Teletrade – review and feedback on the forex and CFD broker with free education

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Teletrade – review and feedback on the forex and CFD broker with free education

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Overview of well-known forex brokers: Teletrade

If we conduct a survey among professional traders and fans of online trading, wondering if they know how their colleagues earned before the Internet became a common thing (and for some, vitally necessary) thing, it is unlikely that there will be many respondents who will be able to give the right, detailed answer. Today, it is even difficult to imagine how the usual deals for us were done without modern technology, using the usual fixed telephone communication.

The participant of the above events, that is, the company that was one of the first in the entire post-Soviet space to start providing brokerage services, is the well-known international organization Teletrade. For many representatives of the older generation, TeleTrade is a “guide to the world of the Forex market”, the organizers of the company became the first customers of the legendary MetaTrader platform, which is used all over the world today, they implemented Internet commerce in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. But all this is a story, many traders are most interested in the question of what the creators (or their followers) of the legendary forex broker can offer today?

General characteristics of Teletrade

Modern Teletrade (the beginning of activity in 1994) is a group of companies that provide their clients with access to online trading and financial consulting services. They work in 26 countries around the world, more than 3 thousand highly qualified professionals are employees of this serious international organization. To date, TeleTrade is considered one of the largest investors in Europe.

Activity control

Teletrade provides its services on the basis of the EU Directive on the markets of financial instruments. Also, the company has a license (like most well-known European forex brokers) of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Practically in every European country where the representation of an international financial group functions, the company’s activities are controlled by local competent regulators (for example, in the Czech Republic it is the Czech National Bank, in Germany – the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, etc.).

Customer Security

Developed by the best programmers of the Teletrade application, time-tested platforms MetaTrader4 / 5 and other modern software guarantee the ability to conduct financial transactions and information security, regardless of what device the user of this platform chooses to work with.

All the funds of its clients are kept by this company on separate accounts in the best European banks, and membership in the Investment Compensation Fund is an additional guarantee of protecting the interests of traders in the event of any disputes with Teletrade representatives.

Training of beginning traders

The company under consideration pays much attention to training its potential customers. After a newcomer registers a login for Teletrade, he can not only access standard training materials and analytical reviews, but also become participants in special courses with theoretical lectures and practical exercises.

Also online training is provided, it is possible to study the history of the development of successful traders, and then to check the level of theoretical training, using a free demo account.

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If at any stage of training or the current work the trader has problems / non-standard situations, he can apply to the 24-hour support service (he works all week, 24 hours a day and provides advice in 20 languages), find similar questions in the appropriate category or look at this topic video instruction on the company’s web resource. For communication with the support representatives, you can use not only online chat on the broker’s website, but also e-mail or telephone communication, including the “call back” function.

Preparation for work

After studying all the nuances of online trading, with the help of a demo account placed on Teletrade, you can start real deals. To do this, you need to open a trading account and make a minimum deposit. There are four types of accounts on the platform:

в—Џ Standard (at least 2000 USD).

в—Џ Professional (from 50 thousand dollars).

в—Џ VIP Gold (from 100 thousand dollars).

в—Џ VIP Platinum (from 500 thousand dollars).

The last two categories provide for special working conditions on the trading floor and individual privileges.

How to work on Teletrade: an overview of the basic conditions and rules

Preparing for the site Teletrade review, you need to pay special attention to the presented trading tools, ways of replenishing / withdrawing money, as well as available on the resource bonuses and shares.

How to make a deposit and withdraw the earned money

The huge scale of the activities of the companies of the represented financial group require the use of a variety of ways to replenish the trading account and withdraw funds:

в—Џ plastic cards of various financial and credit institutions;

в—Џ Yandex money;

в—Џ bank transfer;

в—Џ online banking, etc.

The currencies of the site are the US dollar and the euro, but you can use almost any national currency to replenish the account.

Trading platform tools

To conduct online trading a broker provides its clients with a huge selection of financial instruments:

в—Џ Currency (Forex market);

в—Џ CFD for shares;

в—Џ stock indices;

в—Џ raw materials;

в—Џ Crypto currency.


On the trading platform Teletrade are constantly held promotions and bonuses are given to active traders, encouraging users to work more on this resource. Against the background of the above information about Teletrade, negative comments about the company often look very unconvincing. Therefore, novice traders who decided to study the opinions of this broker of its clients or experts in Internet trading, it is necessary to carefully check the information, comparing it with the reviews of independent authors.

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11 comments to “ Teletrade – review and feedback on the forex and CFD broker with free education ”

Ahaha, difficult to imagine now even how people used to trade using dial-up connection. I bet younger readers won’t even know what that is. But starting a brokerage in Russia when there was no internet at all there.. Deserves a sincere BRAVO! Internet brokerages pop out of nowhere nowadays one after another and as many leave the market every day. Not all of them even bother to drop a line about their regulations on the websites. I wish there were more companies like TeleTrade with 20+ years of successful business in this sphere.

