Is Ayrex a Scam

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Is Ayrex a scam?

Is Ayrex a Scam?

Ayrex is a binary options broker with almost six years of experience in the industry, so they have to be doing something right when it comes to the relationship they have with their clients. Still, we know many of you want to examine a broker’s features thoroughly before you make your choice. This article is for all traders who are wondering is Ayrex a scam or not because we are going examine their every feature from a security perspective. Our best experts are on the job, which means a lot of useful information in the next few paragraphs. Read on and see for yourself how reliable this company really is.

Is Ayrex a Scam? | License

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Trading environment

The next thing we’re going to examine here is the trading platform. Since this is where all the trading happens, it is important to know that the platform works correctly. The company created this platform on its own and we must say that it’s very impressive. Not only do you have a constant stream of information coming in from the market and keeping the prices always up to date, but the platform is extremely quick when it comes to executing trades, too. It takes less than 0.03 seconds to close a trade, which means no kind of Ayrex fraud that would involve manipulating market outcomes is possible. Furthermore, all trading modes work flawlessly, the graphs are always correct and you can even open an Ayrex Demo Account with just a single click. There are also mobile versions of this platform (for Android and iOS devices), so we can honestly say that you will have absolutely everything you need for a pleasant trading experience here. However, we have more things to check before we can tell you for sure is Ayrex a scam or a reliable trading partner. Read on!

Ayrex One Touch

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Financial stuff

Of course, if there’s something we need to address in an article like this, it’s the way you can make your Ayrex Minimum Deposit and withdraw funds from your account. The methods include all the usual stuff like bank transfers and credit or debit cards (Maestro, Visa and MasterCard), but you can also use methods like Skrill, Neteller, Union Pay and Fasa Pay. Even bitcoin is in the mix for both withdrawals and deposits. Naturally, you will have to verify your account, and once you log in you will be able to study what the broker needs from you in much more detail. We will just say here that you have to confirm your residential address and identity. All your communication with the broker via their website will be encrypted by an SSL encryption system and the same goes for money transfers. Therefore, all you personal and financial information will be well protected and accessible only to you at all times. We tested each of the aforementioned methods and every time the money got where it was supposed to without the slightest problem. It should also be mentioned that most withdrawals (96% of them) are processed automatically. What this means is that there is nobody who can fiddle around with your funds and that computers do all the work. The risk of encountering any problems is therefore greatly reduced. Indeed, we saw no evidence of Ayrex scam here and the security system seems to be working perfectly, so let’s move on.

Ayrex Deposit Page

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Excellent support

Another thing that can tell you is Ayrex legit is the way they treat their clients. You can contact them via phone, e-mail and Facebook, but what really impressed us was the live chat option because the responses we got there were immediate. We never had to wait during the broker’s working hours, and the people who answered our questions were all very knowledgeable and experienced. There were no attempts at stalling and the staff never hesitated to answer any of our questions and never wasted our time by promoting some irrelevant offers. They always got right to the point.

This turned out to be the case with all contact methods; the service was of very high quality no matter how we approached the team. In short, you can trust these people to provide you with all the information you need about the company. Or you can simply read our Ayrex Review 2020, which is even quicker. You can also find explanations of the most popular trading strategies on the website, plus you will also be able to access a very detailed platform manual to help you master everything quickly. After all this, the question is Ayrex a scam shouldn’t really be an issue, but let’s see if other traders agree.

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Customer feedback

We decided to talk to some traders who traded with this broker before and the comments we got from them were overwhelmingly positive. This is mostly due to the fact that Ayrex really does allow you to test everything out with the demo account we mentioned earlier in this text. With this feature, you can really study the way this company does business without any financial risk whatsoever. People are really pleased that they can trade as much as they want with no questions asked, participate in contests with their demo accounts and maybe even win some prizes. “I think it’s really fair”, one trader told us, “and it shows that the company treats its clients with respect. That’s all we could really ask for.” With that, the only thing left for us to do is to conclude this article.

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Conclusion

Is Ayrex a scam? No, we honestly don’t believe it is. They have a license from the country they are based in and its trading platform is superb and leaves absolutely no room for any kind of manipulations. The transfer methods are quick, reliable and protected with a powerful encryption, so your money will always be safe. Even the support team is always there for you. But what impresses the most is the attitude this broker has toward its clients. The company really wants everyone to feel welcome on their website and goes to great lengths to achieve that. This may be just as important as the fact that Ayrex’s security system works flawlessly. Therefore, if you want to start trading without any stress and ease your way into this industry, this is the broker for you. Open an account with them now!

