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Quantum Code Review – $10,000 Per Day Is Fake Claim!

Quantum Code is a very misleading automated binary options software that is claiming that you can make $1,892,460 (around two million dollars) every month just by making a little investment of around $250 as initial deposit into the broker account. If you are thinking to try this binary options auto trader, then we recommend you to spare your 5 minutes to read this Quantum Code review completely.

Official Website: thequantumcode.net

The Quantum Code Review

It’s a recently launched binary options auto-trader software which is presented by Michael Crawford. He claims to be a philanthropist and famous millionaire who is known with different nicknames in the trading business like “The Millionaire Trader”, “The nicest Rich guy in the World” etc. He made many fake claims in the pitch video like he got featured in popular financial magazines like Forbes. He had also tried his best to lure traders by showing weekly earning reports in which ROI% followed by Net profit was unrealistic.

Well, Quantum Code is a confirmed SCAM which is just trying to lure traders with the help of fake promises. Read this unbiased and honest Quantum Code review till end to know some of the facts about Quantum Code that are enough to prove this system a scam.

No Satisfying Explanation about Quantum Code Working

You might be wondering what different things are done by Quantum Code in comparison to other trading systems that it helps you in earning this much amount. To be frank, we didn’t find any good explanation about how this software work. Micheal mentioned that they are using highly revolutionary algorithm named as Near Quantum Speed (NQS) technology which does not exist actually. Basically, Mr. Michael Crawford used some complex terms in their pitch video to impress traders as there was nothing to told about Quantum Code Scam which is not fabricated.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now:


    Only For Experienced Traders.

So, let’s move on to Quantum Code review points which will give you many reasons to stay away from Quantum Code Scam.

Quantum Code Review Points

Michael Crawford nowhere exists as a Millionaire

In the pitch, Micheal mentioned that he is very rich personality and is featured on popular financial magazines like Forbes, but when we tried to find about him on the internet. We didn’t find anything which confirms his existence and the following statement. What we found is an article written by Michael B. Crawford, who is an editor at the New York Times and he is not a millionaire.

According to him, he is a CEO and owner of the company named as Quantum Code. But when we started looking for this business and its registration we didn’t find anything. We tried to find about Quantum Code company as well, but as expected it does not exist in this world.

All these things raises a big red flag on Micheal and his software – Quantum Code.

Did you notice the User Count Widget on the Website? It is Fake

If you visit Quantum Code Software official website. At the left bottom side of the screen, you will see a widget showing you real-time stats about how many VIP SPOTS are available as well as the count of a total number of users on the website. Now if you watch that widget for few seconds you will analyze that the count falls down to one, and instantly jump ups to a higher number. If this count is trusted and real, then the VIP SPOTS which are still unoccupied by the users must have picked up by any of users. Also, there will be no additional spot which suddenly come into the website again.

Available Since 2006. Really?

According to Micheal, he has earned around One Billion Dollars using Quantum Code system in last 10 years. Now this is another fake statement by him, if you check the website domain registration details you will know that 12 June 2020 is the date on which the domain of the website was purchased. If this trading software website is created a few days ago, then from where he earned around One Billion in last 10 years?

This confirms that Quantum Code System is full of lies and is not real.

$10,000 in a day using Quantum Code Software

If you’re into the trading business from a long time, then you know very well that it is impossible to earn a profit of $10000 in just 24 hours. Even if you will use all of your initial deposit of 250$ in one trade, then even you can’t earn 10000$ in a single day. Moreover, We have already covered lots of genuine trading system in our previous articles and no one mentioned that you can earn this much profit in just one day. We also know that only Fake or Fraud trading system can guarantee you this much amount to convince novice traders. Now if you’re our regular reader, then you have definitely noticed that we always tell our readers that any trading software that assures you millions in a short interval of time are completed fabricated and we have proved this so many times in our previous reviews.

NQS Technology doesn’t Exist

We have heard about NQS technology for the first time so decided to know more about it. But after checking about NQS on the internet we came to know that NQS technology didn’t exist in real life. So what this mean is that there is no such technology and Micheal using the word NQS just to convince users.

Fake Beta Testers

On the website, you will see faces of two people named as Robert and Mark. According to Micheal, these two people are real life proofs of Quantum Code. Frankly speaking, both these reviewers are fake and paid actors who provide fake testimonials just for money. We have seen them in so many SCAM trading systems.

Verdict: Quantum Code is 100% Scam

**Important Update** 28 July 2020 **

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Our Suggestion

After investigating a bit on Quantum Code software, there is no doubt that Quantum Code is a confirmed SCAM. So we’re not recommending this software to anyone. We have provided sufficient proofs to call Quantum Code a SCAM trading system. So we advise all of our readers to stay away from it. We guarantee you that what you will lost all of your money from this SCAM. Let us know in the comments what do you think about it.

