What Are Kiko Options – FAQ

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Common FAQs

Music formats

What audio formats do the DS players support?

Linn recommends FLAC. DRM protected files cannot be played on the DS products

Why does Linn recommend FLAC?
  1. FLAC is a free open format. It is non-proprietary, which means your music collection is safeguarded for the future, can be played through any open digital music player, and is not tied to a particular manufacturer or product. The specification is published for all to see. In contrast, SACD has failed to achieve significant success because it requires proprietary music content and disc players with proprietary hardware inside.
  2. FLAC allows even better than CD quality encoding and decoding. Linn Records provides studio master quality downloads in FLAC, at the same quality as SACD.
  3. FLAC supports metadata, or tags, so that useful information about a piece of music can be stored with the music; for example, album, artist, genre, cover art, sleeve notes, etc. User interfaces can make good use of these tags. Two examples of applications that support tag editing are: Mp3tag (Windows) and Tag (Mac)
  4. Because it is open and free, there are an extensive set of players, tools, transcoders (to convert between other formats and FLAC), tag editors, and other programs for FLAC.
Can the Linn DS/DSM play DSD music?

From Davaar 60 Linn DS/DSM players with Katalyst DAC’s will be able to play DSD audio files. This is performed by passing the native DSD stream directly to the Katalyst DAC and letting the DAC do the processing and volume control.
Note: Selekt Standard and Katalyst DAC’s both support DSD playback.
Some important points on DSD playback on the Linn DS/DSM:

    If your Linn DS/DSM does not have Katalyst DACs, it will never be able to play DSD audio files directly.

      The exception to this rule is the Linn Selekt DSM. DSD playback is possible on both the Level 1 & Level 2 DAC versions of the Selekt DSM.
  • The DSD audio is ONLY available on the Linn DS/DSM analogue outputs.
  • The DSD audio stream is NOT present on:

    • Exakt-link to Exakt speakers or Exaktbox. That is, DSD files will NOT play on Exakt speakers or Exaktboxes.
    • digital outputs. (TOSLINK, SPDIF)
    • Songcast to other Linn DS/DSM players
    • Supports DSD64 (2.8224MHz) and DSD128 (5.6448MHz) sample rates. DSD256 is NOT supported.

    These in the following formats:

    • DSF – Sony format that supports ID3 tags
    • DFF – old Philips mastering format (aka DSDIFF)
    • DSD is NOT supported on HDMI inputs
    • No digital signal processing is possible. This will:
      • No balance control is possible to DSD audio file playback.
      • No Space Optimisation is applied to DSD audio file playback
      • Maximum volume is restricted to 80 (unity gain) on DSD audio file playback. However if you have raised to volume to a higher level e.g. 90, this higher volume is applied to any tracks that are NOT DSD audio files.

      Linn Kazoo Server supports the index and serving of DSD files. Non-indexed DFF files that have no metadata can be browsed by file name using the Kazoo Server Removable drives option.
      Asset UPnP server and Minimserver support DSD index and serving to the Linn DS/DSM.

      Does the Linn DS/DSM players play BBC Radio via TuneIn?
      Does the Linn DS/DSM players play MQA?
      Can the DS player play multi-channel files?

      No, the Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS, Majik DSI, Sneaky Music DS, Sekrit DS, Sneaky DSM, Sekrit DSM and Sekrit DSi are stereo audio only.

      Klimax DSM, Akurate DSM & Majik DSM can play multi-channel audio from their HDMI inputs if they are using Davaar55 or later software.

      Upgrading software

      How do I upload new software into the Linn DS/DSM
      1. First of all you need a PC or MAC and install the KONFIG app.
      2. After you have installed KONFIG go to the ADVANCED tab. If your Linn DS/DSM requires an update it will be listed here.
      3. If an update is available for that Linn DS/DSM then press the UPDATE’ button

      More detailed instructions are listed HERE


      How do I add Music to play on Linn DS

      This can be using a PC or MAC with CD-ROM drive or from a Network attached Storage device/NAS with inbuilt ripper. If you are using a PC or MAC you can use software listed HERE
      The “Ripped” Music can be held on the PC/MAC of on a Network attached Storage device/NAS. The NAS is the better option as this is a low power device that can be left on all of the time.
      The PC/MAC/NAS requires UPnP Media Server software to share the Music for the Linn DS/DSM to play.

