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Every trader wants to be successful and earn lots of money when they invest in binary options trading. It is for this reason, that Ben Williams created The Google Trader fully automated software system to help make binary options trading a success for traders. From the moment it was released, Google Trader has been a popular option for binary options traders.

Williams also claims that the success of Google Trader is due to the fact that it is unsurpassed by other binary options automated systems. Seems a bit fishy, but worth a try. We have done extensive research on this software program. If you are interested in learning more, please read our Google Trader review below.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

– Start-up process is simple
– Free bonuses are provided
– Wide selection of payment options available

– Stable Internet Connection needed
– Small choice of brokers
– Many empty promises with little result

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

Is Google Trader A Scam?

You can tell straightaway by visiting their website, that Google Trader is obviously a scam even though there are quite a few details about Google Trader that make it appealing to traders of all levels and degrees of expertise.

Over 1,000 beta testers gave this software system a run before it was launched. It was approved by all. Google Trader has an extremely high accuracy rate of 96.47%. This is due to the fact that the system conducts less trade than most other binary trading software system (59.3% to be exact). This helps improve the accuracy as it reduces the risks of loss. We feel this is an extremely suspicious trading system and therefore we highly recommend those who are out to make a profit in the binary options market stay away from it and try something else.

How Much Does Google Trader Cost?

There is no charge for the software, however, traders must invest with a broker that is approved and accepted by Google Trader, although at this time they have a limited amount of available brokers. You will receive the list of approved brokers once you have created an account with Google Trader.

You will be required to make a deposit before you can access the system. The deposit amount varies by a broker and averages $250. So yes, you are getting the software itself for free, but as per all binary options programs, you will need to make an investment prior to trading.


How Does Google Trader Work?

Google Trader uses algorithms based on Google by identifying trends in the trading market and searching out the best trading signals. Once it finds a potentially profitable trade, an alert is sent to the trader. The trader can then decide on the best way to place the trade to increase their profits to the maximum capacity.

There are a limited number of trading options available as in “Put” and “Call” Options, For example, the trader will receive ‘Call” alert if the trade options are increasing. However, they will be sent a “Put” alert if the trade is decreasing.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now:


    Only For Experienced Traders.

Binary options come with their expiry times range which include:

  • seconds
  • hours
  • daily
  • and even yearly options

Traders profit if they perform a trade and the expiry time is to their advantage.

How To Get Started?

  1. Sign up for Free: In order to sign up for a Google Trader account, users must provide their email and some basic information. The process itself is free, but before trading, users must depots finds into their account.
  2. Execute Trades and Earn Profits: With a 97% accuracy rate, traders are very likely to make profitable trades, especially when they let the automated system perform trades on their behalf.
  3. Withdraw your profits: Once a trader reaches the required volume of trades, they will be able to withdraw their profits. They will be required to submit the proper forms to do so.

Special Features

Google Trader has quite a few special features that seem to make it appealing to traders. It s compatible with IOS, Android and Windows operation systems and is fully automated. There is a mobile app available for Google Trader for those who live to trade while out and about.

There is no need for traders to undergo a long training period to learn how to interpret the graphs and charts on Google Trader. The software seems to be easy to use as it looks as if traders could profit with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. It is understandable why Google Trader is popular worldwide as binary options robot due to its big promises that seem to have very little success stories to support them.


We are not satisfied with the Google Trader automated trading system.
It is easy enough for beginners to take it seriously and go ahead with it believing the best. However, more experienced traders will notice right away that it is not worth their time.

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I have recently invested with “Best Trades” and I have been looking for reviews, to see if they are trustworthy, but because of the nature of their name, I am unable to find anything online. Are you able to assist me?

If you are looking for binary option robot – then Option Robot is the best.

You will find full review here:

Option Robot —>

Does it work in the Netherlands?

Got some decent trades with this service, deffos gets a thumbs up from me

Does this work in india

Does it work in Zimbabwe

does it work in pakistan

I am new to binary options… I have an automated trading robot to execute trades. But I can’t locate a broker that lets me the use of an automated trading program.

Does anyone have any to recommend? They should allow the use of a trading robot program for binary options? Thanks You!

Hi! Try IQoption, works perfectly for me!

I started (but haven’t made a deposit yet) there bot and received an email saying I’m with ashfordinvestments. I just looked this up and it is totally unregulated with a HUGE list of complaints. I’m glad I checked it first.
I’m looking for anew auto trader that is used with a good regulated broker. Any suggestions please?

I would suggest to anyone not to use google trader. Yes it is a big scam . The broker has taken my money. It didn’t even make it in to my account. It has come out of my credit card. I have tried to contact the broker and google trader with no reply . Where can I officially report these people. They need to be removed. I cannot understand that some auto trading reviews said this was a reptuble site.

What do you know about swift option trader?

Dont really know much about them.

Dont really know much about them.

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  • Best satisfaction rate (97%)
  • Excellent trading platform
  • Best customer service
  • 7BO Award 2020 winner – Best Trading Platform
  • Offers CFD and Forex trading to all customers Worldwide

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Google Trader

Google Trader has been discontinued, but you can continue to use your Google+ Business page to find and connect with customers online. We hope you’ll come to love your Google+ Business page as much as you loved Trader.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
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