Guide To Earning Easy Profits With Binomo Trading

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Guide to Earn Easy Profits with Binomo Trading

The Binomo trading platform is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

It is best suited for short-term trading within 1-5 minutes, and that is its biggest advantage.

The functionality of the platform makes it possible to use hundreds of different strategies for technical analysis and you can also trade on the news using information from the built-in Economic Calendar.

The platform interface is simple and you can learn how to use it in just a few minutes.

Immediately after signing up for an account, the system will display a series of informational prompts to explain the nuances of terminal management.

However, our guide to working on the Binomo platform will get you there even faster.

Account Sign-up

The sign-up process on the company’s website has been simplified to a minimum.

Email and password are all that are required from users at the first stage.

You will also need to indicate your preferred currency for your internal account.

Remember that in the future you will not be able to change your choice.

That’s why trading on a dollar account is a win-win option as you can make payments in USD anywhere in the world.

Immediately after sign-up, you will be redirected to the trading terminal.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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    Only For Experienced Traders.

However, it is recommended that you immediately verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address.

In the future it is also recommended that you link a phone number. This will improve the level of account security.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Crediting and Withdrawals

The carefully considered payment policy is one of the main reasons for the success of Binomo on the global online trading market.

When learning the market of each new country, the company first addresses the issue of finances.

Popular payment systems in each country are integrated.

There is also support for international systems such as VISA/MasterCard, WebMoney WMZ, NETELLER, and cryptocurrencies. Find out which cryptocurrencies are profitable to trade

The minimum amount for account crediting is 10 dollars or euros, or the equivalent in your country’s national currency.

Depending on the amount of funds deposited, a certain level of account status is assigned to the user. There are 4 of them.

Demo account: open to all new clients by default.

Standard: open after the first account crediting. STANDARD account holders can trade under the standard trading conditions and have access to tournaments.

GOLD: requires account crediting of $500 or more. Of the advantages: priority status from the support service, exclusive strategies, accelerated payments, and an increased number of assets.

VIP: the maximum level for users who deposit $1,000 or more. It offers individualized training with a mentor, payments within 4 hours, the maximum range of assets and profit percentage, as well as 10% compensation of losses.

All funds deposited are taken into account. For example, if three credits were made in the amount of 50, 200, and 300 dollars, then the user would receive the premium status of GOLD.

Binomo Cryptocurrency Trading-Which One Is More Profitable?

Binomo is an online trading platform which is the best choice for new traders. This is a binary options trading platform which is unique and easy to use.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009. Over the 10 years of its existence, the crypto industry has undergone certain changes.

Currently, the people most interested in this topic are the developers of innovative software products, investors, and traders. From the point of view of stock market players, cryptocurrency is a profitable trading asset that offers several advantages.

Currently, in addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, there are more than 1,000 similar projects, many of which are very popular.

The total capitalization of the crypto industry as of February 2020, exceeds $130 billion. And that is far from the limit: at the peak of its popularity in 2020, that figure exceeded 700 billion.

Therefore, in conditions of such great variation, a relevant question for many traders is which cryptocurrency is more profitable to trade.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Bitcoin’s market capitalization share is 52%, as compared to other similar projects. As such, it is the undisputed favourite of the market. According to the CoinMarketCap portal, the following projects fall into the top ten most popular currencies in this industry:

Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the world, which for the past 10 years has been a strong leader.

Ethereum is a popular system based on a decentralized network created by Russian developer Vitalik Buterin.

XRP (Ripple) is a blockchain-based payment system that has attracted the attention of many large banks and financial institutions.

EOS is a decentralized system which is based on a modified structure which is not blockchain.

Litecoin is the first Bitcoin fork released after Namecoin. For a long time, it occupied the second place in the ranking, but later its position weakened.

Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin fork that broke away from the main network in August 2020. The main reason for the split was a sharp increase in transaction confirmation time. The problem appeared in 2020 and was caused by a sharp increase in the number of operations in the network.

Tether is the most successful project from the stable coin category. According to the assurances of its creators, each crypto coin is secured by dollars in the company’s bank accounts.

Stellar is a branch of the Ripple network. The main idea of the developers was to create a truly independent and decentralized cryptocurrency, which, in their opinion, XRP is not.

TRON is a global entertainment project in which the cryptocurrency acts as an integral part of an internal payment system for media content.

Finance Coin is a project from the exchange platform of the same name. It was created for internal use but later further developed as a separate cryptocurrency.

There are many more successful projects than these. Many very popular projects are not included in the TOP 10 and this list is constantly changing. However, the main favourites of the market have generally retained their positions.

Cryptocurrencies as seen by traders

Investors who put money into the purchase of crypto coins are interested in obtaining the maximum amount of information about a particular project.

This allows them to assess the prospects of that cryptocurrency and the likelihood of its further capitalization growth.

An investor can make profits solely on positive trends. However, the market is a cyclical structure and growth is always followed by a decline. That is one of the fundamental principles of pricing.

