What is the minimum deposit on 99Binary

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99Binary Review


Broker 99Binary
US Traders Accepted
Company Name 99Binary.com
Headquarters Anguilla
Regulation No
Bonus Type Match bonus
Bonus Size 75%
Max Payout 75%
Out-of-Money Reward 10%
Trading Platform Panda
Deposit Options Credit/debit card, wire transfer, Skrill, UnionPay, CashU, WebMoney
Deposit Currencies US Dollar, British Pound, Euro
Minimum Deposit $399
Minimum Trade $5
Maximum Trade $20,000
Online Since 2020
Trading Instruments Stocks, currencies, commodities, indices
Number of Trading Instruments 82
Binary Option Types High/Low, One Touch, Range, Hyper (30 seconds to 10 minutes)
Customer Support Types Email, paper mail, live chat, telephone
Education Offered How-to pages, FAQ, glossary, market reports, video tutorials, eBook, 1-on-1 training, personal account manager, tailor-made trading strategies
Tools Offered Copy trading
Commission $8 withdrawal fee for credit or debit cards, $25 withdrawal fee for wire transfer. $20 minimum for credit or debit card withdrawals, $50 minimum for wire transfers.
Languages English, Arabic, German, Russian
Demo Account No

99Binary got started in 2020, and offers binary options trading to customers in the USA and around the world. The company is based in Anguilla, and has a well-developed, comprehensive website with an abundance of information and features. There do appear to be some technical hassles with the site registration forms, and customer service is a bit lacking. Still, 99Binary is worth a look because of the positive features they do have.

Account Tiers and Benefits

To get signed up on 99Binary as a new customer, you need to fill out the registration form. Unfortunately when I tried this, the form was broken, and kept telling me I had not put in my first and last name and phone number, when in fact I had. This is probably just a technical hiccup, though, since I did not encounter any problems whatsoever with other pages of the site and features.

Once you do manage to register, you can deposit money in a currency of your choice (US Dollar, Euro, or British Pound), and choose an account tier. If you deposit the minimum $399 or the equivalent), you will get a Starter Account. This account comes with a 30% match bonus. The next tier up is $999 for a Pro account, which includes a 50% bonus. If you deposit $4,999 or more, you get a Premium account, which includes a 75% bonus. The top account is the Diamond account. For this tier, you need to deposit $20,000 and contact customer service about the bonus amount.

One interesting feature involving bonuses on this site is the trading turnover requirement, which decreases with each tier. You need to achieve a 30x turnover in order to cash out your bonus at the Starter level, but you only need to achieve a 20x turnover in order to cash out the bonus if you have a Premium account. This is a very nice feature for traders who like bonuses.

The Starter account includes 24/7 support (supposedly), access to the 82 assets on the site (currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities), and monthly promotions. As you move up the tiers, additional benefits come into play, including one-on-one training, five risk free trades, membership in the 99Club, a personal account manager, same-day withdrawals, tailor-made promotions, “special gifts,” and tailor-made trading strategies. Personalized trading strategies is another very cool feature. Additional resources available to registered traders include video tutorials and an eBook, along with the standard FAQ, glossary, and how-to pages.

Trading on 99Binary

When you first look at the trading page on 99Binary, it will look a bit unfamiliar to you, because it is not powered by SpotOption or one of the other major trading platforms. It is actually powered by Panda, which is a proprietary trading program. Nonetheless, the layout is very similar to SpotOption, and you should quickly and easily be able to find your way around and learn how to use the platform.
99Binary has four different types of trades: High/Low, One Touch, Range, and Hyper. Range trading is a great way to make money in flat markets, and is not the most commonly offered form of binary options trading, so it is great to see it here. “Hyper” trading refers to fast trades that last 10 minutes or less. The shortest trades are 30 to 60 seconds.

One drawback you will notice while you are trading on this site is that there is a shortage of standard useful trading features such as early close, double up, and rollover. The lack of early close is a major inconvenience, since early close helps you to control your trades. One nice feature that is included is copy trading, where you can look at a widget on the right-hand side of the page and see other trades recently placed by fellow customers. You can then copy those trades yourself and reap the rewards of other traders’ hard work.

