IG Markets Australia – Is This Broker Available To Australian Traders

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IG Markets Australia

The broker known as IG Markets is actually owned by the IG group and they accept Australian traders. This group which was formed in 1974 and originally traded gold.

Now though, it is a global enterprise serving close to 140,000 traders from all over the world. It has set up 17 branches internationally and racked up billions of dollars’ worth of profit in the market. Especially in Australia this broker is very trusted.

IG Markets Australia:

What We Liked

  • Low minimum deposit
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Regulated by the ASIC
  • Demo account offered

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slim amount of options with deposits and withdrawals

Is IG Markets Available To Australian Traders?

Subsidiaries of IG Markets have been set up in Australia and New Zealand. The Branch in Australia is strictly regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

This is an important feature for any trading broker operating in Australia. It reassures prospective traders that their selection of a broker is licensed and regulated by the government. This eliminates the possibility of the broker being a scam.

Traders in Australia can access the ground-breaking trading platform offered by IG Markets online.

It is a cloud based trading platform that does not require traders to download additional software to gain entrance to their accounts.

Instead, they can enter their accounts from just about any modern browser. All subscribed traders have access to over 10,000 trading instruments on the platform. There is also the availability of mobile apps that can be used to place trades. The platform streams and displays prices in real time.

This assists traders in conducting an accurate analysis to better their chances of being in the money.

IG Markets accepts a minimal deposit of $200 for a new account and for the first couple of years, it does not penalise a fee for inactivity. There isn’t a specific pay-out rate guaranteed at IG Markets. A rough estimation can be made by considering the time period allocated to the trade and the assets involved. However, the IG Markets trading platform will give you a potential pay-out once you have selected a trade and a time period for it.

IG Markets uses as simple and straightforward a system as possible with their trading accounts

  • Apart from the free demo account, all traders can use just one live account which is entitled to every kind of trading instrument the broker has to offer.
  • There are two types of trading available: traditional and sprint markets which is a more recent opportunity.

It offers extremely fast trades with a time limit ranging from a minute to an hour. The main difference is that in sprint markets, users cannot close positions which have been opened. With traditional binaries, the positions can be closed before the appointed time of expiry.

Moreover, the types of trading are more with compatible with traditional binaries than they are with sprint markets. There are trading types like Hi-Lo, Up/Down, Ladder, Tunnel and One touch which are not available with sprint markets.

  • When it comes to making deposits, you will be charged 1.5% of the funds transferred from your VISA credit card and 0.5% on your VISA debit card.
  • With MasterCard however, no fee is charged and for Australia based traders, BPay is also a free option.
  • A bank wire transfer to IG Markets’ Westpac Bank account is the preferred method for international clients.

Unfortunately, the options remain fairly limited for both foreign and domestic traders, with the withdrawals as well. Australia based traders can only use BPay or VISA or MasterCard credit cards.

Happily however, there is good news to learn about with the customer services of IG Markets. There are several ways for clients to reach customer support.:

  1. There is a help desk that can be accessed via email.
  2. Representatives of the broker can be reached by telephone.
  3. You can also engage in a live chat on the IG Markets official website as well get in contact on Twitter.

A good alternative to IG Markets is Highlow – This broker also accepts Australian traders and they still offer binary options trading.

Is IG Markets A Good Choice For Australians?

IG markets is a well reputed broker in Australia, New Zealand and much of South East Asia. Being strictly regulated and licensed by the ASIC, traders should have little to worry about entrusting their funds to the broker.

The only real downside with IG Markets is the uncertainty of the payout rate and the minimal number of deposit and withdrawal methods.

CFD Trading with IG Review (Australia)

Looking for the largest, Australian regulated, CFD provider?

Today I’m reviewing IG Australia (ex IG Markets Australia) CFD trading broker. I specifically wanted to include an IG review as it’s possibly one of the most recognised names in the CFD market. The reason for this is they are the longest established CFD provider in Australia (since 2002) and are listed as both, the world’s, and Australia’s largest retail CFD provider, as well as Australia’s leading FX provider*

I therefore wanted to include a review of IG’s offerings in Australia.