Sad but true. Brokerage really pop out to collect a few deposits and then go away. Doesn’t happen only on the forex market though. Businesses do the same from time to time. I’m not even talking about last year’s ICOs race 😀 Anyway, myself I also sincerely recommend this brokerage. Have known them for years, traded with them for two year in early 2000s. I pursued the other career and don’t trade anymore, but I’m sure the company is still very nice.

True, mate! Now it’s easy to create broker and run it, but in 90-s it was real deal to create brokerage that will be working and become a good competitor to western brokerages. TeleTrade now is one of the best among the whole world and it’s recognized by a lot traders. I respect companies with long history, they do everything to save and multiply reputation. On the other hand, young brokers don’t protect their reputation, as they simply don’t have strong reputation.

I think Teletrade is a good choice if you don’t wanna play with fire. I mean unregulated brokerage really can offer better spreads and commissions, but you can easily lose the whole deposit with such brokerages if they turn out to manipulate charts or be dishonest in a different way. Being protected by CySEC regulation teletrades makes a better deal imo.

In fact, spreads are not that bad in TeleTrade. About average for the industry, if not less. Sure you can’t exepect to trade with no spreads at all here, but if you see a broker that offers zero commissions, run from that broker.

TeleTrade is one of the most relialbe brokers for individual traders. I recently found an interesting list, where brokers may be sorted in “leagues”. League 0 are investment funds, that offer their service only for people with hundreds dollars. League-1 are brokers that offer recognizable services for individual traders and are 100% regulated and has long-standing reputation (at least 10-15 years). I can claim Teletrade to be in League-1 pool. That’s broker with almost 25 years of experience, well-reputation, European regulation and, what’s important, physical presence (like offices). I work with TeleTrade not for so long, but I can assure that my experience is only positive, I really feel that my broker is reliable company.

Fair and reliable brokerage! Teletrade works since 1996 and has already built a strong reputattions. I think that’s the reason to respect it! Trading is nice there, I never faced any problems. ECN execution +1.5 point spreads are good enough (in average), especially when brokerage is regulated by the EU authorities. I recommend TeleTrade, but learn trading first and then you will be profitable!

For me, TELEtrade was a great solution to learn how to trade and find your strategy. For me, it was the number one goal and I achieved it, it was not easy and sometimes there were drawdowns, but I had all the conditions to cope with it and I was happy to be in this company right away.

I’ve been working with a Teletrade broker for several years now, and Im more than happy to be working with that broker. It has very acceptable conditions and a very comfortable trading platform. It’s also worth paying attention to the money withdrawal system, which always works quickly and with no lags, has no commissions. My friend has recently decided to change his broker and I advised him Teletrade . He asked me about the bonus system and bonuses for newbies, but since I couldn’t find any fresh sources, I would like to ask somebody to answer my question. Thank you in advance, I will wait for feedback!

As far as I know, they’re giving you a 30% support bonus at registration now. The rest of the system is the same as it was before.

I just realized how comfortable the environment was created in the TeleTrade. I mean, beginner’s and analyst’s courses. If you start from scratch with forex, Teletrade is the best choice, as on my own opinion.. As I was, first I learned, then I started demo trading, with no mess. I immediately began to get signals from the company on the following trades. I was comparing their recommendations and my conclusions. As it turned out, I continued my practical training, for sure it gave a good effect. Of course I had failed a lot, but the profit on profitable deals became more than losses from mistakes. After that I started real trading and, fortunately, nothing has changed, some losses, that were overshadowed with profits. Another thing I really welcome here is the availability of technical support 24/7, very often now the brokers decide to switch to 24/5, and it’s very inconvenient, as it turns out that two days no one won’t be able to help you, so if something is urgent you will be one-to-one with a problem. Well, there is also a manager, you can always contact and get advice. At first it was so useful when I was just learning and there were a lot of ‘strange’ things.

Videforex – review and feedback on cfd and the new generation forex broker

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Overview of known brokers: Videforex

The situation in the market of services for providing access to financial instruments for online trading over the last ten years makes new brokers come up with non-standard methods of attracting customers. Indeed, only a real professional can relatively quickly perform a comparative analysis of the conditions that 5-10 trading platforms offer to determine the best options among them. In addition, if one broker can make more money on commodity markets, another will have more interesting offers on crypto-currencies. That is, the main indicator – “the best trading conditions”, today does not give such a result, as it was at the beginning of the formation of the online trading market.

In 2020, the newly formed company Vide Projects Ltd creates a web resource Videforex (with registration in Seychelles), the main feature of which is the use of interactive methods of interaction with its customers. The idea is not new, but in this area (online trading), according to analysts, it produced good results. But what else can please the presented trading platform of its users, except for the opportunity to admire the beautiful girls?

