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About Matt

Matt Choi is a successful, self-taught, professional trader with over 16 years of experience trading the markets. He is a CMT (Chartered Market Technician) who specializes in trading stocks, ETFs, options, commodity and financial futures, and FOREX. An entrepreneur at heart, Matt owned and managed a successful car dealership after obtaining his MBA from McMaster University while he traded the markets on the side. He always knew that his passion lies in the financial markets because the opportunities there are limitless, and it can give him the mobile lifestyle that he wants. So he sold his business to focus full time on his trading.

Training Review: Certus Trading

Today I’m looking at a collection of high priced binary options trading products, Certus Trading. The producer of these products is Matt Choi, who tells us that he’s a self-taught professional trader with over 14 years of market experience. I’ve had no prior experience with Matt, but it will be interesting to take a closer look at his services and review what he has to offer the community.

Choi does not provide us with an address for his location, but he does claim to have done his MBA at McMaster University, which is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. To get in touch with the support team you can email [email protected].

Certus Trading Review

The website is cleaner and more professional than most trading products in this market. The Certus Trading sales page contains breakdowns of many different training programs, success stories, information about Matt and a blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year. I’ll go through each one of these sections thoroughly so you know exactly what this is about, and how you should approach it.

First, let’s start by analyzing the most import aspect of this service, the training. There are currently 9 different training products available, but I’m only going to be looking at the binary options products, which happen to be his main focus.

  • Trading Big Moves With Options

This training course is going for $497, but the sales page also says that this is a monthly subscription. I can’t imagine that this is $500 per month, but if it is, that’s too rich for my blood. The course gives traders personal contact with Matt, as he shares his best options trade every week. This program can only be used by traders that have already gone through the Advanced Options Strategy BluePrint.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Best For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
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    Only For Experienced Traders.

  • Advanced Options Strategy BluePrint

This 8 week Certus Trading program is built for aggressive swing traders. Matt provides traders with 8 advanced options strategies that can be utilized year round. This is a free webinar. I’m not sure if there are any upsells once going through it.

  • Options Alert

The last of the three courses is not available to the public. This is a $497 monthly subscription where Matt sends out his best options trades each week with a brief email explanation. It looks like traders just need to complete some of the other training courses first before they are upselled into this one.

Success Stories / Results

Now going to look at the positives and negative of the Certus Trading program. There are a handful of testimonials from current and ex-clients available on the website. Surajit tells us that “The Webinar last evening was the best I have been to in many many years. This morning going through module one confirmed the preciseness and quality of your material. I am very excited to be here.”

Despite being in business for quite a long time, there are no trading results or transaction records provided.

On the negative side of things, there is one review website where the business is rated by the community. Sadly, this review page shows 27 thumbs down and 17 thumbs up, with only one of the seven written reviews saying anything positive.

This is a very small sample size, so I don’t think we should be judging Matt Choi’s services based on one review site, but it does provide insight from another point of view.


Considering the price of the Certus Trading programs, I don’t think I’m going to be jumping in with both feet or recommending the service to the options community. That being said, I would love to hear more about this service from actual clients, and see some actual trades to analyze.

Thank you for stopping by, and please feel free to email me if you ever need any help in the binary options market.

Certus Trading Reviews

25 • Excellent

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 25

Have incorporated Matt’s strategies

The personal guidance I received from mentor Matt Choi through the Certus Trading program was invaluable to my continued success as a trader. I felt like I had hit a proverbial wall with my trading and so I sought out the help of the profit scheduler club. Great program, I would definitely recommend to other established traders and think it is worth the price of admission.

Not getting anywhere with the YouTube…

Not getting anywhere with the YouTube videos I’ve been watching, i decided it was time to move away from the free resources offered on the internet and onto something more serious. I didn’t have a lot of money to work with when I first started, but now I’m a more established trader, i am putting some resources toward the AOSB course.

I was referred to this program by a friend who seemed to get a lot out of it. Admittedly i don’t think this is for the beginner trader – either the AOSB course or some of his other courses. The strategies Matt talks about are much more advanced and I think you definitely need to gain a solid foundation before taking it.

Very happy with the AOSB course

Very happy with the AOSB course. I feel like I learned more from certus trading than any other course, and trust me I’ve taken a bunch of them. The cost of a course is less than one misguided trade so well worth it.

