Olymp Trade App For Mobile (Read This In 2020)

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OlympTrade: The Mobile Trading App

Just like other trading platforms such as IQ Option, OlympTrade offers an app for the mobile-savvy traders. Through the installation and use of this app, traders will enjoy the same services and resources including price charts, technical resources and tools.

The app can work on a number of mobile devices that work on iOS and Android. Interested investors and traders should take note that right now, t he app will only allow the trading of forex and not binary options.

Review of Olymptrade Mobile App

Traders who want to use the app will notice the similarities with the desktop service. The usual resources and technical tools that are seen in desktops are also available on mobile. The app also works in real time, giving the traders real-time information regarding prices based on the location or time zone where the traders are located. The app can allow the trader to make an order, or configure the expiration time.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the quality job done with programming OlympTrade mobile trading app. Do you have an account with OlympTrade? You will find the app on the App Store and Google Play.

Olymptrade App for Android

The app can work on Android devices that run on the latest operating system. There is no need to purchase a high-end Android device with the highest specs; a regular Android device is enough to show the different technical tools and resources including indicators and price charts.

To use this app, interested traders must download first the app from the Google Play Store. Once the app has been fully downloaded and installed, traders can count on their smartphone as an instant trading platform that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Olymptrade App for iOS

To use the app on iOS devices, traders are advised to download first the app on the official app store. When the app has been downloaded and installed, traders can enjoy an excellent interface and a layout that is easy to navigate. This app for iOS is similar to the Android app and can provide traders with complete access to critical resources and trading tools including functions and market updates. With the use of this app for iOS, traders can easily transform their smart phones into a mobile trading platform that can be helpful in real-time.

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20 Responses to “OlympTrade: The Mobile Trading App”

Please I just downloaded the app I’m looking for an option where I can use the Bollinger band.. Please help

If I deposited money and I trade, how will I know if I made a profit

I couldn’t see the settings where I can configure the Stop Loss, etc. I’m using the mobile app for IOS. And yes, latest update.

Will I be the one trading myself, don’t you have brokers who can trade on my behalf.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
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No Halima and we don’t recommend finding such brokers. 100% of people telling you they will trade for you will lose your money – I know it from my experience. Nobody is as careful with your money as you are. Be careful of scammers on facebook and instagram who wnat to lure you – always only trade on your account yourself!

How do I change it to a real account so I can trade n make deposit?

Hello, yes you can easily switch between the account in the administration.


Dear Peter, can you tell us whats wrong? Do you get an error message you could send us so we know what the problem is? Also, where are you from?

Hello, I don’t have a card but can you send the money another person ‘ s account.

Dear Mitali, no, that’s not possible because of all KYC and AML rules and laws. Only your (the trading person’s) accounts can be used.

Please can stop loss and take profit be set up on OLYMPTRADE mobile app?

Augustine, with options trading, there is no such thing as stoploss or take profit. However if you’re talking about cfd/forex trading, then yes, you should be able to set it. Do you not see the option to do so in the app?

I don’t know how to trade in it
0905 *** **** that is my number.

Hello, we are sorry but we can’t publish there your telephone number.

I have a visa card which I want to use to make deposit but it’s a debit card not credit card, will I be able to make withdrawal with it? Also I have being practising with d demo account, I make gains but jt is not being added to d total deposit, any spe jal step to claim your gain for it to be added to my deposit?

Hello, I don’t own credit card but I don’t see any problem in depositing with it. You can’t add money you made on a demo account to your real account, that’s not possible. A demo account is for free for testing.

AM trying to download app and join to play from Tanzania but it seems not easy. Please can Í have some help ?

It is very trusted site I like it

We are happy that you trust this broker. We wish you many successful trades.

Download Olymp Trade (Laptop, PC, iOS, Android)

Finally, Olymp Trade launches its own application for computer platforms running Windows and MacOS software. This upgrade is satisfying expectations of many traders in order to bring convenience and easy access to Olymp Trade.

More importantly, by using a separate application which is independent of the site, you can freely use auto-trading tools, intelligent trading robots … to apply in the transactions. This is something that only traders used to use IQ Option before.

If you don’t have an Olymp Trade account yet, you can sign up for a quick account at the Olymp Trade registration box on the right of your screen or the box below to get $ 10,000 free in your Demo account

Download Olymp Trade mobile app for Android and IOS

You can use Olymp Trade in many devices like computers, smartphones, tablets.