      Will downloaded music play on the DS players?
      Can I Airplay from my Android device?
      After Updating to Davaar55 I can only get audio from my Exakt outputs and not the Analogue Out
      Are the Digital outputs (Toslink/SPDIF) volume controlled?

      General Q’s

      Can I stop the kids from playing with the front panel buttons?
      How do I achieve gapless playback for live albums?

      Linn PINS

      What is a PIN, check HERE for more detailed information.

      • We currently support pinning from Kazoo Server (V4.9.8 onwards) , Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn, CalmRadio, DS radio presets, and Linn DSM external inputs
      • This is only applicable with Linn DS/DSM players with Davaar 64 or higher firmware
      • This currently does NOT support Pins to external pre-amplifier inputs, such as Akurate Kontrol, Kisto etc.
      • PINs use discrete IR codes and are not used with any other Linn Product control.
      • PINS for Radio stations are wrongly created with Kazoo V4.13.21, this has been fixed with next version 4.13.22. If you have created a Radio station PIN and it doesn’t work, check you have a later version of Kazoo and re-assign this PIN to the correct radio station.

      Linn Songcast

      There is a ! on the front panel of my Linn DS/DSM

      There is a speaker setup issue on the Linn DS/DSM Surround Sound Rules

      The front panel of the DS is showing a flashing dot or lightening flash and I cannot see the Linn DS with Kazoo or Konfig

      This is the Linn DS either in “startup” mode or in “Waiting for Software” mode.

      Startup“: The flashing dot is the startup mode trying to connect to you ethernet network. This mode will typically occur when you first apply power to the Linn DS/DSM. This will typically take 30seconds and go into standard use mode.

      Waiting for Software“: The lightening flash is the Linn DS/DSM waiting or getting a software update.

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      If you have any problems getting the Linn DS on an Ethernet network, (dot continuously flashing), try the following options:- Option1

      • Power off the EVERYTHING connected to the Ethernet system, (PC, Printers, DS, Routers/DHCP servers).
      • Leave everything powered off for at least 10seconds.
      • Switch everything back on.
      • Retry the system

      You will find that some of the devices in the system get confused and cause system confusion. The power cycling will do a reset of the system and recover most issues.

      • Use fresh Ethernet cables, (replace existing cables).
      • If the Linn Ds is more than 3M (10ft) from the DHCP/Server. Move the Linn DS right beside the Router/DHCP server and patch using a short Ethernet cable (1M), the Linn DS to the DHCP server/Router
      • Retry the system
      • Build a totally separate system with only a DHCP/Server and Linn DS.
      • Retry the system

      Some networks only have a limited number of DHCP address’s. if you have already connected some PC’s to this system, your Router/DHCP server can remember these devices, (even though no longer connected) and will not allocated these previously assigned IP addresses to newly connected products. So the case of unplugging one device to free up an IP address for the DS to use will NOT work with most Routers/DHCP servers if there are no free DHCP IP addresses available.

      This will give a better idea as to what is causing the problem. (98% of the time, this is due to a local network issue).

      If you always get the flashing dot then the lightening flash symbol then the Linn DS/DSM needs to be programmed. Check the Konfig Manual > Updates section or contact your Linn Retailer to get assistance.

      General operation

      The Kiko is ONLY designed to work with supplied speakers. Do not try and change these speaker to another brand.
      These speakers do not have a passive crossover, that is an onboard filter to separate the Bass drive unit audio from the treble drive unit audio from the incoming audio. With the Kiko this is performed digitally before feeding out to the speakers. Each speaker drive unit is fed independently from the Kiko to match the supplied speakers crossover points. These cannot be changed.

      Knock-in/Knock-out (KIKO) Options Essay

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      Knock-in/Knock-out (KIKO) options are a type of exotic derivative – or more specifically barrier options – which as the name suggests are an option consisting of a knock-in and a knock-out component. They have become increasingly more common around the world as a traded derivative due to the lower premium paid than on a vanilla option (a result of the unique dual barrier model) which has recently led to disaster for many businesses in South Korea.
      Much like any other option, a KIKO can be traded as either an American or European option and can cover a range of underlying assets – from share to foreign exchange prices and anything in between. Unlike a vanilla (standard) option, however, a KIKO only operates within a specified window of spot prices; that is to say the option will only become active once a certain market spot rate is reached (knock-in) and will be voided if another spot rate is reached (knock-out) before maturity. Note that these two price levels can be either above or below the spot price (though in a KIKO the knock-in and knock-out events must be opposites) (Hull 2002). These specific spot rates are known as the barrier levels and a crossing of this barrier is known as a barrier or trigger event (New York Fed. 2000 and Cheng 2003). For a KIKO to become active it must first be knocked in; however, a knock-out event can occur at any time before the options maturity.
      For example: an individual believes that the price of a specific share, which is currently $10, will rise, so they purchase a European call option with an exercise price of $10.50. This means that the person believes the price of the stock will rise by at least $0.50/share + premium paid. However, if this person also believes that the price of the stock.