Another exciting feature of 99Binary is their wide range for investment sizes. You can trade as little as $5 or as much as $20,000. This is a much broader range than is typical, and makes 99Binary an accessible trading platform for holders of both large and small accounts.

Withdrawals are a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the account tiers qualify for same-day withdrawals, which is great. Not so great is the fact that you must pay a fee every time, regardless of your withdrawal method. You pay $25 to withdrawal via wire transfer, and $8 to withdraw via credit or debit card. I have never seen required withdrawal fees for credit card before on a binary options site. The upside is that the minimum withdrawal threshold is much lower than the usual—just $20 if you are withdrawing with your card. Compare that to the $100 typical of other sites, and the withdrawal terms suddenly start looking friendlier.

Absentee Customer Service

Customer service was a letdown with this site. I tried to reach someone on live chat on a weekday during normal business hours, and despite the promise of 24/7 service to all, all I got was indefinite hold. I waited for half an hour before I gave up. Nobody ever responded to the chat line.


So all in all? 99Binary is a mix of positives and negatives. On the downside, there are fees to withdraw, customer service is alarmingly absent, the registration form has some technical bugs, and there is no early close tool. On the upside, there are a variety of trade types, low withdrawal thresholds, copy trading, and a wide investment range. It would be nice if there were a demo account, but all you can get is five free trades at the upper account tiers. If you are interested in 99Binary, I recommend seeing if you can contact customer service and if they respond to you in a timely, helpful manner. If you have a good experience, you might consider trading on this site, but proceed with caution. Otherwise, there are other brokers that offer competitive features and account packages that may interest you more.

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99Binary Minimum Deposit


We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

Fair Binary Options is happy to present another broker in our lineup. As we strive to set a standard for the quality of brokers we represent, users must know that 99Binary satisfies our condition of fair conduct. In order to learn more about this broker, tale a look at the review. To see how it relates to our conditions, users can see the FBO seals in the top right corner of the review page. Seals are there to quickly describe where the broker excels.

99Binary has a very good banking services that make it easy for users to transfer funds from and to their trading accounts. Banking is at the core of Binary options business and this is why FBO sets the minimum standard for banking services very high. This way users can be sure that the broker is at the top in the industry.

Binary options trading platforms removed banking obstacles, such as the margin account or leverage in favor of very transparent system. This makes transferring funds to the 99Binary account fast and reliable. Users can open EUR or USD accounts. Currency cant be changed later. The minimum deposit is €199 which is moderately low when compared to the rest of the industry.

In order to deposit, users must verify their identity by providing scans of certain documents to the 99Binary financial department. Documents include a photo ID, a utility bill or something else to verify the address. If the credit card is used, a copy of the card from both sides will be required.

When transferring, fees do apply. If client is depositing via wire, a minimum of €500 is required to avoid the banking fees that are €25 per transfer. Banking with 99Binary is in line with what the rest of the industry offers, but most important, it is reliable and safe. FBO tries to make sure customers finances are taken good care of by the broker. In order to feel more safe, we invite readers to sign up by hitting “trade now” button, so they get additional support by the FBO staff.

99Binary Withdrawal

99Binary is one of the newest additions to Fair binary Options brokers list. Their goal is to offer a simple solution for ordinary people who want to take part in enormous profits usually taken by finance professionals. They have a safe platform that offers a great deal of transparency, so users always know where they stand. In order to have satisfied customers they created a learning academy to prepare all traders before they step on the open markets.

The learning academy contains most of the stuff everyone needs to know – from technical to fundamental analysis, along with the most profitable strategies. Users will want to know how they can get their profits from trading to their accounts. Banking is very important in the binary options world. It is one of the main differentiators from the usual trading known before binary options revolutionized the customer oriented finance.