Ayrex Review

When it comes to binary trading, many prefer the one-click method to quickly execute their current market plan. Ayrex’s trading platform allows you to do exactly that, with the ability to set expiry times for 5 minutes to 60 seconds. This online tool also allows traders to make trades by the clock with countdown tools that are available for each binary option.

Ayrex prides themselves on being the first binary broker with free contests that reward real cash prizes and automatic withdrawals. With so many features, many people wonder if it’s too good to be true.

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Here, let’s breakdown what the company is exactly and whether they deliver everything they promise in this complete Ayrex trading platform review.

Table of Contents

​Ayrex Ratings

Trading Platform



​Customer Service

​Asset Selection

​Deposits and Withdrawals

Company Overview

Ayrex was established back in 2020 and became a quick favorite among many binary traders. Since then, the platform has been constantly improving as a binary broker with considerations for requests and needs of traders.

Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. is the company that manages all trading activities at Ayrex. The company runs unregulated as it’s based in the Federation of Nevis and St. Kitts. The company offers unique mobile solutions for price action traders for high returns on investments.

Some of the specials that Ayrex offers include up to 90 percent payouts on returns, $25 minimum deposit, a deposit bonus of up to 30 percent, and a no deposit contest with a reward of $3600.

​Saint Kitts and Nevis

​None (pending with CySec)

​Deposits and Withdrawals:

​Neteller, Skrill, Credit Card, Fasapay, UnionPay

​Number of Assets:

​Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex

Ayrex Trading Platform

Ayrex developed its trading platform with short-term trades in mind in the design process. These short-term trades can be done in a mere 60 seconds. If that’s too short, you can have your trades completed in 5 minutes. The execution is super fast. Their one-click options allow you to purchase Call and Put options up to $3,000.

The investment options they offer range from different starting investments, with the minimum option being $5 and the maximum being $3,000. This means that if you open a position at $3,000 then you have to hold off on purchasing more binary options until the original expiry time.

The trading platform isn’t just a host for one-touch trading options. Users can use the one-touch option or opt for traditional High/Low stakes. When you choose to do High/Low, you set your price direction and choose your expiry. With One Touch, you’re given a target price.

Here’s a breakdown of the features of the trading platform:

Expiry Times

Expiration times on the platform come in both short-term and long-term options. For short-term, the expiries start at 30 seconds and go up to 5 minutes.

You can choose your expiry by the clock. When you do this, the tool will then automatically show you the time until the option is available. They also have binary options with exact 1-minute or 3-minute expiry available for purchase from the current market price.

For long-term options, you have the ability to place trades every 15 minutes up to an hour. Weekly and daily expiries are not available on the platform.


The trading platform has payout ratios that can be compared to the industry standard. Their average returns are typically between 80 to 83 percent. The best payout they have to offer is 90 percent on the major forex pairs at 15-minute expiry.

For forex pairs being traded on the short-term, the payout averages at 80 percent. Stock binary options payout at about the same percentage as short-term forex pairs. The lowest payouts on the trading platform are the crypto pairs.


When it comes to the assets that Ayrex has to offer, the list is actually quite long. You can choose between, stocks, commodities, crypto pairs, and forex pairs. Overall, there are more than 60 tradable assets on the Ayrex trading platform, and the list promises to keep growing.


The interface has made it easy for you to trade through the use of an area chart or candlesticks in time frames of 5 seconds to 5 minutes. You can view the price action on a big blue screen, which can help you with moving averages, support and resistance lines, and Bollinger bands.

Mobile App

Ayrex also has a mobile app available to traders that is available for all Android devices through Google Play. The uptime for the application is fairly fast. It’s also equipped with a number of technical indicators and drawing tools. Those who are more prone to price action trading will love this application’s technical capabilities.

When needed, you can draw the appropriate resistance and support levels on the charts and trade the breakouts.

Ayrex Demo Account

A big plus to the Ayrex platform is the demo account that you can try out. If you’re interested in a trading demo, you don’t even have to have a registered account at Ayrex. Simply click the “Try Demo” option and the platform will load its demo mode.

The demo account has $1,000 available and allows you to reload it at any time for an unlimited number of times. However, you will not have the full access to all of the platform’s assets like you do with a real account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To make purchases, you can connect your account to a MasterCard, VISA, e-wallet, or Bitcoin wallet. No matter which payment medium you choose, Ayrex completes your deposit transactions instantly so that you can enjoy trading right away.

If you use an e-wallet, such as Neteller or Skrill, then you’re eligible for automatic withdrawals on the platform. This means that you don’t have to wait for manual approval from Ayrex support before you get your money. If you don’t use one of these payment methods, you should expect your withdrawal request to be processed within 24 hours.

Ayrex does offer their clients a chance at a 30 percent bonus on their first deposit. To be eligible, you have to fulfill the bonus terms set up by the company before you can request a withdrawal on your bonus cash.

