Sesterce Cloud Mining Review Is Scam or Legit Platform

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Sesterce Cloud Mining Review: Is Scam or Legit Platform?

Sesterce Review: Scam or Genuine Cloud Mining Service? claims it has the best mining products,. How true is this? Is it Legit? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams. In this review we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

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What Is Sesterce is a platform whose main goal is to provide clientele with the best mining products, including hosting, cloud mining, mining rigs and hardware, and meet all the requirements of our clients. This platform is run and operated by a french company created in 2020. They are located in Marseille, France. They mine a lot of cryptocurrencies.

How Does Sesterce Work

The Cloud Mining Contract starts 48 hours after payment. Other contracts start 5 days after payment. The purchase is unlimited. The methods of payment are- cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and others). You can mine various cryptocurrencies at the same time.

Friendly user interface

Good Customer support

No customer review online.

Fairly New Platform


We are skeptical about Sesterce Cloud Mining. . We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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Sesterce Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 35

Thank you rate sesterce

I’m happy to say I’m very pleased with the delivery of my antminer, even though there was a littel problem with the time length of th delivery probably because of what is happening around the world, They are always attentive and very responsive.
Thank you very much for your profitionalism.

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Awesome job.

Awesome job, thanks for the help with DHL for my miner you saved me a lot of time !

Thanks, we will try our best to help you in thoses hard times !

Really Good Job

They took time to advise me about the miner and i receive it. Good job.

Thank you, Nathaniel,

It is a pleasure to accompany you in your purchase.

Stay away from this company ,they are…

Stay away from this company ,they are scammers.They refused to refund my money from G32 cancellation

We are sincerely sorry for this situation and fully understand your frustration.

The events related to Innosilicon are beyond our control, please understand that with the current situation related to the Coronavirus, their activity had to be stopped in China. As a result we have very little communication with them, and this is the case for all distributors.

We started this refund procedure and proposal with the certainty that we would have a confirmation of the refund from them within 15 days.

Today they, like all of us, are victims of the Coronavirus, and we ask you to please understand this.
Nevertheless, the activity should not be long in resuming in China which should allow us to have a confirmation of refund from them with our insurance company quite quickly.

Once this has been confirmed with them, you will have your contract in place within the day.
Once again please accept our apologies and understand that we are also a victim of this situation for our image and that we depend on the goodwill of the manufacturers.

This company.

This company was called before Sesterce it was “Bitech” then they closed it and created a new website called Sesterce and they closed all mining contracts from the Bitech Cloud Mining I had invested around $50 to see how far it will go. The website was HYIP (They still use it on the new Sesterce Cloud Mining but I’m not so sure to check and see) nothing was real links were not working properly Crypto prices were not accurate. After all that I contacted them via e-mail but they never answered my question about the refund. Their company is located in “France” Stay AWAY.

UPDATE from Sesterce recently:

Following the CoVid-19 pandemic, which led to a drop in the price of Bitcoin, we prefer to temporarily suspend your Cloud contracts due to a lack of profitability. The contracts will be reactivated when they will become profitable again, all your inactive period will be reconducted after the theorical end period. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your understanding,
Sesterce Team

We are sincerely sorry for this situation and fully understand your frustration.

We change all the cloud contracts parameters to let you mine with profitability until now. Please understand that with that huge drop of bitcoin price our cloud mining contract is not profitable. So we have to wait a little bit to let it be profitable again.

I made a refund request in October 2020. Saport replied that the money would be transferred in two weeks, but I did not receive the money.

Sergejs Lesciks
Oct 7, 17:47 CEST
I received a letter from you that you cannot send the miner in October. Therefore, I want to return the money. Order details #8484

Sesterce Support (Sesterce)
Oct 17, 10:18 CEST

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Please note that Sesterce Mining is an entity of Sesterce Group and we strive to provide the same quality of service.

Regarding your inquiry, your refund will be made at the end of the current month.

We will let you know when the transfer is completed.
Sesterce Group – Support TEAM

Thank you all super

Good company. I would recommend it!

Best mining

Best mining! Fantastic service! Thanks for the awesome work here!

Excellent support service

Excellent support service, great team behind, fantastic prices when you see others Online shop where price are 40-60% more expensive, Legit cloud mining service. I think the team behind Sesterce are professionals and they do things right. In this cryptocurrency community where many scammers are around, Sesterce provide an Online shop (for miners) and a Cloud mining service trustfull & reliable. Great to have found them, I think they should have better rating than 3 stars.

They delivered broken device

They delivered broken device and haven’t got any reply to my mail for two weeks now

Please give your feedback to our support at [email protected] about that case we will be happy to help you.

Good services

A Little septic before ordering but everything as Been as Said. Little issue on thé Delivery. I had to go to thé UPS déposit point to take back thé miner because i wasnt therme thé day thé y délivered they could have délivererd a second Time !

This is an update from my previous…

please read my most recent review. I most definitely will be working with them again and I will recommend them to others looking to order machines.