IG Review Summary:

  • Largest retail CFD provider, both in Australia and the world *
  • Does not use client money for hedging or any other operational purpose
  • Negative balance protection
  • Widest variety of international markets, including binary options & very unique markets
  • Direct Market Access (DMA) pricing available on share CFDs & FOREX
  • Very easy to use trading platform
  • Great charts & innovative alerts available
  • Excellent mobile trading apps
  • Longest established CFD provider in Australia
  • IG is the most-used CFD provider among Australian CFD traders, and has market share double the size of its nearest competitor *
  • IG has a partnership with Qantas, applicable for all IG share trading clients in Australia. IG’s share trading now offers a wide range of equities via a separate account. Over 12,000 shares are available from Australia, US, UK, Germany and Ireland. IG clients will now earn Qantas points when opening a share trading account and begin trading.
  • Fees and spreads are slightly higher than some competitors on standard instruments like indices & ASX share CFDs, however in late 2020 they reduced the spreads on the majority of Forex pairs which are now extremely competitive
  • For DMA pricing, users must manually activate this option. Please note this is not really a “con” however I have added it in this section as clients may not be aware of this and is a subsequent step they must perform to receive IG DMA

IG Australia CFD broker is most suited to those looking for the widest variety of instruments to trade. This is particularly the case if you require a wide variety of CFDs on binary options, bonds, interest rates, or even some very unique markets such as IPO grey markets, Bitcoin, and ETPs (Exchange Traded Products).

IG is also suited to index traders who need the ability to place trades on the FTSE 100, Germany 30 and Wall Street indices out-of-hours on a Sunday. While this would not be a common requirement for many CFD traders, IG Australia does offer this service allowing you to offset ‘standard’ weekday trading positions, reducing your margin requirement and risk, if important news breaks over the weekend.

They are the longest established CFD provider in Australia (since 2002) and the parent company, IG Group Holding, has been operating for over 40 years in the UK.
It is very important to note that if direct market access (DMA) trading is an important criteria for you, IG Australia do provide this option on share CFDs and FOREX, however it is not provided as the default, and you must activate DMA within your IG Markets web-based dealer platform to actually receive it.
IG also offer a separate share trading account, in addition to the traditional CFD and Forex trading.

IG Markets are not suited to those looking for the outright cheapest brokerage rates and fees. if you want the cheapest rates please view our TradeDirect365 review instead.
However, our IG trading review has shown they are the largest, Australian regulated, CFD broker providing the widest range of contracts for difference to trade, DMA CFDs, very easy to use CFD trading platform and great real time trading charts..

IG Client Money Protection

There is nothing more important than trading with a safe and secure CFD provider.
Below is a summary of IG’s position as at 9th September 2020.

In addition to the above list, IG also has established a Client Money Committee which reviews and ensures the adherence to jurisdictional regulations in all IG Group entities.
They have also commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP to perform an independent review of IG’s money segregation and client money calculation procedures. This is actually above and beyond the standard audit checks and their regulators’ requirements.

Review Detail: Trading With IG Markets Australia

Australia’s largest & longest established CFD broker

  • IG Markets ensures all client money, including net-running unrealised profits, is held on behalf of clients in a segregated bank account with AA-rated, top-tier Australian banks.
    IG does not use client money for hedging or any other operational purpose, unlike some other Australian CFD providers.
  • In Australia, IG is a licensed CFD and Forex broker. IG Markets Limited, ABN: 84 099 019 851, holds an Australian financial services licence (AFSL) No. 220440 and is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • IG are well-capitalised and as at 9th September 2020 state on their web site to have a debt-free balance sheet.

IG is debt-free, with substantial liquidity and capital reserves significantly in excess of regulatory requirements.

