regulations. Regulations are the licenses that trusted financial organizations give to a broker to manage that broker. Regulation is the thing that makes sure a broker has to follow a certain set of rules to guarantee traders’ safety. Only big forex brokers can meet the demands of those regulations. FBS is regulated by CySEC and IFSC , two of the most trusted regulations. So you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Speaking of regulations, there is one thing I think I need forex traders to understand. Some new traders tend to think that the broker who has more regulations is better than those who have less. This is actually a wrong idea. Having many regulations doesn’t mean that broker is better in term of trading. There are two scenarios here. If your country already has a regulation, you should work with broker who has that regulation. You won’t need any other regulations from elsewhere. Your own country’s regulation is enough. FBS has IFSC, a South African regulation, so traders in South Africa can be safe when trading with FBS. On the other hand, if your country does not have a regulation, like most Asian countries, you should trade with brokers who have at least one trusted regulation, FBS in this case is CySEC. Too many regulations will only put more limits on the broker. Regulation is just a signal that lets us know that this broker is decent, reliable, and safe to trade with. A broker only need one trusted regulation.

Trading costs of FBS review

Spread of FBS review

Most traders would love to do business with a low-spread broker. Spread is the difference between the Ask price and the Bid price of a currency pair. The spread of FBS is only from 0.2 to 1.1 pip which is in the top low spread brokers . And it’s spreads are much lower than XM, FXTM, FXCM. CHECK FBS SPREAD -> HERE.

Commission of FBS review

Some brokers charge commissions for income, so does FBS. Based on the type of account, FBS has different commission rates. For the Cent and Standard accounts, there is no commission. CHECK FBS COMMISSION RATE -> HERE.

Bonuses of FBS review

FBS offers many types of bonuses like deposit bonus, welcome bonus, or loyalty program. They have a bonus with the highest rate ever, up to $100. Their deposit bonus gives back trader 100% of the deposit amount. Also, there is the cashback program, which rebate you $7 for every lot traded. Right now, they are having the $50 bonus. You just need to sign up and $50 will be transferred to your account immediately. CHECK FBS BONUSES -> HERE.

Trading conditions of FBS review

Account types of FBS review

BRKV – FBS offers traders 4 different types of account, which are the regular accounts (Cent account, Standard account, and Fixed Spread account) and the ECN account. Each account type has its own features that are suitable for different types of traders.

Cent account: This is the account for beginners or new traders. Why so? The required deposit is only $1. When you first start trading, you don’t want to put too much money in it because 90% of new brokers lose everything when they begin trading. With only $10, I think you can practice trading in real-life conditions for up to 3 months. The spread is relatively low, only around 1 pip. The order volume is from down to 0.01 lot Cent up to 1000 lots. The lower the better because that way you won’t lose too much money. And even better, this type of account does not charge any commission, so you can trade as much as you want without costing a penny.


Standard account: Traders with a bit more experience will trade with this account. The minimum deposit is average, at about $100. The spread is better, only around 0.5 pip. The leverage is up to 1:3000, which is pretty high. Higher leverage is better. XM’s standard account leverage is only 1:888. The order volume is from 0.01 to 500 lots. And just like Cent account, this account is commission free, which is amazing.

Fixed Spread account: It is also called Zero Spread account. You can tell it by the name. This type of account has no spread. Instead, it charges traders $20 for commission. This is understandable because spread is main income of brokers. If the spread is zero, the broker must charge commission. The minimum deposit for this acco unt is $500. The other features are the same as Standard account like the leverage and the order volume.

ECN account: This is the account for experts and long-term traders. The minimum deposit required is $1000, which is pretty high, but the commission are much lower than other brokers ($6). Actually, this commission rate is just as low as that of Exness and XM, which is $5 and $6 respectively.


Payment system of FBS review

I’m sure that some US or UK brokers are very good in their country, but overseas, they are relatively bad, especially in Asian countries like Thailand or Indonesia. In Asia, if traders deposit by their credit cards, their banks will charge them from 1.7 to 4% of their total fund. Having a profit rate at 5% monthly is hard enough and now they have to pay 4% just for depositing? I don’t think so. That’s why it is not wise for Thai traders to trade with those US and UK brokers. Therefore, choosing brokers who can offer local payment systems is very important. FBS is great in this field. They offer depositing and withdrawing through almost all local banks and e-wallets in Asian countries. Furthermore, what makes FBS really wonderful is their transferring speed. They only come second to Exness , the fastest in the market. Transactions at FBS only take from half to an hour to complete through banks, while other brokers can waste you hours or even days.

Customer support of FBS review

Customer care is vital in this forex field, because forex is a very complicated subject. Traders are constantly need as much help and support from brokers as possible. That’s why how a broker assist its clients is a standard to evaluate it. FBS supporting team is fantastic in my opinion. They can support clients in English 24/7 on live chat. You can even tell them to call you back. That can show how dedicated they are to customers. For non-English speakers, they have offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Thailand, China, Korea and Myanmar that are always ready to help customers 5 days a week.

FBS Review

Leverage: 1:30

Regulation: CySEC

Min. Deposit: 10 EUR

HQ: Cyprus

Platforms: MT4, MT5

Found in: 2009

FBS Broker Licenses:

Tradestone Limited -authorized by CySEC (Cyprus) registration no. 353534

Top 3 Forex Brokers

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  • Our Review
  • FBS User Reviews
  • FBS News

With numerous brokerage firms and trading offerings presented nowadays its crucial to choose the most reliable company, as well the one that suits your trading needs. For this reason, we assist in choices by reviewing brokers and checking information in a detail, to support selection and here is FBS Review among others.