Videforex: overview of platform capabilities

The first impression of the web resource of the company (if you do not focus on the above feature) can be described as “nothing special.” Created for Videforex application, allows you to make deals from a mobile device, the site works in six languages ​​(translation into Russian is of a rather low quality), support service – for 4 (except Russian, English, Spanish and French), on the web resource itself there is nothing superfluous.

Regulation of activities

According to the organizers of the project, the management company has a license to carry out the international financial activities of the Seychelles Supervisory Authorities. Prove or refute this information is very difficult: this structure does not place a register of its brokers on the official website.

Training and safety of traders

Another feature of this platform is the almost complete absence, traditional for most brokers, of training information. Beginners can search for a topic of interest in the FAQ section. By registering on the site Videforex login, the user can conclude transactions using the help of professionals.

In addition to video support, traders, in case of problem situations, are given the opportunity to contact specialists using e-mail, the company’s website or telephone connection, including a call-back. This service is available around the clock, 7 days a week.

Unpleasant “surprise” for some users may be the conditions for opening a demo account on Videforex. To do this, you need not only to register, but also to deposit a minimum deposit.

В The administration of the resource guarantees the safety of personal information and money resources of its customers. For this purpose, the latest software and other modern security tools are used.

Key indicators

The main financial indicators of the broker are:

в—Џ The minimum / maximum amount of the deposit is 250/50 thousand dollars.

в—Џ The minimum rate is $ 1.

Principles and conditions of work at Videforex

In order to start working on the considered trading floor, the user needs to open one of 3 accounts:

в—Џ Bronze with a deposit of 250-1000 dollars.

в—Џ silver – 1-3 thousand dollars.

в—Џ gold – 3-50 thousand dollars.

The latter option involves a lot of additional, free services and an individual approach to each client.

Preparing for the review of the Videforex site, many analysts do not focus on the ability to work on this resource in an automatic mode, which is a serious omission. It is possible that in the near future this method will become one of the most popular, despite the negative attitude of many professional traders to it, today.

Deposit / Withdrawal of funds

In order to replenish your trading account or withdraw money, a trader can use one of the following methods:

в—Џ payment cards;

в—Џ Perfect Money;

в—Џ Yandex money;

в—Џ popular crypto-currencies.

To withdraw money, two conditions must be met: the minimum amount for transfer is $ 50, and the total turnover of the account must be at least 100% of the deposit. The currencies of the account are: the Russian ruble, the US dollar, the British pound, the euro, as well as MTC and Litecoin.

Available Tools

Even the reviews of the negative plan, drawn up about Videforex, mention that there is a wide range of instruments available on this trading floor for making available financial transactions. These include:

в—Џ binary options;

в—Џ raw materials;

в—Џ precious metals;

Some traders (especially for users with little experience) claim that a large number of assets and available operations do not allow them to concentrate and work in a pre-planned direction. But to work on this trading platform quickly get used to and the above problem is eliminated.


Based on the above information, we can conclude that the broker presented has the necessary potential for development. In the network, about the company’s activities, there are relatively few (if compared with other brokers) characteristics. Among them, you can find both good reviews and desperate, emotional comments about missing money, violation of agreements, etc. As practice shows, it is necessary to make a decision on the possibility of opening an account on the trading platform on the basis of different criteria, do not take a few angry descriptions, as a 100% guarantee that this broker is a fraud.


Group of companies TeleTrade was founded in 1994. It includes 26 companies worldwide under one brand TeleTrade, they provide professional services for trading financial instruments for individuals. In EU countries the company is represented by the broker TeleTrade DJ International Consulting Ltd is licensed by the Cyprus Commission CySEC.

The trading conditions of the broker TeleTrade DJ LTD

  • 2 trading accounts (Standard and Professional);
  • 58 currency pairs, 12 CFDs on metals, 9 CFD on indices, 3 CFDs on commodities (oil), 89 CFD’s, 9 CFD on ETF, CFD on 18 cryptocurrency;
  • a narrow spread is from 0.8 points;
  • leverage up to 1:200;
  • allowed scalping, hedging, news trading;
  • trade on the MT4 and MT5 terminals;
  • no Deposit bonus;
  • VIP status for customers with a Deposit of$ 50,000 (personal Manager, a cumulative bonus of 24% per year Cash back from 10%, compensation of negative swaps, the payment of commissions on Deposit, free training);
  • copy trades of traders “Simultaneous trade” and the PAMM-accounts service “Exchange traders”;
  • daily analysis and video highlights;
  • vocational training in the company’s offices and remotely;
  • hour technical support.


Group of companies TeleTrade is rich in history, it is on the market for over 23 years, has a CySEC license to trade in the EU and licensed by the CBR to trade in Russia. TeleTrade DJ LTD has the best trading conditions and a huge range of financial instruments. We recommend you to see the real reviews Broker from traders from the broker.

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