Contribute to San Leandro Online

San Leandro Online is a website for you and it’s your chance to get out in front of your community. We want to hear from you creators, makers and professionals! Tell us your stories and ideas.

We’ve built San Leandro Online as a platform for the community. We want you to use to your advantage whether as a megaphone to announce your event, or a funnel to direct customers to your website or your shop or a showcase for your spectacular work or your sparkling personality. We leave it to you…



  • 300 to 1,000 words. Not a strict guideline but a good rule of thumb. (
  • Check your spelling and grammar before submitting. Well written prose will have a better chance of acceptance. Suggestion: Having someone proofread your article never hurts.
  • Don’t plagiarise! Give credit where it is due. That goes for images as well.
  • Profanity and racial epithets are discouraged. I will review if you think it’s essential but the answer will almost always be “no.”


Some content suggestions:

  • Review a favorite local band, restaurant or event.
  • Write a short story or poem.
  • Honor someone in the community.
  • Tips for maintaining your car or painting your living room.
  • Sat in on a council meeting? Tell us about it. Share your opinion.
  • Advertising for an upcoming event.
  • Your solution for a local problem.
  • Anything else your imagination can come up with!
  • Organizing something? Write about it.


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