Quantum Code


What is QuantumCode System & Who is Michael Crawford?
How to Start, Is This Forex Robot Free & Testimonials +
100% Real Traders’ Results in This QuantumCode Review
Is This Forex Software Scam or Quantum Code is Safe?


Broker Quantum Code
Official Website URL www.TheQuantumCode.net
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, E-mail
Payout 96%
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Experss
Number of Assets 70+
Overall Score 8.8/10

Full Review

Every now and then a Forex investment system comes out that truly has the power to change people’s lives. The Quantum Code Software has many special features, a superb computer algorithm and it seems to actually work. Such systems do not just appear randomly. Instead, they are the product of many years of hard work, experience and extensive development.

Review Verdict: The Quantum Code is NOT a Scam

The Quantum Code is a Forex auto-trading solution that has given grounds for success to many members of the online investment community. Traders have been asking many questions regarding this robot software. Does it truly fulfill all that it has promised? Has it raised the bar for profit amplifying systems? If you want to learn the answers to all these questions, read our Quantum Code scam review.

There is plenty of information about this Forex investment robot. The company behind it is called the same way as the software – The Quantum Code, founded by Michael Crawford. The said has years of experience in the financial sphere. Some have even dared to nickname him ‘the Wall Street wizard’ and ‘the Millionaire Trader’.

Table of Contents

Using The System

All you have to do in order to get free access to this auto-trading system is to create and account, place initial deposit with a reliable broker and start trading on autopilot mode.

In addition, we were able to come across information that the NQS technology is the main reason why this Forex investment solution is preferred over other profit increasing systems. The Quantum Code’s most unique feature – Near Quantum Speed technology is in fact its greatest strength and advantage. The Forex blogger Collin Tyusm states in his Quantum Code review at CyberMentors that “The algorithms used for its creation constantly run in the background of your trading process but without disturbing the actual process“. It is the operational base for the system’s programming algorithm which is capable of generating results that are near to perfection. The expected success rate is above 96%.

What the Quantum Code Forex robot basically does is to analyze markets and scrape other people or institution’s trades. It can thus get ahead of the rest, buying or selling before they do. This is how the income-increasing solution generates profits to its clients.

No Download Required

Michael Crawford’s Quantum Code system does not require any downloading or installing process. Furthermore, it is responsive to almost every operating system, such as: Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. You will only have to create your account in order to start trading.

Get Started In 3 Steps

Starting with the Quantum Code software is actually a 3-step procedure that takes just a few minutes. You only have to fill in the provided form on the website, select a Forex broker from the recommended list and place your initial trading deposit. The needed amount is only $250. However, you should be aware of the fact that the more funds you decide to invest, the more profits you are likely to win.


Our investigation brought us incredibly high results as we managed to verify its winning rate of 96%. And this is amazing and really unmet achievement. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Quantum Code is one of the best auto-trading systems released on the market. It is capable of accumulating as much as $6,000 – $9,000 per day. Still, this depends on how much you wish to invest during your initial deposit investing process.

Trading with the Quantum Code software is 100% free and online investors won’t be required to pay anything in order to take advantage of this unique auto-trading Forex platform. You can be sure that there are no hidden taxes, delayed payments or some additional costs.

Is Quantum Code a Scam?

According to the results we managed to accumulate during our thorough investigation, we have to say that there the Quantum Code software being a scam is just not an option. All the users of this auto-trading Forex robot are satisfied with the results they get on regular basis. In addition, almost all the other reviews on the system and its trading performance are positive. Not to mention the fact that Michael Crawford is a real person and highly successful investor and philanthropist. So, you should stop hesitating anymore and join this exceptional income-generating Forex robot.

Who is Michael Crawford?

The personal path of The Wall Street Wizard has been far from smooth. Michael Crawford once worked in New York for a high frequency trading firm which designed financial software for wealthy people and successful business. As a young father who was trying to feed him family, he had had enough of the long hours and small salary. In 2006, Mr. Crawford decided it was time to start a company on his own. He took the brightest and most capable of his colleagues along and together they founded this Forex auto investing system.


Our investigation has shown that there have been no reported problems with the withdrawal procedure. It does take between 3 and 5 business days, but the monetary amounts get transferred to one’s bank account safe and sound.

Customer Support Service

Users, especially novices will always have their doubts. This is why, it is always good to know that there is someone who can provide you with guidance and assistance. It is members-only for the time being. In addition, all the available users’ feedback confirm the fact that the 24/7 customer support is highly reliable, professional and responsive. There result is that traders experience minimum difficulties during their personal trading process.

In addition, Forex robot provides users with access to regular seminars by inspired professionals who will enshrine them on the best possible strategies and techniques.


Our final verdict is going to be 100% positive as we confirm that this automated Forex robot is highly reliable and trustworthy. To sum it up, we consider our Quantum Code review finished as the system is really proven to be legit, reliable and trustworthy. You can safely proceed to invest with it.

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