Trader’s Buddy Software Review

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Trader’s Buddy


Is The TradersBuddy a Scam Forex Software?
The Truth Exposed in This 100% Full Traders Buddy Review
Special Features, Brokers + Support Services – See Below!


Broker Trader’s Buddy
Official Website URL
Support Types Email, Chat
Languages English
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Payout 85%
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Credit/Debit Cart, NEO Surf, Neteller, ePay, GiroPay
Number of Assets 100+
Overall Score 9.5/10

Full Review

Trader’s Buddy is a brand new software that has been designed to help online traders boost profits on their Forex investments. The software was launched in early 2020, but is proving to be hugely successful.

This Forex robot offers a wide range of options to give traders more control on their trading. Investors can choose from different styles of trading, different features and options to determine how exactly they want their funds to be invested for the best possible results.

The platform is also easy to work with. Traders don’t need to have prior knowledge of trading because all the learning materials and tools are available on their website. So basically, this amazing piece of software allows onvestors to learn how to trade, find out what works for them and get started in the live trading world using a trading style that fits their individual needs. Our Trader’s Buddy review details all the major facts about this software. It can help you figure out whether this trading software is the right choice for you or not.

How To Use Trader’s Buddy?

Trader’s Buddy is a high performance Forex software that gives traders access to social trading features and helps them connect with top notch traders. During our investigation, we have been able to find out that it allows traders to use different modes. They can choose between fully automated, semi-automated and social trading modes.

The creators of Trader’s Buddy have used a very unique and innovative concept when designing the software. It is easy to use and since it is based on algorithms that produce trading signals, traders don’t need to worry about analyzing the market conditions manually.

The signals are delivered in real time to the trader’s dashboard. They are only required to choose a trading style and set their preferences before the software initiates the trading process. This Forex software matches the highest standards in the trading industry and its innovative platform allows effortless trading for newcomers too.

Download Not Required

To be able to use Trader’s Buddy, traders don’t need to download any software. They are also not required to install any plugins because it works on browser meaning that traders can access the software simply by signing into their accounts.

Getting Started with Trader’s Buddy

Creating an account with Trader’s Buddy requires only 5 minutes. The steps are pretty simple and once you complete them, you will have opened the doors to a whole range of profit making opportunities. The three steps to get started with this software are as follows:

How Much Does Trader’s Buddy Cost?

There are no down payments or monthly costs associated with using Trader’s Buddy. This revolutionary software is available for free. But, to get free access, traders must act fast. Since this is a new software, the creators are allowing a limited number of beta testers to access it for free. So while the software is still free, traders are advised to take advantage of the opportunity that is presented to them before it is too late.

Is Trader’s Buddy Reliable?

Trader’s Buddy is a scam free application that is promoted through a professional website. If it was a scam software, its creators wouldn’t spend so much in designing a high quality website. In addition, the brokers linked to this software are trustworthy because they are licenses and regulated by authorities such as CySEC. Trader’s Buddy has taken measures to safeguard their reputation, although they are extremely new in the industry.

Moreover, the product is not promoted with hype or false promises. The signals are highly accurate and reliable which guarantees success. The creators have been straightforward in explaining how the software works and what it is all about. They have put in a lot of hard work and dedication in bringing this kind of high quality product to the market.

Review Verdict: Trader’s Buddy is Not a Scam

Special Features

The best thing about Trader’s Buddy is its special features. From our investigation, we can see that the features of this software are pretty unique and they cannot be found anywhere else. Here’s a brief description of its special features that can help traders minimize their risks and amplify their gains.

3 Trading Algorithms

The first is the Rush Options which can be used in both auto trading and manual trading mode. They have extremely short expiry times such as 120 seconds. The next is the Baser Option which when activated analyzes the market trends and conditions in 4 hours. Lastly, they have the Investo Option which has longer expiry times. The maximum goes up to 3 days and it is possible to place one or two trades every week.

  • Social Trading

Peer-to-peer trading has been implemented to help new traders interact with professionals. The purpose of this amazing feature is that it allows newcomers to make the right trading decisions based on the actions of professionals. This way, the chances of making unsuccessful trades are minimized and the opportunities for significant gains is enhanced.

  • Fully Automated/Semi-Automated

Both these features have their own benefits. With fully automated mode, traders can leave the robot to perform trading tasks all by itself. But with semi-automated mode, traders can choose the signals they want to use for trading and therefore execute trades manually. This gives traders more control over the process and more experience as well.

  • Automatic Stop Loss

To give traders more control over how much they lose in a single day, Trader’s Buddy has implemented the Automatic Stop Loss feature. As a trader, you can set your limits which will give you control over your daily losses.

