Sleeping Money Machine – Scam or Not

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Sleeping Money Machine is a binary robot that is present in the market for over one year, but it still attracts some traders who don’t really know that the binary industry can often be financially unsafe.

We decided that it is not too late to review this binary trading system and offer our readers an objective picture on it.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • You can use both the automated and manual trading modes;
  • There are lots of assets you can choose from;

  • There is no support by chat;
  • There are fake testimonies and the creators seem to be paid actors;
  • The system uses exaggerated promises

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is Sleeping Money Machine?

Sleeping Money Machine is one of those binary trading systems that can function in the automated mode and claims it can generate money on its own. Sounds fantastic, right? However, we’re afraid your hopes should end here because the reality is worse than we could expect.

We know that scam systems at least try to mimic authentic binary robots, but Sleeping Money Machine couldn’t do it. The testimonies they show on the sales page are obviously fake, and the whole story and approach seem to be of low quality. You can read some positive reviews on the Internet, but the reality is that people behind the system paid these reviews and testimonies for marketing purposes. As we could note, many people still believe they can generate money with it. Well, we hope our readers will keep their money away from Sleeping Money Machine.

The great thing about Sleeping Money Machine is that you can access it for free for the first month – it’s like a trial period. This is where you can test its functionality and can see on your own how it works. After the first month, you will have to pay a monthly fee in order to keep your membership. Moreover, traders have to choose one of the listed brokers and make a deposit of no less than $250. This approach is quite different from what we know. With both the monthly payment and the deposit requirement, Sleeping Money Machine wants to take advantage of you quite openly.


How Does It Work?

After making a detailed investigation of Sleeping Money Machine, we have found that this binary system is not reliable and we strongly recommend our readers to stay away from it. You may spend your money with other binary robots that are proven to work for real.

We could not find any special features with this system. Moreover, we could not even confirm that it can generate at least a portion of the promised profits. Sleeping Money Machine is one of those binary systems that use fake testimonies and stories in order to promote their product. We don’t admit such an approach, which is why we have a bad opinion on it.


Virtual Income is nothing but another robot using duplicitous advertising to make affiliate commissions. You definitely won’t be making thousands of dollars a day with this one. Stay very far away.

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7 Binary Options

The introduction of online trading platforms has over the past decade made trading the financial markets much more accessible to everybody.

However, not everyone has the knowledge or experience to be able to trade the unpredictable markets successfully.

To help beginner traders have a better chance of success, many software developers have come up with this automated trading system which can trade the markets without any human intervention.

One such software that was recently launched on the internet is the “Sleeping Money Machine” (SMM).

SMM claims to be able to help its users to achieve as much as $2000 in daily profits.

We are curious as to whether the SMM system can really deliver on its promises or it is just another scam. To find out more, check out our in-depth review of the Sleeping Money Machine trading system.

What is the Sleeping Money Machine?

Based on the promotional video for the SMM system, this software is said to be the brainchild of an individual by the name of Robert Benjamin. According to him, the SMM system has helped him to make a few million dollars for the past few years. Accordingly, the SMM system is able to scan the global financial markets and identify any profitable trading opportunities.

This is how the registration looks like:

Apart from this, we were unable to find any insights into how the SSM system really works. In order to obtain more information about how the SMM system works, interested parties are asked to contact Robert Benjamin directly with their questions.

  1. To us, this is the first red flag that we noted about the SMM system as being a possible scam.
  2. Another sign which points to the likelihood that the SMM system is a scam is the unethical way which Mr. Benjamin installed a script on his website to force visitors to his website to watch the entire video sales pitch. We have to asked ourselves as to why would Mr. Benjamin have to force anyone to watch his entire sales pitch if he is so confident about the SMM system.
  3. Finally, we also noted an annoying browser pop up that keeps appearing every time we tried to exit his website. The pop up “warns” us of losing the chance to make more than $7000 in profits by the time we go to bed. The curious thing about this “warning” is the fact that the math doesn’t add up. In the promotional video, Mr. Benjamin claims that the SMM system is able to generate more than $2000 in daily profits. Given that there are 5 trading days in the week, this will roughly equal $10,000 in weekly profits.

So do you reconcile the $7,000 figure to a simple calculation that gives a total sum of $10,000?

And if the $7,000 figure refers to the trading profits over a 24 hours trading period, then where does the claim of $2000 in daily profit come into the picture?

At the end of the day, we were left more confused than convinced about the earning potential of the SMM system.

Perhaps Mr. Benjamin’s target audiences are those who are extremely weak in basic math.

How does it work?

From our research and from what we can understand about the SMM system, it is just like any typical automated trading robot. The SMM system uses a trading algorithm to scan all available market data to pick out trends which can be exploited by traders. And based on the analysis of the data, the SMM will then try to predict how prices will move.

As to the mechanics of the trading algorithm, no information has been provided by its creator Mr. Benjamin. So this leaves us in an unenviable position of having to trust Mr. Benjamin whole heartedly without any solid proof that the SMM system actually works.

Final conclusion

At the end of our review on the SMM system, we can only come to the conclusion that the SMM is a scam designed simply to get unsuspecting traders to trade with unregulated brokers.

