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Service Review: Lazy Binary Option Signals

Today I’m looking at a new trading product that promises traders more quality time, Lazy Binary Option Signals. The people behind the system claim to have done all the research in finding the best signal providers and are now putting them all in one place.

There is no address or location provided for the vendor but you can contact support via an email form or phone, (616) 438-6026. For all signal service ratings and reviews go here .

Lazy Binary Option Signals Review

It’s unknown who is behind this service, which makes it very difficult to draw on a past reputation to give some clarity in this review. Instead, we have to assume that this trader who’s developed Lazy Binary Option Signals, is an expert.

The vendor believes they are different from other services because they search for “good traders whom are willing to trade 1 signal at 1 specific time of day.” They believe that this approach allows them to test traders better, and provide consistency because that trader will be providing a signal to the community at the exact same time every day. I do have some obvious concerns with this approach. I’m sure every trader has their own trading approach, but successful traders would find it extremely difficult to provide a signal at the same time every single day. Expert traders generally rely on the market to dictate the terms. By that I mean, traders generally need certain elements in the market to line up in order for a viable binary options trade set up.

The signals are provided to the club members via the private membership site and email.

Trading Results

The Lazy Binary Option Signals trading results are provided in a table. From what we can see, the developers use Nadex exclusively. There are 3 different signal providers, “Tap”, “AP”, and “King.” We are not introduced to any of the providers, so we cannot guarantee that they are trained professionals or not. It’s really quite hard to believe that they have so many providers considering that this is a relatively unknown binary options product. Yet, that’s neither here nor there.

The results themselves, are hardly conclusive because they don’t provide us with any real trading statements.

From what I can gather, the results table is set up in a way that there are 5 trades a day.

  • Trade 1: 6pm-3am
  • Trade 2: 6pm-7am
  • Trade 3: 8:45am-3pm
  • Trade 4: 11am-1pm
  • Trade 5: 11am-3pm

So, traders are expected to place a trade at 6 PM with the expiry time being 3 AM, and so on. This is an interesting method, but I certainly have my issues with it.


At this point in time I’m going to remain neutral and provide the Lazy Binary Option Signals service with a 3 star review. I really do believe that the vendors need to do much more before this service is ready for the public. In specific, they need to do a much better job at proving that their services viable, as their current trading results table can be too easily fabricated.

Please let me know what you think of the service, and if you’ve used it, even better.

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