Olymp Trade app for Android users Olymp Trade app for IOS user

3 steps to download and install Olymp Trade application to your PC or Laptop

Step 1: Go to https://olymptrade.com/download to get the link to download Olymp Trade software

Here, you will see “Olymp Trade for a desktop” with 3 separate items. If you use Macbook, choose download for macOS.

How to download and install Olymp Trade application on Windows and MacOS desktops

If you are using Windows, you need to check if you are using x64 or x32 by right-clicking My Computer or This PC on your computer screen. Then select Properties and a System dialog box will appear. Just look at the System Type settings and you’ll know your computer is 64 – bit or 32 – bit

How to view the Windows version

Step 2: Install Olymp Trade application on your PC or laptop

After downloading the appropriate file, you proceed to install this file on your computer.

Install Olymp Trade application on your PC or laptop

When opening the file if a dialog box appears, select Run. After the application has finished, go back to the main screen and start Olymp Trade

Step 3: Log in and customize the settings you need on Olymp Trade application

Open the app and proceed to log in to your Olymp Trade account

Log in and customize the settings you need on Olymp Trade application

Once you have entered your account, start customizing the Olymp Trade trading interface to suit your method. Basically, Olymp Trade app for PC / Laptop version is no different from what you use in the website.

If you are not familiar with the Olymp Trade trading interface. Please read this tutorial: How to use the Olymp Trade interface for newbies

Olymp Trade Apps Give Clients 4 Ways to Trade

With a Variety of Different Applications, Trading has Never Been Easier

Different Traders have different needs! Olymp Trade understands this perfectly and has developed 4 apps to meet the needs of traders from around the world. No matter if you’re trading on the go or at home, one of the Olymp Trade apps will give you the power to reach your financial goals.

Most Olymp Trade clients are familiar with the web browser version of the Olymp Trade platform, but you may not have known about some of the other useful options you have as an Olymp Trade client.

There are 4 unique ways to trade on the Olymp Trade platform and each is geared towards the individual needs of the trader.

  1. The Standard Olymp Trade Platform using a web browser.
  2. The Downloadable Desktop App
  3. Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  4. MetaTrader4 Olymp Trade App

Since most people utilize the #1, let’s explain the other 3 quickly and then move on to answering questions.

Olymp Trade Downloadable Desktop App

The Olymp Trade Desktop App has a number of features that might benefit certain traders depending on their situation. The main reasons to utilize the app instead of the browser – Security and Speed.

Using the desktop version is more secure than the browser version and if security is an issue for you, then this might be a good option. The other common reason is the speed of the desktop app. If you’re running an older model computer or one with limited memory, the desktop app will usually perform much faster than the browser.

Take a look at the 4 benefits of the desktop app .

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

These Olymp Trade Apps are perfect for traders who stay on the move, but we know many traders that use their mobile apps even when they are at home. You can download the apps for free from the appropriate app store.

MetaTrader4 for Olymp Trade

MetaTrader4 is extremely popular with traders throughout the world and Olymp Trade works with the MetaTrader4 platform to provide clients with trading opportunities using the app.

MetaTrader4 can be used on either mobile devices or desktops. You can download the Olymp Trade MetaTrader4 App for free.

Common Questions About Olymp Trade Apps:

What are the differences between trading on the Olymp Trade platform in the browser versus the Desktop App?

The Olymp Trade Desktop App is updated regularly so you will not miss out on any new platform features.

Can I use MetaTrader 4 to trade on Olymp Trade?

What assets can I trade using the Olymp Trade mobile app?

What assets can I trade using MetaTrader4 with Olymp Trade?

A full list of assets available on the MetaTrader4 Olymp Trade App can be found when registering with the program. The assets available change from time to time based on trading liquidity issues in executing trades. This is a complex issue outside the direct control of Olymp Trade.

Is there a difference in payouts, commissions, and profitability when using different Olymp Trade apps?

However, some functions of the platform are unavailable on MetaTrader4 because these can’t be integrated into the MetaTrader4 system.

Do I need separate accounts for each Olymp Trade App?

You will be able to log into your Olymp Trade account from any of the other 3 available methods without any differences.


Whatever method you choose, Olymp Trade is constantly updating its services to meet client needs and provide the best trading experience possible for each of their clients regardless of location or the size of their accounts.

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