Overall GREAT experience so far with Certus Trading

Hey Traders,
I signed up with Matt a few months ago and what I can tell you so far is:

1. I have found a good mentor on options now (which is relatively new for me), as I went on one of the previous recommendations on here that has not disappointed
2. I have been trading stocks and forex in particular for quite a while now (2 years intensely on forex) so I can generally read the charts well, however options is quite different and whenever I have reached out to Matt and his support team for clarification both have been very prompt with their replies, which have also been detailed
3. I agree with previous posts that Matt DOES care about his students and I’m on for the long haul as I took the 2 year offer on the profit schedule service. It provides very clear and concise weekly trade setups and explains how to take the trades on any platform should you wish to do so
4. I’m in the Asian region so the live coaching calls are not at a suitable time for me however all of those are recorded so I don’t miss anything apart from being able to participate. I dare say I will make an appearance on one of those soon though such is my appetite to learn

I would recommend Matt’s service to anyone who is looking to get into options and get profitable by taking good trade setups, using tried and trusted strategies that Matt trades himself

Certus is much different than some of…

Certus is much different than some of the other online courses where you pay for the same old stuff. Matt seems to really care about his students and will go out of his way to explain his strategies and though process. I joined in August and although it does require a lot of effort, you’re given the tools you need to succeed.

Not feeling too good about their business practices

Update – Just heard from support. They said my email was showing up as a different email. But, at least there is some communication. Hoping this works out, because what Matt was teaching is very encouraging. I guess, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t care so much.

I also felt good hearing Fontanillis was his mentor. I loved his style, and content. I really believe in what he taught. I order his program and never got an activation email. I contact support and got no where. They repeatedly told me to check my spam and trash. Hello, of course I did that, it is 2020. Then they insisted they sent it, but never did. Matt and support kept sending me marketing emails so obviously their email was getting through. I do not like to think they might not be trustworthy, but at this point it is hard not to. Currently I have been waiting for a response but it has not come. I am hoping I do not have to file a dispute with my credit card.

Simple yet Professional Service

Very helpful friendly and professional service
Simple but powerful options strategies specific to market conditions
Well done and keep up good work
Prior to Certus options trading was all Greek to me (yes punt intended)
Thank you so much Matt
Simon G

A good trading mentor!

When I found out that one of Matt Choi’s mentors was the late George Fontanills of Optionetics fame I knew that I found a good coach for myself.

I’m a subscriber of Matt’s two services: Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint (AOSB) and Profit Scheduler. I find great value in both! In AOSB, Matt covers nine interesting strategies. They go beyond buying simple calls and puts. You don’t have to use them all, but, depending on market conditions and your trading personality, there’s probably something for everyone.

The Profit Scheduler service is great, particularly if you’re too busy to keep an eye on the markets. Matt serves up at least two trades each Sunday night based on seasonality patterns. The trades are usually simple vertical spreads, which are easy to manage. In fact, I set a profit target on my PS trades and only monitor them once a day or less.

Matt gives monthly webinars for each service going over recent trades and offering opinions on the markets. This keeps us fresh! In fact, this last month he introduced another strategy using dividend stocks. Matt has a down to earth personality, and I always enjoy hearing his updates as I continue to learn about trading the markets using options.

I have been with Certus for a few years…

I have been with Certus for a few years and have been trading Options successfully with a fairly high rate. I have subscribed to AOSB and Profit scheduler to trade Options.

Every weekend he sends alerts with explanation and images for why he has recommended each trade. The trick is to follow each alert as per what he has said.

His monthly review is also very informative

I have been trading for about 20 years

I have been trading for about 20 years. I have been with Matt for nearly 7 months. In my opinion, his courses represent the best bang for the buck. He is thorough in his analysis. He provides those who just want to do the trades with precise entries. If a person wants to learn more, he follows the trades with explanation on the monthly coaching calls. He cares and he listens. I feel privileged to have found him.

The Best Options Investing Website.

I have had the experience of trying several sites which offer options investing guidance for the last several years. Initially, I looked at Matt’s site and did not subscribe because he is expensive! But then when I finally subscribed, I found out that the way he presents his suggested trades is by far very much different from everyone else! He is very thorough! He gives you a background of why he is choosing a certain stock, then he meticulously explains each and every step to take and why, what you gain, what you lose (if this happens), when to get out, and so on and on! Not only that, if something happens midweek, expect an email from him! In other words, he is with you every step of the way! What else can one ask for?
I am planning to join his Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint Course, but I am waiting for the moment when he offers it at a discounted price because as I said, he is expensive. I hope I am not waiting in vain! I HOPE MATT READS THIS.