What is FBS?

FBS was founded as an international broker that serve clients from over 190 countries since 2009 shows its excellence by numerous prestigious awards and cutting-edge technologies on the Forex Market. Lately, FBS became also a Cyprus Broker, expanding its service to a European population for both newbie and professional traders with useful tools and fully regulated trading service.

As for the trading service itself, FBS brings transparent conditions for trading by the use of popular instruments including Forex, Metals and all connected by split-second execution through the STP model. Also, FBS invests in technology making a trading process smooth and more convenient accompanied by the powerful execution and unparalleled customer service FBS provides. Also, there are numerous educational materials and programs organized to enhance your trading capabilities and of course to recognize the importance of knowledge in markets.

Overall, for the year of operation FBS received over 40 international awards as recognize them as Transparent Broker with Best Customer Service and some of the most rewarded Brands worldwide.

Nevertheless, to understand offering in a detail you should always check the most important information of the broker’s proposal. In this purpose this review covers the following highlights:

Is FBS safe or a scam?

FBS is a brand name used by the Tradestone Limited, which is a Cyprus registered company, EU and MiFID regulated investment firm registered with CySEC. Additional entity of FBS is located in the Marshall Islands and Belize, which are offshore zones that do not really prove its reliable status on its own. Yet, together with regulation from European CySEC it makes FBS a broker which compliant to regulatory requirements and therefore offers reliable trading conditions.

Therefore and because of its obtained license compliance to MiFID directive, there are strict rules towards money protection while FBS keeps traders funds in segregated accounts, making it unreachable for any other company use, as well as enhances capabilities y Negative Balance protection. In addition, being a Cyprus Investment Firm FBS falls under the Compensation Scheme, which protects the client’s investments in case of the broker’s insolvency issue.

FBS Trading Platforms

As the majority of STP and technology-based brokers, FBS mainstays at the high industry and provides a powerful platform to execute orders, through the market leader – MetaTrader4. A solid platform delivers a wealth of features, advanced charting and customization along with auto-trading capabilities while available for PC or MAC, Android or iOS devices making it available at anytime or anywhere.

In addition to the progressive functions of the MT4, you can enjoy daily technical and fundamental analysis data that is streamed into the news section. Together with over 50 technical indicators, one-click trading, possibility to create and use EAs with no limitations and even trade with VPS service support.

Moreover, in case you will be trading with the international entity of FBS you will be offered also to use upgraded version MetaTrader5. This platform stands even more high in terms of its capabilities, progressive features and vast opportunities on trading.

FBS Costs and Accounts

The account types at FBS offer both demo and live trading accounts that give exactly what you may look for, regardless of the level of the experience. While opening an account you may choose between Standard Account and Cent Account, which is a perfect option for the beginners due to its much lower requirements and risks involved.

FBS Spread

Since there are two account types, so you will have an option either to trade with Standard spread starting from 1 pip, or while trading with Cent account be offered with tight spread. Thus, typical spread on Standard account for EUR/USD pair is 0.9, and Cent Account EUR/USD spread is 3 pips. You may see below more examples of some spreads and conditions on rollover below, as well compare FBS fees to another broker Exness.

FBS Overnight fee

Also, you should always count on the FBS overnight fee or swap in case you perform swing strategy and hold positions longer than a day. Each instrument has its own ratio, which you may see as example above or check directly from the platform.

FBS Leverage

Obviously, leverage levels increase your trading size by its possibility to multiply initial balance bringing vast opportunities to higher gains. As usual, offered leverage depending on some factors including your level of expertise, residence, which instrument you trade as well as falls under regulatory restrictions. Therefore, trading with European entity you may maximum use 1:30 leverage for major currency pairs, while Marshall Islands FBS may offer high leverage ratios up to almost fantastic 1:1000. Yet, always make sure to learn how to use leverage smartly in order not to only gain, but to reduce the risks of losing money rapidly.

FBS Payment Methods

So in order to transfer into live trading you should obviously deposit money, while FBS offers a range of the most used and convenient payment options. This includes major cards Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets Neteller and Skrill along with Wire transfers.

FBS minimum deposit

As for the minimum deposit amount, FBS allows trading through Cent account only with 10$ at the very beginning, which is a fantastic option for beginning traders. Standard Account yet demands only 100$ initial deposit so experienced traders may find their way with relatively small amounts too.

FBS withdrawal fee

Also, what is more great FBS offers 0$ fee for both withdrawals and deposits. However, always make sure to check with your payment provider directly in case any fees are waived, also depending on your country of origin.

Conclusion on FBS

FBS review presents a brokerage company, which relies on the fair trading services and brings opportunity to every trader no matter the level of expertise or even size of investments. The range of account types, platforms along with advanced tools and convenient customer supports enables it all becomes true. While the trading costs are among the average as well, while there is no any misunderstanding due to the company Market execution model as an STP Broker.

Overall, the FBS option is nice to consider and good to have. Yet, we would be glad to hear your personal opinion about FBS, so you may add a comment below or ask for additional info if needed.

No review found.

On the last days of October 28-29, the FBS Team took honor to be an official sponsor of the Egypt Investment Expo 2020, which is one of the influential expos of the region featured by the financial enthusiast. Together with its usual Expo program of Egypt Investment Expo, which is an annual event that focuses.

FC Barcelona and FBS signed a new global partnership agreement, whereby the broker specializing in Forex trading is to become the soccer club’s Official Trading Partner for the next four years, through 30 June 2024. This partnership will be a boost to Barça’s global commercial strategy, as part of the consolidation of its international expansion.

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