Customer Service

The dedicated customer support team at Traders’ Buddy work 24/7 so their clients do not get stuck in the middle of trading. their aim is to be there for their clients at all times to answer their questions and resolve their issues. Regardless of the issues you are facing, you can contact them via email, phone or using the contact form on their website.

User Testimonial

“This is perhaps the best software available on the market currently. Its features are not only unique, but useful as well. In all these years of trading online, I haven’t seen a performed like Trader’s Buddy. It is actually an amazing software that has done wonders for me.”

Robert Bancord, 29


We haven’t come across a single customer who is displeased with this application. This high performance software is gaining popularity in the market and it can be seen that users are enjoying the trading experience it has to offer.

Our overall opinion of Trader’s Buddy is that it is an exceptional software that has the capability to deliver the best trading results. Therefore, we recommend it wholeheartedly and believe that our readers will give it a try.


Trader’s Buddy is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive Trader’s Buddy review will expose the lies and deceit. is scam and we will prove it to you in this review. But before we go any further it is best that we discuss first how the system works and what they offer. This software is the latest application introduced only this February, which claims that they can provide high return of investment.

It is a new system that uses scam platform similar to what most scam software used. They only differ on logo and their software colors. The very first thing you need to check when deciding which trading robot to choose from is whether it is linked with regulated brokers or not. This is one of the primary problems with scam software they usually link traders account to unregulated brokers.

Remember that if you transact with non-licensed brokers, you are not sure whether you can still withdraw your money when you request for it or you will lose everything you invested on it. And the sad thing about this application is that you cannot file a complaint against them, because there is no regulation authority that will handle these complaints. In short, every cent you invested on this app should be considered lost. Make sure not to fall from this scam.

When we review an app particularly the new ones, the first thing we do is visit their website and check on their promo video. Unfortunately, does not have one. So, our Trader’s Buddy review will rely on what was written on sales page. We have started this review by mentioning that the app is working with non-licensed brokers to give you a warning right away. This application is a scam and you should not trust them. Going back to website, all you can see is a sales page full of text and does not provide enough information.

Trader’s Buddy is Scam – Three Evidences

In this Trader’s Buddy review we will prove to you this program is a scam and you should not trust them at all. This online platform for binary options trading lets you trade in a semi and fully automated mode. According to them their algorithms are proven and winning. There is also an education center where you are trained to master the markets. They also claim that the app is free for 500 beta testers. They have not provided any proof on their claim thus their legitimacy is questionable.

Official Website |

Even a 12-year old could design a website similar to Trader’s Buddy. Here are the same old wordings that every scam website uses to attract more people and steal their money. You can also see phrases like “huge returns with minimal investments” as well as “you want to become an overnight millionaire”. While there are a number of dependable and high earning trading systems that you can find online, there are also as lots of fraud apps that will simply attract you with their fancy words and phrases and then disappear once they have collected enough money.

First Evidence – The App is Not Free

Most of the scam software claims that traders can use the program for free, but after you register they will ask you to deposit a certain amount with one of their brokers if not you won’t be able to use the software. It is free to open an account in Trader’s Buddy but just like other scam software one cannot trade without depositing the minimum amount. People are confused about this so-called free to open an account. Some misinterpreted it. They thought they can use the system for free. But the truth is they are only trying to confuse people. There is no such thing as free when it comes to trading. You need to invest money on it to begin the process.

Second Evidence – Working with Unregulated Brokers

Once you have completed your sign up process, you will be assigned to trade with unregulated brokers. You cannot choose your preferred broker. And unfortunately this app is working with non-registered brokers. If this is the case, you might end up losing all your money instead of earning. And since there is no authority that deals with scam brokers, you cannot file a complaint. Another major concern with this application is that the traders are not allowed to test the system’s performance. Thus, the possibility of losing your money on your first trade is high. It only means that if Trader’s Buddy does not work as expected, one will lose all of his funds easily. This is what exactly will happen to your money if you trade using this app.

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Third Evidence – No Real Contact Information

We believe that this scam was created by the same group who developed the Binary Options Robot. They did not mention any name or group of individuals who developed the system. This is not normal if they are claiming that they are a legit company. They should be aware the first thing an interested trader will check in any program is the developer. A system that does not mention the name of the developer or the CEO is quite suspicious. Would you trust an application with unknown developer?

Definite not! Trader’s Buddy is scam. It’s a sign that the owners are hiding their identity, so people will not be able to sue them when they found out they are being scammed.