Keeping illegal money since months. warning

Even they got all refund for prepaid miners of non deliverable Obelisk Grinn Miners in August. They are still not paying out the money I prpaid in June! They promised to refund may money in October. Now its End of October. They allways tried to offer me there cloudmining contract which were never interesting.
It took me 4 online forms and 10 emails to say no to their crappy contracts and asking for my money I paid months before. They consisted in paying out in October 18 th. Now we have end of October.
Thats illegal keepning foreign money! They keep many hundred thousands of prepaid money. illegal!
My laywer will contact them!
I just warn you buying a sesterce just not serious.
Please warn. all the he world!

As announced via email and on your support, your refund has been completely processed, please excuse us for this inconvenience, but as explained several times, we are not responsible for supplier batch problems and we want to protect your investments that is why we use this kind of insurance policy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support department at [email protected] or our article about supplier delays attached:

Good service

Good service, I like the honesty of the team and their communication about the delays, I recommend them.


Good service, my miner was here at time and I honestly get a good service from Sesterce.

Stay away from this fraudulent…

Stay away from this fraudulent business. I purchased an ASIC miner in June, 2020. The product was guaranteed for delivery by end of August. Deadline not met and told by customer support, a refund would be issued if orders weren’t shipped by end of September. Nothing shipped and now they’re saying they can’t provide a refund for $5600 purchase. They say manufacturer postponed the delivery and they can’t go against that. Horrible business. Nothing but lies. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

Please note that Innosilicon has postponed the release of the G32 to January and that is why your order has still not been shipped, we have sent you an email to inform you with a form inside.

Here the official announcement by Innosilicon :

Unfortunately we are not responsible for the decisions that manufacturers make about the release of products, we are penalized just like you on the fact that the machines should be released in August and that it is October and they have still not release anything.

I attach a link to an article on our website referring to manufacturers’ delays.

I invite you to contact our support team in order to find a solution to your issue.

Sesterce Mining Support Team

It seemed to take awhile to get a…

It seemed to take awhile to get a response when I contacted Sesterce. It took three weeks to get my miner sent out. I was told after two weeks that it was shipped to the wrong address. I don’t know how that is possible, since I gave Sesterce the address to send it to. Not happy with the service.

We are very sorry to hear that please contact us directly at [email protected] about your problem we will try our best to solve your problem, we had a logistical problem with the shipping address.

I would have given 5 stars save for a…

10/12/19 Update: So they finally read my review, sort of answered my questions, and agreed to fair compensation for the SC1. They aren’t a scam, they don’t steal your money. They’re a small company that made some bad customer service choices. It shouldn’t have taken 15 emails to correct the problem. But in the end, it’s being fixed.

I will use them again.

I would have given 5 stars save for a major malfunction. I have ordered two A9++ and they were delivered in a timely manner at pre-order prices without any attempt to raise the price as Innosilicon kept raising the price and pushing the release date. They are currently hashing away. One of the power supplies is kinda sketchy as it’s backwards from every other power supply as the fans blow opposite from the norm.

I have an M20s on order, and the manufacturer sucks. Or the chip manufacturer sucks. Someone up the supply chain sucks, but I understand Sesterce can’t do anything about it. Paying that August release premium price hurts a little.

Where my malfunction comes in, I spent over $4000 on a single Sc1 dual. Obelisk finally shipped them after pushing the release date back and WEEKS after they finished, I get a shipping notice that the label has been made. It sat that way for another WEEK. After emails to customer service were responded to saying it will be taken care of, several days go by before it gets shipped. Now, this was when SIA coin was the thing to mine and daily profits were high. When I finally get the miner, it has been used. I took pictures of the caked dust, the FUR on the fans and sent it to customer service where I tell them they need to make this right. Any number of paths they could have taken to make it right but instead, basically call me a liar by saying they didn’t use it, but admitted to running it to ‘test’ it out and make sure it worked. That’s like a store opening a toaster or water filter to see if it works and then put it on a shelf to sell it as brand new.

This particular miner serial number left the Obelisk warehouse in JANUARY. Please read that correctly – JANUARY. But they didn’t use it, the dust and fur magically appeared in the SIX MONTHS it took to get to my door.

And then this was icing on the cake, when I didn’t get any worthwhile response, I went and wrote a review on the Facebook page, it was the first and only review on their page at the time. Instead of a fix, my acct apparently was reported and I no longer have it as it’s been flagged as fake.

They used to have a really good thing in place by including shipping, but now it’s a flat fee, the links to compensation for a late shipment no longer work (might want to remove those completely) and I can never believe what the site says of in stock/ a later month shipment as of the four orders none has actually been in stock or shipped on time. On a side note, they did offer to discuss compensation after the m20 does ship. So that’s a good thing but over all, The customer service is lacking. It seems like they are trying, but have never actually had any formal training in how to do it. When I have sent multiple questions, they have NEVER all been answered, there are rarely any explanations to what is going on, and I think it might be a language barrier.
Would I buy from them again? This is a hard question. If someone else comes along with as good prices and communicates manufacturer problems, shipping delays, expectations, etc, no. If I find a company that has slightly higher prices and does great customer service, no. If they fix their customer service, actually own up to what happened with my SC1 Dual and make it right? Maybe.

Sesterce Mining

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