IG broker has some impressive statistics over the last few years as reported by leading research group, Investment Trends. Investment Trends is recognised as the leading global researcher in the CFD, online stockbroking and retail foreign exchange markets. Their Australia Contracts for Difference Report provides in-depth analysis of the Australian CFD market. It examines the behaviours and attitudes of more than 15,000 Australian CFD traders and investors. This makes Investment Trends CFD report the largest and most comprehensive independent study of the CFD market in Australia.

The report details some impressive findings and confirmed IG is still the most-used CFD broker among Australia’s 43,000+ CFD traders . IG’s market share was confirmed to double that of its closest competitor.* The Investment Trends report highlights that Australian traders saw financial strength as one of their key considerations. IG on their web site confirm financial strength, treatment of client funds and easy to use trading platform and were key drivers for clients who selected to trade with IG during the reporting period.

Instruments and Trading Products

Widest variety of international markets to choose from (over 16,000 in total), including all popular indices, commodities, share CFDs from the world’s leading stock exchanges, binary options, bonds, interest rates, cryptocurrency CFDs plus major, minor and exotic FOREX pairs.
They also provide CFDs on some very unique markets such as IPO grey markets, Bitcoin, and ETPs (Exchange Traded Products).

IG Live Spreads

IG Share Trading

IG now add share trading to their wide range of products. Over 12,000 shares available from Australia, US, UK, Germany and Ireland. Commission starting at AU$8 on Australian shares and US$10 on international however you need to open a separate share trading account.

Earn Qantas Points While Trading Shares

In addition, from November 2020 IG have announced a partnership with Qantas, enabling equity traders to earn Qantas points when opening a share trading account and trading through it. Please note that Qantas points are not available on the IG margined trading account.If you have both a margined IG trading account and a share trading account you can then use up to 95% of the value of your shareholdings to cover margin requirements on CFDs.

Weekend Trading

IG allow clients to trade four of the most popular indices (Germany 30, FTSE, Hong Kong HS50 and Wall Street) out-of-hours on a Sunday. Sunday trading is available from 7pm on Sunday to 9.40am AEDT every Monday. It is important to realise that your weekday positions on the Germany 30, FTSE, Hong Kong HS50 and Wall Street will not be affected by Sunday trading.This concept however, allows you to offset ‘standard’ weekday positions, reducing your margin requirement and risk, if important news is released during the weekend.

IG Direct Market Access

Share CFDs have capability to run on the IG direct market access (also referred to as ‘direct access’ or DMA) option. Direct access trading enables you to trade directly into the order books of major equity exchanges. This brokerage model offers greater transparency and flexibility than regular over-the-counter (OTC) trading. Direct market access trading is also known as ‘L2’ or ‘Level 2’ trading.

Our IG review found an important finding for those wishing to trade IG direct market access CFDs. It is very important to realise if you wish to do IG DMA trading, you actually need to activate ‘DMA Equities‘ within IGMarkets web-based dealer platform (not many traders appear to be aware of this).
By default you’ll be trading on the regular over-the-counter (OTC) model, unless you’ve specifically activated DMA on your account. This does not mean that IG DMA prices are necessarily better than OTC (over-the-counter), as IG’s pricing technology is engineered to find the best available prices on both OTC and DMA models. Direct access to the markets can however give advanced traders greater visibility and flexibility.

Forex and CFD Provider Awards

IG Australia, also referred to as IG Markets AU, has won several awards in recent years including:

  • #1 for Overall Satisfaction for CFDs & FX – Investment Trends 2020 & 2020
  • Australia’s best mobile trading offering – Investment Trends Australia CFD Report Sept 2020 & 2020
  • Best Forex Provider – Winner at The Bull ‘Stockies’ Awards 2020
  • Best CFD Provider – Winner at The Bull ‘Stockies’ Awards 2020
  • Australia’s largest FX provider – Investment Trends 2020 FX Report
  • * World’s largest retail Contract for Difference provider by revenue (excluding Foreign Exchange). Source: Published financial statements (IG website February 2020)
  • No.1 in Australia by primary relationships – Investment Trends: Contracts for Difference Report May 2020
  • No.1 in Australia by primary relationships – Investment Trends: FX Report November 2020

Stuart Young has well over a decade of trading experience that he draws on in his reviews.