Binomo Review


Broker Binomo
US Traders Accepted
Company Name Dolphin Corp.
Headquarters Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Regulation The Financial Commission
Bonus Type Match bonus
Bonus Size 100%
Max Payout 87%
Out-of-Money Reward 30%
Trading Platform Proprietary
Deposit Options Credit or debit card, bank transfer, Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney, Neteller
Deposit Currencies US dollar, British pound, euro, Russian ruble
Minimum Deposit $10
Minimum Trade $1
Maximum Trade $1,000
Online Since 2020
Trading Instruments Currencies, commodities, stocks, indices
Number of Trading Instruments 73
Binary Option Types High/Low, Turbo
Customer Support Types Skype, email, web form, paper mail, live chat
Education Offered Glossary, FAQ, basic how-to pages, knowledge base, video tutorials, strategies
Tools Offered Tournaments, analytical support, account manager, cash-back, fast withdrawals
Commission $10 minimum withdrawal threshold. You need to meet a 2x turnover requirement to withdraw fee-free; otherwise a 10% fee will apply.
  • 2020 Forex Expo Awards — the best binary options broker for beginners
  • 2020 IAIR Awards — the best binary options broker in Southeastern Europe
Languages English, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese
Demo Account Yes, no restrictions

Binomo is a binary options broker we originally checked out back in 2020. The site is owned and operated by Dolphin Corp., a company located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Since our initial review, the company has made a number of changes to its site and services, some large, others small. At first glance, we thought Binomo had improved, but taking a closer look, there are still some glaring problems.

In terms of rules and regulations, Binomo still does not accept customers from the USA. They are a member of the international self-regulating body The Financial Commission.

Opening Your Binomo Account

You can fund your account using credit or debit card, bank transfer, Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney, or Neteller, and may trade in US dollar, Great Britain pound, euro, or Russian ruble.

Binomo now offers account tiers. In the past, they didn’t. You can choose from:

As best as we can tell, bonuses are only offered at the VIP level (up to 100% match on your deposit). These bonuses are larger than the match bonuses which the company offered in the past.

At the most basic level, you can get profits up to 85% on winning trades. You may also participate in tournaments (which are new since the previous review as well). Profits can be withdrawn within 3 working days. Reportedly, if you top up your account, a “wide range of bonuses” are available.

At the Gold level, the assets list is expanded, trades yield profits as high as 86%, and withdrawals can be made within 24 hours. You also get a personal manager and get 5% weekly cash-back. At the VIP level, profits can range as high as 87%, and you can withdraw in under 4 hours. You get a wider asset list, analytical assistance on Skype, the ability to insure your trade, and 10% weekly cash-back.

Binomo now makes a demo account available as well so you can practice on their proprietary platform before trading live with real funds. This looks to be a great feature, because it seems to be unrestricted. You can use it as long as you need to and only risk real money when you are really ready to trade live.

Withdrawal rules are unchanged. There is a $10 minimum threshold (not bad). So long as you have turned over the funds in your account twice, your withdrawals are all free. Otherwise, you have to pay a 10% fee.

Trading on Binomo

Binomo’s proprietary platform looks much as it did last time we looked at it. It has a sleek, minimalist vibe, and stands out visually from other trading platforms which are commonly used by competitors.

Binomo originally had a $1 minimum trade size and a $1,000 maximum trade size. They then raised this to $2 minimum and $2,000 maximum. Since then, they have dropped it right back down to $1 and $1,000 respectively. This is sensible and in keeping with the small account holders that Binomo is targeting with its services. After all, you only have to deposit $1,000 to get a VIP account with top tier benefits.

Trade tools like early close, double up, and rollover are still absent. There have however been some useful new educational features added which can help you with your trading. There is a knowledge base, video tutorials (those are really basic though), and strategies. There are actually quite a few strategies, so that is one of Binomo’s better features.

Customer Service Remains Quite Useless

In theory, you can reach customer service on Binomo via Skype, email, web form, paper mail, or live chat. There is however little reason to have any faith in the company’s staff given my experiences.

Over a year ago, we had sent the company an email asking them for their full asset list. We have never received a reply.

Today we started a live chat and asked another simple question. The agent, one “Nikolay,” left us a form response stating, “Hello. Please send your message to our e-mail ([email protected]), the English-speaking manager will answer it as soon as he’s back to work.”

This inspired no confidence, being as we have previously emailed a question to the company and received no response in over a year. So we wrote back telling the agent as much.

The agent then left the chat without another word, which essentially confirmed exactly what we had said. We realize if he really did have a language difference, perhaps we are being overly critical here, but if he didn’t, what he did was blatantly unprofessional. Regardless, between these two incidents, we are not impressed by Binomo’s customer service, which seems virtually nonexistent.

Conclusion: Binomo Has Improved in Some Departments, Remained the Same in Others

Binomo has certainly evolved in certain respects. The demo account, tournaments, and new account tiers all are definite steps forward when it comes to improving features. Educational resources have been expanded, and new promotions like cash-back add value to the account packages.

But nothing has redeemed Binomo’s terrible customer service. In fact, the team has remained consistently useless. We would not feel at all comfortable sending money to a company that cannot be bothered to answer the simplest question, and which leaves the chat line without waiting for us to leave first (after ignoring our last statement).

At this point, we would give more or less the same recommendation we did in the past. We will not say you should definitely avoid Binomo, but if you do trade at this site, do so with great caution. Use the site to demo test or to trade with a minimal investment. Otherwise, consider heading elsewhere; there are many brokers offering better service and where we would feel more comfortable referring traders.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

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