I joined the program 3 months ago

I joined the program 3 months ago, and so far it is good. I am new and Matt always help me out when I am stuck. I do recommend highly.

I’ve been trading options under Matt’s…

I’ve been trading options under Matt’s guidance for 2-1/2 years, both with AOSB and Profit Scheduler. While I have had my ups and downs, looking back I can see when I get into trouble it’s usually because I failed to rigorously follow Matt’s guidance; I would go “off the reservation”.
Matt’s strategies are sound and he colors them with tidbits of experience gained from years of successful trading. His monthly coaching calls are great – I always learn something. And he genuinely strives to continually improve his service offering. For example, beyond the normal exit rules for each strategy, he recently added technical guidance on exits, giving multiple conditions for considering when to exit a particular trade. He is also a realist – gravitating toward strategies that are not so time-consuming to manage successfully. All in all, I highly recommend Matt’s services.

Two years ago

Two years ago, I was new to options trading and wanted to learn different strategies to making money. I decided to join Certus Trading because of Matt’s passion, expertise and his success in trading. I have been a member since 2020 and over the years I have learned so much. The 8 advanced option strategies were easy to follow & understand. Support is always a click away and I love that there’s a strategy to make money no matter which way the stock market moves. It has been an interesting and rewarding trading journey so far :)

I’ve been trading options for 10 years…

I’ve been trading options for 10 years and I still managed to learn a new strategy with Matt’s free seminar so I joined AOSB and the additional strategies presented by Matt blew my mind away on how to take advantage of other option greeks.

If you want to take your options trading to the next level, Matt and Certus Trading is the way to go. No BS, straight to the point with strict rules on entry and exit points. Along with the monthly webinars, I also like the fact that Matt is always there to support you along the way.

I’ve finally found my mentor!

I have traded for almost 30 years

I have traded for almost 30 years
Before Certus Trading some years where great and some not so good.
Matt has helped to keep me on the profit side year after year.
We don’t win them all but overall I do well with Certus trading.
Stick with it and enjoy the gift of what Matt teaches.
With great respect.
gary butler

I started out knowing next to nothing…

I started out knowing next to nothing about trading options. Matt’s approach is thorough and he follows a logical,systematic approach to educate his clients. Anytime I’ve had a question Matt responds quickly and is always ready to provide as much assistance as needed.

An excellent way to learn new trading tactics

I have been using Matt’s service for over a year now. First and foremost Matt is a great teacher. He explains what he is doing and answers all questions taking as much time as necessary. The money you’ll make is icing on the cake.

You’ll have a great ROI from this service.

Certus Trading review

I have been a member of Matt’s AOSB club for approx 18 months. Lots of different strategies to suit many different market nuances. Something there for all types of market conditions. I just recently joined the Profit Scheduler Club and I am very excited about my results. Good concise information from Matt’s recommendations and the monthly webinars give me an opportunity to compare my results and update any market changes. Excellent value for the dollars spent on Matt’s training. Videos, downloads and tons of support. Keep up the good work. thanks again

Well worth your time to take a look.

I am a relatively new subscriber to Matt Choi’s Certus Profit Scheduler service. However, I have been investing for 50+ years and over that stretch have committed my hard earned dollars to promoters offering all kinds of “sure win” investment services. In Certus, I may have finally found the Holy Grail. Although I am skeptical of any investment approaches that offer hints of predictability and repetition, especially when dealing with an emotionally charged, randomly driven, investing environment, such as the nation’s stock markets, with Matt, I am witnessing surprisingly and remarkably positive results. I like the program because you aren’t overwhelmed with too many trades and general overkill. However, what you do get is a manageable number of timely recommendations, spelled out in clear, consistent, very user friendly position reports. Additionally, you cannot help but be impressed by the client servicing’s responsiveness and equally from the personal attention that Matt provides to each of his clients. It’s a truly quality operation, very reasonably priced, and useable by both veterans and novices alike. My biggest complaint is my preference for more balance between credit and debit spread vehicles presented, but Matt effectively justifies his reasoning with each selection presented and if that proves to be my strongest objection, Matt Choi has one whale of a investment tool. Give it a try, the money back guarantee allows you to sample the goods before truly committing. That feature, in and of itself, tells the story. Regards, Paul Doane

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