Instead of calculating margins and pips, it is easy to know how much one has on her trading account. When trying to withdraw the money, users need to place a request with 99Binary. It involves going into the “my account” page, choosing an amount and hitting withdraw. In the next step the finance department will process the request.

In order to validate the user and account holder, there are few documents users will have to scan and send, signed, to 99Binary. These are a photoID, a utility bill with name and address and a copy of the credit card. When sending the credit card, all numbers other than the last four better be hidden for safety. This is just for verification. These steps are needed and regulated by most of the worlds governments.

The profits must be withdrawn via wire. Money laundering laws prohibit returning more money to a credit card than it was deposited initially. Minimum withdrawal amount is $20 via credit card and $50 via wire transfer. There are fees involved. Credit card withdrawal will cost $8and a wire transfer requires a $25 fee. Bonuses can be withdrawn after reaching a 30x turnover with the deposit amount.

Even though 99Binary is a fairly new business they quickly reached high standards in providing the banking services to their customers. FBO recommends trading with 99Binary!

99Binary Complaints

Fair Binary Options recently added 99Binary to its trusted brokers list. When we write trusted it doesn’t just stand there for nothing. We take great care to test all the brokers for our readers so we can vouch that these businesses provide the best services, banking and comply with our mission of bringing more fairness and transparency into the industry. We want to assure all our readers and clients that 99Binary is one of those brokers.

We are also happy to report that our previous testing as well as the time spent by our users didn’t reveal any misconducts from 99Binary. We had absolutely no complaints regarding this broker and its services. Our clients are reporting overall favorable experience with efficient trading platform and fast banking.

99Binary was founded by people who have a lot of experience in the binary options industry and one can see how they expertise influenced business decisions made by this broker. They have taken a small idea and brought a new service provider to the market. Overall users are drawn to 99Binary’s great HTML5 driven trading software, their rich asset list and very good customer support.

99Binary believes that users must learn some basic rules of the market before trying to profit and this is why they invested a lot into the learning academy where new and experienced users can find a lot of good training videos. This knowledge is crucial if traders want to stay on the top of the game.

Sometimes people think that it’s brokers fault their trades were unsuccessful. They should take some time to invest in their skills first. Some packages even offer great 1-on-1 training and trading, so users should check that out, too. Its hard to beat the market, but with enough understanding, it’s not necessary because of the great payouts warranted by binary options and 99Binary.

Is 99Binary a Scam

99Binary Scam was tested trough the 99Binary review done in order to determine if this binary options broker is good enough o be recommended to traders. We determined it should be recommended. Binary options traders who use the services of this broker stand to get great features and a reliable and fair trading platform. This is how every broker should function. Scam brokers use many tricks to fool traders into depositing with them and that locking the money traders have in the trading account. 99Binary is not a scam so they do not resort to these kinds of tricks. It is important that traders can trust the broker so the trading process can go undisturbed as possible. Trading binary options can bring many benefits to traders who have clear objective and take time to study financial analysis in order to become even more successful. Since any financial trading is risky, traders need to have a piece of mind knowing that the broker that enables them to trade is not a scam.

99Binary offers many great features to its traders including a demo account and huge bonuses that reach up to 75% for the biggest depositors. These are measured amounts that are not to tempting. As with any bonus binary options broker offers, 99Binary has a turnover requirement that is among the lowest in the industry. While some brokers use the bonus to lure in unsuspecting customers, 99Binary mostly uses them to award customers if they want that and also the bonus is not the primary way of having more practice opportunities. Transparency in terms and conditions is a very important point in order to illustrate 99Binary scam isn’t real. While some brokers use weird definitions of a bonus and hard to understand language that doesn’t actually explain the essence of the rule, 99Binary TOCs are easy to read and understand for all traders.

Binary options trading can be a good way to have fun, learn something new because the platforms are easy to use and earn cash if trader masters the market in a right way. All of this is only possible with best binary options platforms and highest ranking brokers who are not after customers’ money. Brokers who provide excellent service are also those that benefit long term. Scammers can last only so long. Branding is an important part of the story and we thing 99Binary is not a scam. This fact comes from the tests we performed as well as the fact that we haven’t received complaints about them so far. In order to provide our traders with the best information we recommend 99Binary as a reliable broker.