As such, we strongly recommend our readers to avoid signing up for the SMM system even though it is provided free of charge.

In short, don’t trust Robert Benjamin at all.

Sleeping Money Machine Is Scam !! Real Review !!

Avoid this Scam App . The Sleeping Money Machine software promises you heaven on earth by claiming to make you money while you sleep. And the worst thing is that the Sleeping Money Machine system owner threatens you with a browser pop up warning that you’ll forfeit your chance to earn over $7,000 the next time you go to bed. This bothersome browser pop is activated with every slight move you make with your mouse, even when you’re not navigating away from the page.

But what can we make out of this? Are they forcing you to sign up in order to earn money that you badly need or money that you probably won’t make in your entire life, except when you use Sleeping Money Machine App (SMM).Something is definitely not right with this software, and for this reason, we are doing a honest review to expose it together with the people behind it.

Sleeping Money Machine Review ;SMM App Fake ?

Is Sleeping Money Machine a scam?

It is definitely perturbing to learn the fact that not only is this software a scam, but the website used to host it is filled up with spam as well. There is nothing honest with this Sleeping Money Machine (SMM System).We must confess that this is the worst scam software we ever reviewed in 2020. We were forced to watch the entire pitch video till the end. Also, we noticed that our mouse was behaving strangely each time we opened this Software website. Apparently, Robert Benjamin (who is the owner of Sleeping Money Machine system) put a weird script on his website to make it harder to use the mouse once the page is open and the pitch video is playing.

Benjamin claims that he found a secret binary options system that made him between 4 to 5 million dollars every year. He also stated that his SMM Method worked by analyzing trading results across the world before entering trades that are likely to turn profitable.But that’s all Benjamin said in his spammy website. There is no more explanation of this miraculous software that’s supposed to make you lots of money while you sleep. So you either have to guess it out or contact him asking questions on why you should invest in Sleeping Money Machine system. Anyway, the only thing that he adds to his vague statements is that you can now get Sleeping Money machine signals for free.

From what we have gathered, this is clearly someone who has no time to invest in something that is already a scam. He does not care to give convincing reasons why you should put your money in Sleeping Money machine system. He only hopes to convince by telling you that you will make over $2,000 per day with this bogus program. It is very lame and shameful!!

Impossible Revenue Gains with Sleeping Money Machine App Exposed !!

The owner of this App claims people are making over $2,000 per day with Sleeping Money machine software. On the other hand, he uses a browser pop up several times to warn that visitors should not leave his site because they would forfeit their chances of making over $7,000 the next time they go to bed.

The first thing we wonder is how $2,000 daily profit is suppose to add up to $7,000 in 5 days (the money market closes during weekends). From simple arithmetic, we know that $2,000 multiplied by 5 is $10k. Besides this, if this Sleeping Money Machine (SMM)software can make $7k every time you sleep, then we cannot see why it should only make $2k in a span of 24 hours. So it’s very clear to us that Benjamin was taking our basic math knowledge for granted. If not, he was hoping that visitors will not make sense of this information as long as they’re caught up with the promised of making big bucks.

Fake Invitation by Sleeping Money Machine Owners

When you open this Sleeping Money Machine website, you will see an invitation marked by the flag of your country informing you that your country has been qualified and that you can watch the ”weird” video presentation of a secret system that will make you $2,396 each day.You notice he uses the term ”weird” to describe his scam system. He knows that all statements he is about to make are all weird and outright foolish.The truth is, this warning you’re seeing on top of the page is auto-generated, and will invite visitors from all countries to watch the bogus introduction video which has no value anyway.

Fake trust badges on SMM Website

Benjamin and his team have ”invested” in fake SMM trust badges from renowned internet security companies like McAfee, SSL secure connection, GeoTrust and many more.This is meant to fool traders who don’t know that such badges must only be functional to be considered genuine. What we mean is that you must be able to point your cursor on that particular badge and click your way into that company’s official site. If this is not possible, then it means something is not right with the product you’re being offered.

Fake Sleeping Money Machine Testimonials

We have Bradley Jenkins, Rachel Woo, Normal Bocelli, and ultimately ”You”. But let us make it clear that those names don’t belong to the respective personalities you’re seeing on that website. The photos were clearly lifted from somewhere else on the internet.Also, notice how Rachel Woo faked that she made over $4k dollars the first instance she engaged Sleeping Money Machine signals. Another one ridiculously thanks God for withdrawing over $7,000, thanks to Sleeping Money Machine signals and its ability to generate huge profits.

Do you think what they are saying is true? It certainly can’t be the case. In fact, if it was so, authorities would quickly arrest you for participating in money laundering activities — i.e you’re withdrawing huge sums of cash without being able to explain the source of it.

Never Join the Scam App’s, Always check my Scam binary options software’s page before joining with new App’s.

Conclusion : The Sleeping Money Machine System is Scam !!

We found it necessary to write this Sleeping Money Machine Review to warn traders and save them from losing their money. Benjamin is very aggressive with his rogue tactics, although he isn’t canning because his website is full of red flags. They want to earn their commission when you sign up and deposit $250. You’re obviously keeping someone else happy while you suffer in the end. Don’t trust these guys!!

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