Customer Support

Another aspect of the company that many of its users praise is its customer support. If you have any questions or concerns, their customer support is available 24/5 on live chat. Simply shoot them your questions and they’ll respond within seconds.

Ayrex makes a point to be transparent with its traders. They advertise their policies clearly on their website. All of the terms and conditions they have are well-structured and presented in a clear manner to the user. Plus, they inform you of all of the risks associated with opening a real account up front.

​Pros and Cons

​An Ayrex review wouldn’t be complete without listing both the pros and the cons of this binary options broker. Below you will see the main advantages and disadvantages of using Ayrex.

Ayrex Review: Is A Legit Binary Broker? Review: this is the website of a Binary options broker that is located in Cyprus. Is Ayrex legit or another scam? Read this review to find out important details revealed about this broker.

The most vital part of our reviews is the uncovering of if a company or Forex broker is properly licensed or not. To do this, we first establish the location or region where it claims to be based. Then we check with the commission or authority regulating trade there whether it is listed among regulated companies or not.

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Ayrex has its headquarters in Cyprus and we are aware that Forex trading in this region is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). But binary Options trading was banned in Europe and thus the company is not properly licensed. However, it is still popular in the market which counts as something.

Trading with a Forex broker that is unlicensed poses many dangers to traders’ funds. Misappropriated funds may not be recoverable by the government as well. Unlicensed brokerages are not under any rules of traders and this puts traders in more risk than they will be in if they had chosen properly licensed ones.

Advantages of Ayrex

Like we mentioned above, it has some level of popularity in the market with some traders saying good things about the company. The customer base is about 230,000+ and trades can be opened quickly on the platform. Payouts are quite good and trading signals have a 60% success rate.

It is common for brokers to start out with claims of making clients richer. This is because everyone seeking out easier ways to trade effectively does so to make more profit.

However, traders need to be careful about believing everything they encounter in the business sphere. Some are geared to just deceive and steal their funds. Considering what is offered and proofs are effective means of discovering fraud as well as reading our reviews and comparing the offers to those of other legit brokers at the bottom of this article.

Ayrex Trading Platform

The clients of Ayrex use a web-based platform that is quite effective. We advise readers and traders to always look out for the MT4 or MT5 platforms. The MetaTrader platforms are commonly used because they allow the use of trading robots.

Legit brokers are known to offer at least the popular MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading platform.

These platforms are very good signs as they have become some of the most widely used by experienced traders. They are found to be compatible with various devices’ operating systems. All can be used on desktops, Linus, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Tools that come with these trading platforms are also found to be useful for traders. It has proven to be user-friendly as well and helps traders in analyzing the market easily.

Trading instruments offered to traders are mainly currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. Stocks, Indices, and Spotfx are also mentioned. We know that legit brokers offer currency pairs, indices, CFDs on many commodities and cryptocurrencies. It is important to let traders know the options open to them.

The minimum bet size is $5 and the maximum is $3000 while the payout is up to 85% on EURUSD and 39% to 42% on BTC.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods on Ayrex

There is no mention of the methods to be used for deposits and withdrawals by clients of this broker. This is unusual and discouraging.

This is because standard and legit brokers make deposits and withdrawals available via Visa, MasterCard, and Wire Transfer. Many offer e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, FasaPay, and so on.

A minimum deposit of $25 is required which is more than the obtainable average of $100 to $250 that is common among legit brokers.

This information is important so that clients can invest any little amount they can spare. In order to be able to first watch the working of the brokerage. If then they are satisfied with what they see, they can determine when to withdraw their money.

Is Ayrex Licensed?

No. Ayrex offers binary options trading which is prohibited in Europe and thus cannot be a licensed broker. We found a report mentioning that the broker was on the verge of getting a license from the CySEC before trading binary options was blocked.

Regulated Forex brokers in Europe, America, Africa, Australia, and Asia are under many strict rules. The regulatory bodies like the FCA, FSCA, CySEC, AISC, NFA and many others have regulations protecting Forex traders from unfair brokers. This is why they come top as recommended Forex brokers.


If you want to get in touch with this broker, send an email to [email protected]


Ayrex is a reliable though unlicensed and unregulated broker offering European banned trading binary options.Trading conditions are stated which is encouraging. Further, transaction methods are not talked about. Deposit requirements are affordable and the broker has some popularity in the market. If you have anything to say about this broker, do so in the comment section.



Fortrade is a UK-based broker with address at Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road London, SW3 6RD, United Kingdom. They are among the best brokers in the industry offering trades in numerous assets including stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Fortrade is regulated and licensed by the FCA(Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK well as ASIC in Australia which makes client funds safe. They accept traders worldwide.. visit their official website

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