Is 99Binary Regulated ?

99Binary is not regulated broker. While in binary options world the matter of regulation is still widely discussed, it stands up to the binary options brokers to choose if they want to become regulated or not because of the global nature of binary options broker business. The idea is to provide an official backing to the broker that may increase perceived reliability with customers.

Other brokers rely on the strength of their brand and past experiences their traders had with them. This is also an extremely important way to guarantee that broker is reliable, but it requires a lot of hard work from the part of the customers. Since it relies on “word of mouth”, it takes a lot of time for it to create an impact and this is why it can be seen as more long term oriented since the trust that traders have in the broker becomes part of the business strategy, it becomes capital of the said broker. This is the way 99Binary took. 99Binary is not regulated but they worked hard to get there where it is today – to the place where it caters many happy customers.

99Binary regulated status is not a way to judge this broker, actually it is the quality of the service that matters and this is an area where 99Binary outperforms. Even if not regulated, 99Binary provides safe and secure banking services for their clients. Traders can almost instantly send and withdraw funds from their trading account. This way customer has a supper flexible trading environment that doesn’t involve much waiting. A whole range of payment services is at customers’ disposal, depending what they want to do with their funds. 99Binary withdrawals are processed in 24h after the set of documents needed for the ID verification has been sent and approved. This step is crucial for the safety of the funds and, even without the regulation, shows 99Binary regulated status is active when international anti money laundering laws are to be applied.

99binary also offers a good demo account, which is a rare feature with today’s brokers since many of them are trying to protect their systems from overuse by testers who don’t want to trade and are just there to see how things work and to have fun. For this reason, 99Binary demo account requires a deposit to show serious intentions that customer is really thinking of trading. Demo and other features are one of the first reasons customers like 99Binary, despite the fact they are not regulated binary options broker.

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99Binary Minimum Deposit

You will know, after reading the 99Binary review, that it is among the most notable sites for trading within the binary options marketplace. The website was set up by probably the most revolutionary minds of the financial world and it is targeted to provide easy, secure and helpful trading solutions for traders in various fields worldwide. This 99Binary review covers all of the essential facets of the website.


99Binary presently provides clients 4 various kinds of trading accounts. The basic Starter account has an initial deposit of $399 for all new users, having an award of 50% from your down payment. Following that the Pro account beginning with an initial down payment of $999 and it allows 5 risk-free trades and individual account management. Premium accounts start from $4999 and the Diamond VIP accounts allows more unique advantages. The Pro account are certainly worth taking a look at if you are searching for the best value

Payment Methods

Banking is simple with 99Binary. Their banking solutions consist of many credit cards, e-wallet as well as wire providers for optimum coverage. By doing this they provide just about everyone an opportunity to trade binary options with little effort. Transfers are safe and secured using the latest version of the SSL encryption.

To assure security of the clients’ money, 99Binary needs verification whenever depositing and withdrawing. What this means is a user will need to prepare some documents: their photo ID, a proof of address like a utility bill along with a copy of each side of the charge card. Scanned documents will be sent to support.

Minimum Deposit

99binary minimum deposit are $200. You can use e-wallets, credit cards or wire transfer. 99Binary will take Visa, MasterCard or Diners. Usually it takes as much as 5 days for the money to show up on the trading accounts. When withdrawing there are several fees based on the payment method. With wire transfer, that is $500 or more is usually free, while for lower, ones they must pay $25 fee. Minimal withdrawal through wire is $50 as well as $20 using the credit card. Credit card fee is $8 for each transaction.

99Binary is a superb binary options broker having world class binary options trading solutions. If you are searching for a binary options broker, you shouldn’t think twice to choose 99Binary. The website will certainly look after your trading needs and will end up being an extremely intelligent choice. So what are you waiting for? Open up an account through 99Binary and begin making money today!

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