Trader’s Buddy Review Conclusion

This review proves that Trader’s Buddy is scam. We have presented to you the evidences that will prove this system is a fraud. Their website is full of lies and misleading information thus we suggest that you should not trust them at all.

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Trader’s Buddy Software Review

Launched in 2020, Trader’s Buddy is presented as new revolutionary trading software on global financial market, including South Africa.

What Trader’s Buddy software delivers to interested South African traders is a mix of auto trading experience, semi auto trading and social trading platform as well.

Entire software can be used by beginner traders and professionals also.

Trader’s Buddy is a free trading software which requires no download. This unique software connects traders with experts around the world by using peer-2-peer trading platform.

Further in this Trader’s Buddy software review, we’ll provide a detailed information regarding how to trade on this platform and which options does a South African trader has in terms of investing in binary options.

What Trader’s Buddy Really Has to Offer?

Our Trader’s Buddy software review showed us what can traders in South Africa expect from this binary robot.

As mentioned above in the review, traders can see how this binary auto software offers not just automatic trading, but also social and semi auto trading options.

This innovative and yet simple trading software enables its registered traders to experience both automated as well as semi automated trading experience. For the use of semi trading, South Africans can have more control over their trading portfolio and confirm a trade when Trader’s Buddy sends a signal.

Binary Experience with 3 Trading Algorithms

To provide South African readers a proper and valid type of info, we discovered in Trader’s Buddy software review how they provide three trading algorithms to be used when placing trades.

Rush Options are options with short term expiry up to 120 seconds. It is possible to use it in manual or auto trading mode.

Rush options seem perfect for those traders who prefer adrenalin and fast trading results.

The seconds algorithm is called Baser – medium term trading options with expiry time up to 4 hours. When this option is activated, Trader’s Buddy will analyze financial market in the period of 4 hours.

Baser is an excellent choice for day binary traders due the fact it offers medium risk rewards.

Third Trader’s Buddy algorithm which is an exclusive option to interested traders is called Investo. It is actually a long term option with expiry of max. 3 days.

When Investo is activated, traders can be certain they have chosen a long term options that included high investment trading character where they can place between 1 or 2 trades per week.

Trader’s Buddy Semi Auto Trading in South Africa

Trader’s Buddy is created by binary professionals who have a goal to enhance traders’ experience when trading binary options by offering them necessary trading tools for less risky trades.

This is why they decided to enable traders to choose between auto trading mode or semi automatic trading.

When semi auto trading is switched on, traders in South Africa can receive exclusive signals based on current market situations which can result into high payouts and less risky trades. For example, if traders don’t want to accept a trading signal, they don’t have to and can simply ignore it until a new one comes in.

Semi automatic trading is an excellent option for traders novice who are in a search for having more trading knowledge. This semi system builds trading confidence and can assist traders to have more successful trades.

Trader’s Buddy Social Trading Experience

Social trading is a whole new level of investing in binary options where traders rely on experience of other traders involved. When social trading feature is enabled, South Africans can receive trading advices for successful expert traders with years spent in binary options trading.

Those recommendations that are available, traders can see coloured green which shows their eligibility. Basically, traders are able to copy successful trades and apply them on their own. Experts are selected according to their win-ratio percentage.

Experience Additional Features with Trader’s Buddy Software

Our Trader’s Buddy software showed us how they prepared very well to satisfy all types of interested traders, beginners and professionals. They seem to realize how education is an important ingredient in terms of investing in binary options.

For this reason, they introduce Trader’s Buddy Educational Center with goal to expand existing trading knowledge. The use of different tutorials and videos can be very useful for South African traders to gather more info and decide on how to trade binaries by using Trader’s Buddy software.

Trader’s Buddy Education includes a variety of trading techniques and materials for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Another powerful trading feature we meet on Trader’s Buddy software is Automatic Stop Loss.

When activated, it enables traders in South Africa to have full control over their current trades and overall own trading portfolio.

Traders can choose this feature to set a limit for number of trades per day.

Another important element shouldn’t be neglected when planning to invest in binary trading and that is customer support service. With Trader’s Buddy, South African traders can get dedicated support agents 24/7.

Traders can contact them via live chat to get instant message regarding any questions, concerning how to register or how to use this binary trading software.

Introduction of Pending Orders Technology

Trader’s Buddy software review revealed how traders in South Africa can use a new and advanced technology: Pending Orders.

Unlike other binary robots on the market, Pending Orders feature enables traders to ques the orders which cannot be tradable right away. Majority of professional traders use this option to take the most benefits from market momentum.

Regarding connected brokers, Trader’s Buddy claims to collaborate only with reputable binary brands in the industry which follow industry rules and are committed into protecting traders’ investments.

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