TopstepFX Review Is Legit Or Scam

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TopstepFX Review: Is Legit Or Scam? Review: this is the name of a Forex trading service that offers funded account. It is located in Chicago. Is TopstepFX a scam or is it legit?

It is common for Forex brokers and service providers to start out with claims of making clients richer. This is because everyone seeking out easier ways to trade effectively does so to make more profit.

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However, traders need to be careful about believing everything they encounter in the business sphere. Some are geared to just deceive and steal their funds. Considering what is offered and proofs are effective means of discovering fraud as well as reading our reviews and comparing the offers to those of other legit brokers at the bottom of this article.

The Forex service offered by this company is not new or unique, however, it is worth considering. Traders are offered some capital by the company to trade the Forex market with. But before this is done, they have to prove that they can make profit and manage risks.

A maximum of $500,000 is available as capital but it requires some payments from traders as we will reveal. But before we do that, let us consider some of what makes up the TopstepFX service.

TopstepFX Trading Platform

It is mentioned that TopstepFX trading software is operated on a MetaTrader 4 platform available to all their clients.

Legit brokers are known to offer at least the popular MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading platform.

These platforms are very good signs as they have become some of the most widely used by experienced traders. They are found to be compatible with various devices’ operating system. All can be used on desktops, Linus, windows, iOS and Android.

Tools that comes with these trading platforms are also found to be useful for traders. It has proven to be user friendly as well and helps traders in analyzing the market easily.

Trading instruments offered to traders are 22+ Forex currencies. We find the absence of cryptocurrencies and other assets offered by other brokers discouraging. We know that legit brokers offer currency pairs, indices, CFDs on many commodities and cryptocurrencies. It is important to let traders know the options open to them.

How TopstepFX Works

Something called the Trading Combine is offered to clients. It is a simulated account where the company can evaluate the trading skills of clients. We surmise that this is a demo account. Trader have to pass the two-step evaluation by reaching the Profit Target within the defined risk parameters. Then they get a live Funded Account that can give access to as high as $500,000 capital.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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    Only For Experienced Traders.

It is mentioned that the first $5,000 profit made is for the trader and then, they get to keep 80% of the rest. They allow trading with a leverage of 100:1 and while this is generous, it can pose danger as well. High leverages can lead to huge loss of funds as well. Leverages of between 1:30, 1:50 and 1:25 are also common among regulated brokers.

In addition to all, they give a brief summary of what trading with the company entails. We list them here;

Safe environment to trade
Generous profit split
Withdrawal at any time
Dedicated support team

TopstepFX Pricing Structure

$125/month for $200,000 buying power.
$165/month for $300,000 buying power.
$275/month for $500,000 buying power.

The account parameters are all provided beneath each. It gives the profit target and the weekly loss limit acceptable for each account type.

Client Feedback

We could not find anything on FPA regarding the company but on Trustpilot we found 4/5 stars rating. This is encouraging.


To reach the customer support team, dial: 1-(888)-407-1611 or email: [email protected]


The professionally designed website and the well detailed information is impressive and encouraging. However, just to be thorough, since no registration we checked with the NFA and did not find TopstepFX among the list of licensed brokers in the US. It may not be an issue but we just thought it important for readers to be aware.

Also, like we stated, it seems only Forex currencies are traded and this may limit the opportunity of some traders. Lastly, the prices are quite excessive. Because not all traders entering the program can achieve the goals every month, so the company keeps winning at the expense of clients.



Fortrade is a UK-based broker with address at Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road London, SW3 6RD, United Kingdom. They are among the best brokers in the industry offering trades in numerous assets including stocks, commodities, currencies, indices and cryptocurrencies. Fortrade is regulated and licensed by the FCA(Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK well as ASIC in Australia which makes client funds safe. They accept traders worldwide.. visit their official website

TopstepFX Reviews

121 • Great

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 121

TopStepFX is a great Funded Trader…

TopStepFX is a great Funded Trader Program. Everything is process oriented and rule based. There are no surprises. You have a dashboard to monitor your progress and you get alerts and emails if you have missed out or broken rules.

I love this platform

contact when opening an acounnt and…

contact when opening an acounnt and support is poor so far hope i can amend this quickly mt4 doesnt download on mac either and their suppor is poor

I will catch everything with combining…

I will catch everything with combining Topstepfx

I have enjoyed using topstepfx because…

I have enjoyed using topstepfx because it pushed me to develop a system. I was disappointed to realize that achieving the goal does not get me funded until I finish a second step. Nonetheless I am grateful for having gone through the process.

Excelent company

TopstepFX is a great platform to trade

TopstepFX is a great platform to trade. Their loss limits help you to be consistently profitable. Targets are also achievable.

Top Step FX is the best deal of any FX Prop Trading firm!

Top Step FX has the best deal of any FX prop trading company out there.

They don’t claim they will educate you. They have made positive changes to their business model. They do ask, consider feedback from clients that has led to changes in policies and procedures. Unlike many new FX prop trading firms, they have existed for years in futures. The management are actual traders and are relatively young so they are not close minded.


She was very nice and helpful, didn’t give me a hard time at all.

If you follow your strategy and comply…

If you follow your strategy and comply with the risk of transaction volumes, then TopstepFX is an excellent choice of income.

Great opportunity when you dont have…

Great opportunity when you dont have the funds.

Hello good guys

Hello good guys, I want to thank Topsteptrader for this opportunity to have a Financed account that they have given me and are giving to many people, I heard about this opportunity from a contact on youtube and I am very happy, it is great. Thank you.


Great costumer service

Great costumer service. All my questions were answered in a timely manner and professionally.

Be careful

Be careful they will play you!

I have passed both trading combine within two days with 6 rests! Then I got this message:

With the additional limit down events occurring in the markets this week we want to update you on the Funded Account that you have been patiently waiting for.

Due to increased volatility and a trading halt in some products again today there will be a delay in when you receive your live Funded Account. We make this difficult decision with our traders’ best interests in mind.

We can assure you that your Funded Account is guaranteed. You will be receiving your account as soon as market conditions dictate it to be safe enough to trade live.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we sorted this out, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

The TopstepFX Team!!

The whole Idea of trading forex is taking advantage of the market volatility. ABSOLUTELY NOT FROM THE CUSTOMERS.

So they charged my Credit card right away without fearing the market movement.
But when It comes to their funds they simply put you on hold till they decide when they will fund you!

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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    Only For Experienced Traders.

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