Experience from prior roles in a trading room and working for a brokerage firm complement his hands-on in-depth experience in the online trading industry.

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IG Trading Review

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Share trading

Trade shares from just $8, using our award-winning trading platform. Buy and sell global shares on any device, all from the one account.

Please note Share Trading is available to Australian tax residents only

Outstanding rates

With commission from just $8 per trade on Australian shares, we’re confident we have some of the lowest fees in Australia.

Low currency conversion

We charge a flat rate of just 0.5% on currency conversions. You can also avoid the cost completely by settling into multi-currency accounts.

Collateral service

Use shareholdings as collateral to cover initial deposits on CFD trades.

Access over 11,000 global shares

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Trade over 11,000 international shares on major indices from only US$10 per trade.

Mobile trading

Trade on the go with dedicated apps for all major devices.

24-hour support

Highly trained team available around the clock.

A better share trading service

Exceptional technology

Built on over 40 years’ experience, our technology is engineered for speed, stability and better prices – giving you the edge in a competitive environment.

Transparent pricing

With a simple commission structure and flat, low currency conversion fees, you can rest assured you’re only paying the costs you see up front.

Extended market hours

Take advantage of US results with pre- and post-market trading using our extended market hours.

Available markets

You can trade over 13,000 shares from the following stock indices in local denominations:

  • Australia: ASX 200, ASX 300 and many other small cap Australian stocks
  • US: S&P 500, DOW 30, NASDAQ 100 and many other small cap US stocks
  • UK: FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and many other small cap UK stocks
  • Germany: DAX, HDAX, MDAX
  • Ireland: ISEQ

If you are looking for a specific stock that you can’t find on our platform, please call us on 1800 601 799 to discuss your individual requirements.

Trade more than 13,000 shares with an IG Share Trading account.

What is Share Trading?

Share trading is the service of buying and selling shares and other securities for retail or institutional clients, through a stock exchange or over the counter, in return for a fee or commission.

How to buy and sell shares

The most common way to buy and sell shares is by using a stockbroker or a share trading service, such as an online trading platform. Before you begin, be sure to transfer enough funds into your share trading account to cover all costs involved.

You’d buy shares in a given company in the hope that the company would rise in value. As a company’s value increases, so does the price of its shares, which could then be sold for a profit. If the company’s value decreases, shares will drop in price and may have to be sold for a loss.

Sometimes, you might also be eligible to receive a portion of the company’s profits in the form of a dividend.

Learn how to trade by reading our how to buy shares guide for all you need to know.

How do I pick which shares to trade?

Shares move in price due to many different factors, both fundamental and technical factors, world news, earnings and sentiment. These factors can influence the liquidity and volatility of stocks.

Visit the learn to trade section for more on the basics of trading.

Difference between investing and trading

On one hand, investing is trading for the long-term, which is based on lower-risk investments. Whereas trading is centred on short-term speculation of stocks, which is based on higher-risk investments. Individual share traders tend to fall into one of two broad categories:

  • Investors, who focus on long-term value by building a portfolio to deliver returns over several months or years. Investing poses less risk, as the likelihood of generating a positive return on capital is higher. However, you may get back less than what you originally put in.
  • Traders, who try to capitalise on short-term movements, often by making many trades in a single day. Speculation poses greater risk, as the direction of the trade can go one way or another.

If you’re a speculative trader, you can use your share holdings as collateral to cover your CFD trades*. CFDs are a leveraged product, which means you only have to put down a small deposit for a much larger market exposure. Leverage comes with significant benefits and risks, which means your investment capital can go further, but you can also lose more than your initial deposit. You can reduce your risk by using our risk management tools, such as opening a limit risk account or attaching a guaranteed stop on your trades.

*When using IG’s collateral service your share portfolio is at risk. We reserve the right to liquidate any stock held on your share trading account to offset any debit balance incurred on any of your other IG accounts.

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    NS Broker

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