      . middle of paper .

      . ng Techniques for Professional Investors, 1st ed. McGraw Hill, New York
      Yeon-hee, K 2009 ‘S. Korea high court rejects suit to suspend FX option deals’ Reuters [internet] Aug 23 2009
      Trade Practices Act 1974
      ASIC Regulatory Guide 168 ‘Disclosure: Product Disclosure Statements (and other disclosure obligations)’ 2007
      Securities and Exchange Commission [internet] Sep 22 2009 http://www.sec.gov/about/whatwedo.shtml Accessed 23/9/2009
      Financial Services Authority, 2009 ‘The Responsibilities of Providers and Distributors for the Fair Treatment of Customers (RPPD)’
      ACCC ‘Court orders corrective ads by Commonwealth Bank’ [internet] Dec 10 2003 http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/420894 Accessed 23/9/2009
      Wood, D 2009 ‘KO-ed in Korea’ AsiaRisk May 2009 pp. 16-19
      Won-bae, K 2009 ‘High Court finds for KIKO sellers’ JoongAngDaily [internet] August 26 2009

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      Help / FAQ

      1. Combine Discount Rule (for Business Account)

      Buy 3 or more of the same product to recieve the discounted price. Same product name with different color will apply.

      For example: iPhone X (Ten) Armor Defender Hybrid Case is $2 for 1pc / $1.50 for 6pc / $1.00 for 12pc.

      Add 3pc iPhone X (Ten) Armor Defender Hybrid Case (Black) and 9pc iPhone X (Ten) Armor Defender Hybrid Case (Red) to your order. The price of the product will be $1.00 each in your order.

      2. How to create an account / register?

      Click Here to register a free Business Account. After you have register, you will have to wait until we have verify and approve your account in order for you to log in. Our sales team will contact you within 48 business hours to verify your account. Please download and fill out the New York State sales tax exemption certificates application . Please email the filled form to [email protected]

      3. How come I can not log in after registration?

      You will not be able to log in until your account has been approved. Our sales team will contact you within 48 business hours after registration to verify your information. If you are in a hurry, you can also contact us regarding your registration.

      4. How to place an order?

      After your account has been approved, you may view our wholesale prices and place an order on the website directly.

      5. How to find products?

      There are several option on finding the product that you are looking for.

      Use the Search Box located on the top of the page.

      To view Cell Phone Accessories Products – Browse KIKO Mobile Accessories using the top menu bar or the left menu bar. You can choose to find phone accessories by Browse By Cell Phone Accessories Categories (find products by category type) or By Phone Brand (find products related to the phone brand and phone model) or By Phone Carrier (find products related to the phone brand and phone carrier)

      To view other Brand Products – Browse Brand Products using the top menu bar or the left menu bar. You can choose the brand of your choice through the type of the product.

      Feel free to contact us if you can not find the product you are looking for. We do accept custom orders.

      6. Can I buy one product?

      Yes, you can mix and match your order. In order to checkout, your order must meets our MOQ requirement of $100. You are also welcome to visit to our retail & wholesale store. Click Here for our locations .

      7. Do you offer drop shipping service?

      We can do wholesale drop shipping. As long the order meets our MOQ requirement of $100, we can drop ship to the address of your choice.

      8. What are the options of payment?

      We accept all major credit cards, paypal, wire transfer, bank deposit, and more.

      Credit Card Payment – Please fill out Credit Card Authorization Form if you would like to pay with a credit card. Click Here for the form .

      Wire Transfer and Bank Deposit – Order will be shipped out after transaction has been cleared from the bank. Contact us for bank information.

      9. What are the shipping methods?

      We ship our packages with UPS and USPS. You may choose the shipping carrier of your choice, but UPS is more perferred. Tracking number is provided for all packages.

      10. Can I visit your store?

      Yes, we offer retail and wholesale in our showroom location. Click Here for our locations .

      11. What are your business hours?

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